Xander Begins

Batman: Buffy the vampire slayer crossover. Xander's parents are killed in front of him at the age of seven after he and them go down a dark alley. Bruce Wayne adopts him and he leaves for Gotham only to return to Sunnydale as the dark knight, during season one.


Sunnydale Night


"That was an awesome movie." a little brown haired boy said as he walked up behind a redheaded girl and another boy who were about the same age as him. As they walked out of the movie theater, a couple walked in front of them to lead them home.

"I told you it would be." the red head replied as she turned to look at him.

"Yeah, they were all like pow...boom." the other little boy said as he did a punch and a kick to the air. Then he looked over at his friend and the both of them started to wrestle.

"Xander, Jesse stop that." a beautiful brunette said as she turned and looked at them.

"Yes Mrs. Harris."

"Okay, mom." Xander and Jesse chorused at the sametime. When Mrs. Harris turned back around and continued the walk with her husband, Jesse elbowed Xander and Xander kicked Jesse on the leg.

"I knew you two were gonna get in trouble." Willow said as she turned to look at the two.

"Stop acting wierd, Willow." Jesse teased.

"Yeah, Willow. Stop acting Wierd." Xander joined in causing Willow to roll her eyes at them.

"I don't know why you stopped those two from wrestling." Anthony Harris said over to his wife as he reached into his jacket and took out a flask of whiskey. He promised himself that he would never drink, because he never wanted to end up like his father. A drunkered and an abuser. But after getting married and having a son, he felt compelled to do it. "The boy needs to toughen up." he said referring to Xander.

"Honey be nice." Jessica Harris said as she put her head on her husband's shoulder. "Xander's just seven."

"Yeah, still..."Anthony trailed off as he saw an alley. "Let's take a short cut home."

"Honey are you sure?" Jessica asked fearfully. "Don't you remember what happened the last..."

"And didn't I scare them away?" he asked loudly, causing his wife and the kids to jump at the sound of his voice. "I'm sorry." he said after taking a deep breath. "But the last time somebody tried to mug us, didn't I give them what for?" he asked his wife. He might be turning into a bastard but he could still brawl with the best of them.

"I...I guess." Jessica stuttered out. Anthony, herself. and Xander had almost been killed the last time they had went down a dark alley. Her husband did scare off the mugger, but something felt strange about tonight. Especially since she had heard all of those rumors, about the monsters of Sunnydale.

Before she knew what was going on, her husband had grabbed her hand and led her down the alley. As her eye's adjusted to the darkness of the alley, she saw a blonde blur run in her direction. With a scream she saw that the man had a demonic face and fangs.

"I don't know why you wanted to come to this town, Dru." A skinny blonde man, wearing all black and a leather duster said in a british accent as he walked down an alley with a skinny attractive brunette.

"Don't worry, Spike." the woman he addressed as Dru said as she started to sway. "Darkness is coming in just a little while."

"Yeah, darkness." Spike said with a snort, as he was about to light up a cigarette. As soon as it touched his lips, he heard a heartbeat. Looking up he saw an attractive brunette being led into an alley by a big guy with a scowl on his face. "Finally some action." Spike muttered as he slipped into his vampiric visage. As soon as the woman looked up and screamed, it only brought a smile to Spike's face at what he was going to do. He then saw Dru, run past him and grab the man that was with the woman.

Xander and his friends froze as they were about to walk into the alley. As he heard his mother's scream and his father's muffled cry, Xander started to shake.

"What's going on?" Willow asked as tears started to flow down her face.

"I...I don't know." Xander replied as he looked at her.

"Xander...I...I think we should get out of here man." Jesse said as he started to fidget.

"I...I can't. I have to find out what's happenning to my parents." Xander said as he got himself under control and started down the alley. Pushing down their fear, Willow and Jesse followed.

As soon as they walked down the alley, a coppery smell filled their nostrails. As their eye's finally adjusted to the darkness, Xander saw his parents slumped up against a wall with their eyes wide open with strange people hovering over them.

Suddenly the strange woman sniffed the air and turned and looked Xander straight in the eyes. Then a smile appeared on her face as she wiped blood from her mouth.

"There he is Spike." Dru said, not taking her eye's off of Xander. "The dark one. The Dark Knight."

"You call'em Dark Knight." Spike started as he shifted back into his vampiric face. "I call'em snacks." he said as he started to walk towards the children. Willow let out a whimper and started to cry, as Jesse stood there in shock. But after seeing what happened to his parents did something to Xander. Like something dark had opened up in him.

"Are you ready to return to Gotham, Master Bruce?" an old british man said as he looked in the adjustable mirror and saw his young charge. Alfred was surprised at how much Bruce had grown up in his time away from him. And as soon as he had got back from studying in other countries he took back control over his father's business. Even coming all the way to Sunnydale and trying to expand upon, said business.

"Yes, Alfred." Bruce said in a monotone voice. "I'm ready too... Alfred pull the limo over!" he suddenly shouted as he saw three kids walking down an alley. Memories of his own parent's murder came to mind as the limo screeched to a halt. Not hearing Alfred's shout's Bruce Wayne ran for the alley, across the street.

"Leave me and my friends alone." Xander said as he jumped in front of Willow and Jesse and tried to shield them from view with his arms.

"Ah... a bloomin' hero." Spike said as he stopped and looked at Xander hard. "I think, I'll kill you first."

"Not likely." a voice said coldly from behind the children. Before Spike had enough time to look up at the voice, a powerful punch collided with his jaw, the force of which knocked him off of his feet. As he opened his eye's, from his position on the ground, he saw a powerfully built man with a business suit on and short black hair, standing at the mouth of the alley.

"Bloody hell." Spike said as he stood to his feet. "You throw a mean punch, mate." Spike said with a smile as he started to walk towards the man. That was until Drusilla, stepped in front of him.

"No...!" she yelled frightfully. "You shouldn't be 'ere. Shoo, Bat Shoo." she said to the man as she broke down and started to cry. "Spike we must get out of 'ere."

Recognizing that Drusilla was having a vision, he picked her up and ran the opposite direction of the man and the children. Looking over his shoulder he saw that the man didn't pursue them.

As soon as Bruce ran down the alley, he saw a man with a messed up face claiming that he was going to hurt a group of kids. After he punched the man, full force in the face, he looked further down the alley and saw two people huddled up against a wall. He totally ignored what the woman in front of him was saying though and just concentrated on the dead bodies. It was like he was reliving his childhood all over again.

Before he knew what was going on, he was kneeling beside the dead bodies, examining there faces.

"Are they dead." a boy's voice said from beside him. Looking over he saw a boy, around the age of seven with dark hair staring him straight in the eyes.

"Were they your parent's?" Bruce asked, noticing that the boy wasn't crying. Just like he did when he saw his parents get murdered.

"Are they dead?" the boy asked again, ignoring the man's question.

"I'm sorry." Bruce said as he dropped his gaze. "But yeah, they're dead." he said as he stood to his feet. "Now come on, I'll take you kids home."

"I don't have no home to go too!" Xander shouted at the man. "They do..." he said as he pointed at Willow and Jesse, who were still huddled together and crying. "But I don't have anybody."

"That's...that's not true." Bruce said sadly. Remembering that he had said the same thing to Alfred when he was young. "You have me."

Gotham City

Summer, 1997

A teenaged youth awoke from his nightmare, sweating and gasping for air.

"Damn." he said as he got out of his bed and grabbed a black silk robe off of his nightstand. "It was the same damn dream again. Why does it seem so real?" he asked himself.

'Those people seemed so familiar. That little girl with the red hair.' he thought to himself.

"I got to talk to Bruce in the morning." he said to himself as he looked at his clock and saw that it was 5:30 in the morning. "Well later today." he said as he layed back down in his bed. "God why does my life have to be so complicated?" he said to himself as he fell back into his dreams and nightmares.


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