Author's note: Wow… hasn't written in a long time, heh. Might b rusty so b nice.

Disclaimer: Me no own Last Samurai, Sinfory or Roy (thank god) or any white tigers (damn). I don't own anything! Nothing I tell you! runs away


Shots of vast green scenery, also known as New Zealand, are seen as a narration in an English accent is heard.

Narration: They say Japan was made by a sword. I say it was made by famous motor-companies, the latest IT-Gadgets, Anime and sushi, but what am I saying and who listens to me?

A whole lot of Japanese words flash onto screen as the title is revealed:

The Second-Last Samurai!

A bald Japanese guy is sitting on top of a grassy hill, closing his eyes as he meditates in the silence. Suddenly an army of Gondorian horses and men charge past him.


Katsumoto: (startled) what the! (Yells at the men) This is meant to be Japan, not Middle Earth!

PJ: ooops sorry bro, wrong location.

After the confused LotR staff and cast (and many horses) left, the Samurai was left in peace and continues with his meditations.

Katsumoto's vision

In a foggy, misty bamboo forest, a white tiger, surrounded by Japanese warriors, roar and snarls at spears which attempt to threaten it. The warriors hesitate to capture it.

White Tiger: yeah that's right, I'm a mean kitty. Grrr!

Suddenly, Sinfory and Roy appear from nowhere, clad in their sparkling costumes and purple cape. Spotlights are cast on the white tiger and the smiling pair as drum rolls and mystical music is heard.

Booming American Voice Out from Nowhere: And now, ladies and gentlemen, Sinfory and Roy will turn this completely tame tiger into… a bunny rabbit!

White Tiger: Heck no!

Roy tries to cover the tiger with a silk flag but the White Tiger pounces and bit his arm.

Roy: OW! You're a bad putty tatt!

Sinfory: Yayy now I can do a show on my own!

End Vision

Katsumoto opens his eyes.

Katsumoto: Wow, those two were definitely gay.

Authors note: Yeah that's all I got for now. Last Samurai and LotR were both shot in New Zealand, if u didn't know. Planned to get funnier.