The heavy sound of their footsteps on the stairs filled Olivia's ears as she and Elliot made their way to the fifth floor of the apartment building. Uniforms had called in a rape victim and she and Elliot were the ones on call. As they approached the landing Olivia could see the uniforms out in the hallway, next to an open door. When one of them spotted her and her partner he started towards them. Pulling her badge from her belt she mimicked Elliot's gestures, showing the beat cop their shields. He nodded at them and then lead them towards the apartment.

"What do we got?" Olivia asked.

"White female, mid to late sixties." The uniform started as they entered the apartment. "She's beaten up pretty bad. No panties which is why we called you guys."

"Who called it in?" Elliot asked.

The uniform shrugged. "Dispatch says the call came from this location but we haven't found a phone yet."

Olivia walked around the apartment, slipping on a pair of latex gloves, while listening to Elliot and the uniform. There was an empty cordless phone cradle on the end table next to the couch. The coffee table was over turned, and there were broken bits from bric-a-brac that looked as if it had come from the mantel.

"They've already taken her to St. Mary's." The uniform finished.

Elliot nodded. "Thanks." Then went on his own walk about of the apartment.

Glass fell from a sliver picture frame that Olivia picked up off the floor. There were three people in the picture. Two older women who looked to both be in their early sixties, one with long silver hair that she had pulled into a bun on top of her head and crystal blue eyes, the other woman looked as if she'd just stepped off a travel brochure for Ireland with her long red hair and bright green eyes. The third person in the picture was a little girl who looked to be six maybe seven years old, with blonde hair and blue eyes that reminded Olivia of Alex.

After bagging the picture, Olivia stood up from her crouched position and walked over to Elliot to show him. "What's this look like to you?" She asked showing him the picture.

Elliot looked at the three people in it and then at the background. "A family picture taken at Pride." Elliot had gotten a crash course in such things as Pride since Alex's return two years ago.

"Right. Which means.."

A darkness clouded Elliot's normally bright eyes. "We have a serial rapist attacking lesbians."

Anger flashed in Olivia's dark eyes. "So if she called the cops then the attack started in another room and finished out here."

Elliot nodded. "So lets see where it started at." He reached over and pressed the page button on the cordless phone base.

A soft muffed beeping could be heard from one of the two bedrooms. The room the two detectives entered was painted in soft pastels, had a small bed, and other items that clearly marked it as being a little girl's room. Stepping further inside, they listened for the next beep. It was coming from the closet. With his hand on his gun Elliot slowly slid the closet door open.

As soon as she saw Elliot the little girl backed up against the wall of the closet and tried really hard to pull herself into a tight ball. Elliot, knowing when to let Olivia handle things, stepped out of the girl's line of sight.

Olivia crouched down and smiled a little. "Hi." She said softly. "I'm Olivia. I'm a police officer." She pulled her shield from her belt again and held it out to the girl. The girl looked up slowly, her eyes fixing on the gold badge and then on Olivia's face. Reaching out the girl took the offered object and held it in her tiny hands. "What's your name sweetheart?"

"Allison.. Allie's shorter though." The girl replied, her tiny voice full of fear and tears. She looked at Olivia for a moment longer, drawing the gold shield to her chest as if it would protect her, and then asked. "Where's Bubbe? Is she ok?"

Olivia held the little girl's gaze as she held out her hand for the girl to take. "Is Bubbe your grandmother?" The girl nodded. "She's not here right now sweetheart so your going to come with me and Elliot. He's a police office too."

Allie finally looked past Olivia and over at Elliot, and then back at Olivia. "Can I see his badge too? Bubbe told me never to go with people I don't know."

Elliot took his badge out and handed it to the little. "That's what I've told my little girls too. It's good advice."

Allie took the badge, looked it over, compared it to Olivia's and then handed it back. She then pressed Olivia's against her chest again. "You have kids?" She asked Elliot.

Elliot nodded as he crouched down next to Olivia. "Three girls and one boy."

"Eww boys are gross."

Olivia laughed lightly. "They sure are sweetie."

This time when Olivia held her hand out to the girl, Allie took it. Olivia easily lifted the girl into her arms and carried her to the car.

Sitting on the couch in the children's room at the station, Olivia handed Allie a juice box. The little girl took it and said thank you before taking a sip. Olivia waited another moment before starting her questions. "Allie, is there anyone we can call to let them know where you are?"

Allie shook her head. "It's just me and Bubbe since Nana Dette died."

"Nana Dette?" Olivia asked.

Allie reached over, put her juice down and picked up the bagged picture and then pointed at the redhead woman. "Nana Dette was Bubbe's Shikse Kale."

On the other side of the glass Alex stood next to John watching Olivia with the little girl. When the little one used what sounded like Yiddish words she looked over at her thin, tall, companion.

"Non-Jewish bride." He replied.

"Oh." Alex responded with a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips. Turning back to the glass she lost any hints of that smile. "It looks like we'll have to call child services. The grandmother's still unconscious." She watched a little longer while Olivia talked to the girl. "What's she holding?"

"Olivia's shield. She hasn't let it go since Liv gave it to her."

Back in the room, Olivia got ready to ask the really hard questions. "Allie, can you tell me what happen in your apartment today?"

Allie once again brought Olivia's shield up and pressed it to her chest, only this time she covered it with the picture she'd still been holding. "I had a grumpy tummy this morning and my forehead was a little warm so Bubbe let me stay home from school. She made me soup and we were in my room watching Nemo cause when I'm sick Bubbe lets me watch the little DVD thing in my room. Then I think I feel asleep."

"How did you end up in the closet?"

"Bubba was yelling and it woke me up." Allie moved closer to Olivia. "I went to see why she was yelling cause Bubbe doesn't yell. Nana Dette said that Bubbe's smart mouth made up for her not yelling. Then I heard a man's voice, a loud crash, and Bubbe screamed. I got scared so I grabbed the phone and hide in my closet just like Nana Dette told me."

"And then you called 911?"

Allie nodded. "I was really scared so I covered my ears cause the man was loud and Bubbe was yelling. Then it got quiet and then you came."

The girl was pressed up against Olivia's side and Olivia reached out and put an arm around her. "Allie, did you see the man?"

Allie didn't answer. She just buried her head in the crook of Olivia's arm.

"Allie, I really need you to tell me, ok? Whatever you can tell me about him will help me find him and put him in jail." Olivia said softly. She paused a moment and then asked. "Was he tall or short?"


Olivia nodded and started to rub circles on the girl's back. "Was his hair dark like mine? Or light?"

Allie looked up at Olivia for a moment and then replied, "It was yellow like that pretty lady's you stopped to talk to."

Olivia knew that on the other side of the glass Alex was blushing. "Did you see his face?" The girl shook her head. "Ok, was his hair long or short?"


"And what about his clothes?" Olivia asked.

Allie looked up at Olivia with confusion in her eyes. "He was wearing a dress."

Olivia perked up an eye brow. "A dress?"

Allie nodded. "It was brown and looked itchy and it had a hood I think and he had a rope for a belt."

Alex took her black framed glasses off and pinched her noise. "Great our perp is either a monk or a priest or someone who doesn't mind wearing wool in this heat."

"Time to go back and canvas the area." John replied as he headed for the door. "Some had to notice a monk hanging around." When he noticed Alex wasn't following he asked, "Coming Councilor?"

"Go on Detective." She smiled at John. "I need to talk to Olivia and I think she's going to want to wait for child services."