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Chapter 1: Saturday

"I can't believe you're leaving me here with her," Wallabee Beetles screamed, a short blonde Australian boy.

"Relax Number 4," replied Nigel Uno, who was apparently speaking to Wallabee.

"Yay!" From behind them a hyper Japanese girl, Kuki, AKA Number 3, was skipping around. "We can play rainbow monkeys and sing and dance!"

Hoagie snickered at the thought of Number 3 and 4 being stuck together for longer than a day. Everyone on the team knew Number 4 had a thing for Kuki, no matter how much he denied it. Abigail, AKA Number 5, the cool one, tried to calm Number 4 down. "Chill man, it's only for a week…"

"A week? A week! While you guys are off celebrating the 4th of July, I'm stuck here with…with her?" Number 4 was trying to hide his true feelings, and the only way to do that was to cover them up with anger.

"La la la la la la la la…" Number three sang around as she danced in the center room.

"We'll be back soon," called out Number 1 as numbers 1, 2, and 5 left the tree house for their family vacations. Stupid cruddy girls. Stupid 4th of July. Can't believe my parents are making me stay here just cause I didn't clean up my room!

Number 4's thoughts intruded his mind as he went to his room.


Kuki POV

"La dee da dee da dee da dee da!" I loved singing. Poor Wally. He couldn't go on his family vacation. My family went to Japan last year, so we didn't have enough money to go anywhere really special this year. But why didn't he want be around me? I put on my happy face and danced around.

"Wanna go play Rainbow Monkey's?" I asked Wally cheerfully. I jumped up and down. "Puh lease…" Wally replied. "Like I would ever play with those stupid girly toys."

Rainbow monkeys are not stupid! So I told him that. "Rainbow monkeys are not stupid." "I can't believe anyone would ever want to play with those cruddy lame toys," Wally said. I could feel the anger bubbling up. "They are NOT STUPID!" I could feel each word getting louder.

"They are the lamest, ugliest toys ever made in the world." I guess I finally lost it. I pushed Wallabee away from me. "You Wallabee Beetles are the meanest, dumbest boy in the ENTIRE GALAXY!" As I turned to storm away, I saw a glimpse of Wallabee's face. He looked so hurt, but I quickly tuned away. I didn't know what to say, so I ran into my room.

This is still Kuki's POV

Around lunch, I heard a person enter my room. It must be Wally…I mean Wallabee…I thought angrily.

I turned angrily around. "Umm…Kuki…I made some PB&J sandwiches…do you want one," Wally asked. I could tell he felt sorry. "Okey dokey," I happily said. I'm glad the fight was over. I skipped over to the door as we headed towards the kitchen. "Umm…Kooks," Wally began. I giggled. I love the way he says my name. It's…nice…very sweet. Wally turned toward me.

"I really am sorry," he finished. "I forgive you," I laughed as I hugged him. He must have turned 10 shades of red, but why, I don't know.


This is from no one's point of view…

"Mmmm…" Number 3 said. "Something sure smells good. As Number 3 and 4 sat down to eat, Number 4 kept looking at Kuki. He would blush whenever Kuki saw him, but Kuki didn't understand why Wally turned red.

"Wanna play video games," Kuki asked. Wally eagerly put the tiny remainder of his sandwich down. "Sure," he replied, almost a little too eagerly. Of course, Kuki didn't notice a thing.

After Kuki had beat Wally a couple of times, Wally asked to watch a movie. "Tired of losing huh…tee hee…" Kuki asked him. Wally denied it, "No…I-I just am bored of this."

Finally they agreed on watching Mission Impossible. It was the only movie that had enough action for Number 4.

Wallabee could feel Kuki getting a little closer to him. As night came, Number 4 got number 3 a slice of frozen pizza. "Thank you Wally," Kuki told him with a smile as she hugged him. This made Wallabee even more uncomfortable, but as he started to shift a little, he decided to just tell her how he really felt. He turned to Kuki.

"Kuki," Wallabee started, seeing she was practically asleep on his shoulder. "Hmm…?" She was half asleep, despite all of the action in the movie. Wallabee started again, very nervous. He couldn't figure out how to tell her, but he figured he could just blurt it out. "I-I just wanted to tell you…that…that I luh-"

Suddenly, the tree house door slammed open. Number 4 hopped away to the other side of the room, and Number 3 laying in the air automatically fell onto the couch, and awoke with a startle.

"KUKI!" It was Mushi, Kuki's little sister. She turned on the lights as Wallabee nervously pretended he was reading a comic book…upside down. Mushi continued to scream as Kuki got up to talk to her. "MOM WANTS YOU TO CLEAN YOU'RE ROOM AND THEN YOU CAN COME BACK TO YOUR BOYFRIE-"

Kuki nervously covered Mushi's mouth before she could continue her sentence. Wallabee fiercely blushed. "I'll be back later in a little while, okay Wally?" All Number 4 could do was nod, as he was to embarrassed by the beings so close to the girl of his dreams and the sight of her giggling bratty sister who ruined everything.

Number 4 sat in his room, staring at his action figures. He had almost told her. He had wanted to kiss her. He almost had…If only that bratty Mushi didn't have to come in and spoil everything. He wondered how Mushi had gotten past all the tree house security.

Suddenly, there was a noise outside. He grabbed his weapon, and then remembered he had eaten his popcorn ammo during the movie. He decided to fight the intruder without a weapon. As he saw a shadow pass by, he opened his door a bit and slipped through the crack. The shadow stopped and turned around. Number 4 leapt forward and jumped on the shadow. As they tumbled into the light of Number 3's room, Wallabee was pinned down by Kuki!

"Oh, Kuki, it's you. I though you were an intruder," Wally said. Kuki giggled. She pulled herself off of him and helped him up. "That's okay. You're so silly Wally," Kuki laughed. Wallabee smiled a little and blushed furiously.

"Well…umm…g'nite," Number 4 said, pulling away from her. He hadn't realized they were still holding hands. "Mrs. Fireworks Rainbow monkey says good night too!" Wally felt disappointed that she hadn't said goodnight. Suddenly, Kuki pulled him into a hug and whispered good night in his ear. Wallabee could feel his face burning as he finally went to his room.