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Chapter 9

Kuki PoV

Number 3 walked into the hallway, remembering her date with Wally tonight. She spun around and did a little dance with her arms.

"I'm so happy! I'm so happy! I'm going on a da-" she spun around and bumped into Number 2. "Oops, sorry number 2," she giggled. Number 2 looked suspicious. "Did you just say you were going on a date," he asked with a snicker.

"N-no, I said, I'm going on…on…a-a…um…on a day!" Kuki finally blurted out with a nervous chuckle.

"A…day?" Number 2 doubtfully asked.

"A day……of…fun!" Kuki giggled. "With…Number 5! We're going to…um…the rainbow monkey store…oh yeah…that's it…ya, ya…that's good."

"Uh-huh," Number 2 sarcastically said with a nod. "Whatever," he mumbled as he walked away.

Kuki ran and told Number 5 what she had told Number 2. "Oh great!" she sarcastically said. "Come on girl, just tell them the truth. Then you won't have to hide it."

"Oh yeah? Well what do you want me to say? Hey guys, guess what, don't be bothered if you see me and Wally kissing? Or how about I just kiss him in front of everyone? Let's just tell the whole world!" Kuki sarcastically yelled.

"I don't see why not…" Number 5 said.

"WHAT! YOU WANT ME TO K-" Kuki started, but was interrupted as Number 5 covered her mouth and pointed to Number 2 passing by.

After he left, Kuki sighed. "Phew! Thanks Abby!"

Neutral PoV

Later in the afternoon, Number 3 and Number 4 stood in the corner of Number 4's room, behind a toy shelf,making lovey dovey faces.Wallabee had his arms wrapped around Kuki's waist, and she had her arms around his neck. Kuki was leaning against him, her leg still injured and bandaged up, their foreheads pressed together. They both leaned in for a sweet kiss.

As they stood there, footsteps passed by and knocked on the door. They quickly broke apart. Number 5 entered the room and chuckled to see them frozen, pretending nothing had happened, and staring into space. "Y'all need a better place to smooch," she snickered. Kuki and Wally turned bright red. "I just wanted to tell Number 3 that we hafta go to the store now." Kuki gave Wallabee a peck on the lips, and he handed her the crutches, and Kuki hopped to Number 5.

Number 4 watched as 3 and 5 left his room, and he felt empty inside, as he always did whenever Number 3 left.

Kuki sat on the doctor's table and swung her good leg. "Stop swinging your leg honey, you might kick the hurt one..." her mother told her. Kuki nodded and started to hum happily. The door opened and the doctor came in. "Let's take a look at that leg," she said.

Dr. Johnson looked over her leg. "Well, look's like it's better now. That was a very deep cut, but you can do without the crutches now. If it starts to hurt, come back. It wasn't deep enough to be stitched up, but it's not completely healed yet, so don't do any rough exercise, ok?" The doctor told her. Kuki nodded as the doctor rebandaged her leg. She gently got off the table as her mother put her arm around her shoulder. "I'm so glad your leg's ok, but you need to take more care..." Mrs. Sanban urged Kuki as they headed to the receptionist.

The next day, Numbuh 4 sat on the couch next to Numbuh 2 and 3. Numbuh 2 was battling him on the video games. Numbuh 3 cheered them both on. "Yes! Ha! I win!" Numbuh 4 cried. "Aw man, you cheated!" Numbuh 2 accused him. Kuki smiled and leaped up and hugged Wally before she could stop herself. Numbuh 2 laughed. "Aww...how cute..." he teased not knowing that it was normal for the couple.

Kuki jumped off and stared at the floor, pretending she was blushing. Wally stared at the floor too, but in reality, he was smiling. Numnuh 2 stormed off, angry that he had lost. Numbuh 4 looked at Numbuh 3 and he smiled. Kuki grabbed his hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Wanna watch TV?" Wallabee asked.

"Sure!" Kuki happily said. They sat on the couch and turned on the TV to whatever channel was on. Out of the corner of their eyes, they watched each other. Wally slid his hand to the side and gently grabbed hers. Kuki smiled and turned her eyes back to the TV.

Pieces of wood flew all over the couple and Wally covered Kuki so she wouldn't get hurt. A gigantic robot entered the room and laughed. "Aww, how cute Wally," 5 voices monotonously said. Wally and Kuki sat up, and Wally groaned. He held his back for a second and stepped in front of Kuki. "Oh, isn't it adorable. Wittle Wallabee woves Kuki." The DCFDTL said. The team ran into the room and Numbuh 1 and 2 stared blankly at them. Numbuh 1 shook his head. "KND! Battle stations!" He cried.

But the Delightful Children grabbed Kuki quickly, as she was closer, and they left. The closed the robot clasp around her, and she fell unconcious. "So long Kids Next Door!" The DC laughed as the ran off with an unconcious Kuki. Wally ran to the hole. "Kuki...Kuki..."he cried before he collapsed. He stared at the retreating robot, and heard Numbuh 5 call his name. "Numbuh 4?" He could hear the footsteps of his teammates before everything faded to black.

Numbuh 4 woke up and quickly sat up, screaming Kuki's name. "Calm down Numbuh 4," Numbuh 1 said as Numbuh 5 gently pushed him back down. "Kuki, where's Kuki?" Numbuh 4 asked. "We haven't been able to trace her yet, but Numbuh 2's working on it. We don't know where the Delightful Children went, or what they want with her." Numbuh 1 explained. Numbuh 4 sat up again. "We have to find her!" He felt a stinging pain in his back and fell back down. "We told you, we don't know where she is! And you can't go anywhere! Not with those huge cuts on your back!" Numbuh 5 yelled at him.

Numbuh 4 sat up slowly and groaned, but started to get up. "We...need to...find...her...I need to...find her..." He mumbled as he stood up. As he took a step forward, he fell down and Numbuh 1 and 5 picked him up. "I can't let anything happen...to her...I...love her..." Numbuh 4 said as they placed him back into the bed. Numbuh 1 shook his head, already knowing that, and Numbuh 5 sadly nodded as well, knowing how heartbroken Wally would be if anything happened to Kuki.

"I got it! I got it!" Numbuh 2 ran in. "I finally traced those stupid Delightfuls!" Numbuh 4 sat up again. "Where? Where is she?" Numbuh 2 started to show them the coordinates.

Kuki felt her head pounding, and she slowly opened her eyes. "Ah, she finally awakes..." a familiar voice said. Kuki felt her arms chained up, and moved her head up. She met the eyes of her kidnapper, and gasped. "You're not the Delightful Children!" She cried.

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