Okay, for those of you that have read my PotC fic, 'Yo ho, yo ho!' you already know this! But for those of you who don't, read The Jack Sparrow Rap. Maybe it'll even get you curious enough to read the story of how the rap came to be, but if not, just tell me what you thought of this! It's 100 percent original, so please don't steal! It one of my few works of genius! Hope you all enjoy it! thank you!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from/ related to PotC, but man, if I did...


The Jack Sparrow Rap

Got me ship back
It's in tact
Sails are black
That's a fact
Step back
So I can let go
And ye otta know
The name is Sparrow
I sing yo ho
While drinkin' rum
With the scum
I call me crew
And they do
What I tell them to
'Cause I'm in charge
The captain livin' large
The man they call sarge
Been at sea me whole life
Don't got a wife
Bravin' the waves
And charmin' the maids
Evil monkey took me name
Barbossa's to blame
And it's lame
To reach out and steal me fame
That's alright, though
I don't care, yo
I'm an easy goin' guy
Especially on the eyes
Steal, cheat, and lie
Til the day I die
That's the life fore me
No land, all sea
Just like me enemy
Who can't catch me
'Cause he's to slow
For this Sparrow
Who's always on the go
Lookin' for the satisfaction
Of gettin' some action
With Bootstrap's kid
And Elizabeth
Don't touch me ship
'Cause I will flip
Give ye the slip
And get upset
Like the lass with the corset
You can bet
I'll be on tap
Back with another rap
Hearin' ya'll clap
But first I'll chill
And take me nap


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