AN: A bit of history, so as not to completely confuse you-

Most of the good guys from the show are in a gang called the Shinobi. This gang is comprised of members of the former gangs known as the Leafs, Sands, and Mists. The Sand and Mist gangs were almost completely wiped out, but finally they united with the Leafs to form a new gang, the Shinobi. Yondaime was responsible for this union, but died shortly afterwards in a battle between the Shinobi and the Akatsuki (Most of the bad guys are members of the Akatsuki gang). Yondaime managed to kill the leader of the Akatsuki (Kyuubi), but also lost his own life in that battle. Orochimaru took over leadership of the Akatsuki and Naruto took over leadership of the Shinobi gang. Everyone's age has pretty much been skewed to make everything fit in better. Basically, all the main characters are age 15-24. The relationships between everybody might be different from what you're used to, depending on how far you are into the original Naruto series. That pretty much covers everything. R&R please!

Chapter 1: Uzimaki Naruto

The day was hot, almost excruciatingly so. Summers in Konoha were always hot, but this was ridiculous. Almost everyone had taken refuge from the intense heat inside their homes, curtains drawn with air conditioners working overtime. Only one person remained outside. A boy about seventeen years old stood alone on the roof of a rundown apartment building on the outskirts of town, pausing in his intense workout to wipe the sweat from his forehead and catch his breath.

The boy stood with one hand on his hip, the other raking through his spiky blond hair, now sticky with the combined perspiration from the outrageous temperature and his equally outrageous training. He wore only a pair of baggy black shorts and a necklace with a strange stone. Both hands now resting on his hips, the boy looked slowly around the rooftop, taking in each and every obstacle he had set up.

"Um, Naruto-kun?" a soft voice questioned from behind him. The boy called Naruto turned, his sky blue eyes meeting ones such a light gray that they were almost white. The owner of these eyes was a girl with short black hair, wearing a shirt several sizes to big for her, tied in a knot at the waist, a pair of faded blue jeans, and carrying a tray. She climbed from the fire escape onto the roof, being careful not to spill the contents of the tray

"Oh, hey Hinata. What's up?" he asked.

"Well, um," she started, blushing slightly and lowering her head. "I, uh, I thought you might be hungry, so, I. . . I brought you some ramen."

"Really!" Naruto's face practically lit up with the thought of his all time favorite food. "Thanks Hinata! You're the best!" The red tinge on Hinata's cheeks deepened and she quickly turned away from him, setting the tray on a bench.

Naruto plopped down onto the bench and eagerly grabbed the bowl waiting for him. He had eaten nearly the whole thing before he realized that Hinata hadn't brought any ramen for herself.

"Hey," he said, swallowing a particularly big bite. "Aren't you going to have any?" Hinata, whose face had barely returned to it's normal shade immediately began to grow red again.

"Oh, I already had my lunch." She said with a small smile.

"Oh. Ok." Naruto dropped his gaze back to his ramen and began eating, ignoring Hinata's strange behavior. She had always acted weird around him and he had given up trying to figure out why a long time ago. Finishing his ramen, Naruto set the bowl back on the tray. "Thanks," he said, smiling at Hinata. "That was really good."

"Well, I had better go now and let you get back to your training." She said, still not looking at him. She picked up the tray and quickly crossed the roof to descend the fire escape.

Naruto watched her go before returning his gaze to his obstacle course. 'I'm still not good enough,' he thought sadly. 'Yondaime could have gone through this course in no time at all without even breaking a sweat.'

Naruto sighed, thinking of his former mentor and gang leader. It had been nearly six months since he had died and Naruto still had a hard time believing he was gone. He closed his eyes, remembering that horrible battle, in which the first person to ever acknowledge him as being anything more than just some hyper kid, had lost his life. Right before the battle, he had informed everyone that if anything happened to him, Naruto was to take his place as their leader. And that was exactly what had happened. Seeking out the Akatsuki's leader, Kyuubi, Yondaime had indeed lost his life. Naruto hadn't seen how his mentor had been defeated, but he had been the first to come upon his body, drenched in blood next to an equally bloody and equally dead Kyuubi.

Since then, Naruto had taken over the leadership of Yondaime's, no, his gang, the Shinobi. Naruto frowned, the question that had plagued him ever since that night creeping into his head. 'Why me?

It was true that Naruto had always aspired to take Yondaime's place as leader when the time came, but that time had come too soon. He was sure that, given even one more year, he could have reached Yondaime's level. As he stared at the obstacles scattered about the roof, Naruto felt a sense of inferiority settle in him.

'Jiraiya or Tsunade would have been better choices. Hell, even Sasuke could beat him at his current level.' Naruto clenched his fists at the thought of Uchiha Sasuke. Ever since he had joined this gang, Sasuke seemed to be one step ahead of him, beating him in everything he did. 'But not this,' Naruto thought, a smirk playing on his lips. 'I don't know why, but Yondaime appointed me as his successor, not Sasuke.'

Naruto stood up, a look of determination on his face and strode to the beginning of the course. "This is for you Yondaime," he whispered. And with that, he was off.

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