"Can't contaminate a nice girl like you, sweets." Fred asks for a big favor from Spike. But Spike is a little hesitant in granting her request. 100 word drabble. Humor. Mild SpikeFred.

"Can't do it," replies Spike, firmly.

"Why not?" Fred inquires.

"Just can't. Ask Percy to do it."

"I have. He refuses. Apparently, it's 'improper,'" Fred shrugs.

"Then, he'd be 'specially ticked if I'd accomplish the deed."

"Wesley'll never have to know."

"Well, well, well," Spike smirks. "Haven't we become a little devious now?"

Fred winks, responding, "I can a keep secret."

"Still… can't contaminate a nice girl like you, sweets."

"Please. For me?"

"Ohhhhhh! Alright! You got me!"

"Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!"

Mere moments later, Fred was giggling like never before. Learning British slang was going to be so much fun!

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