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Warning: I wrote this story about a year ago so the manga was around the end of the chunin exams thus all this is my point of view. I was going to post it while I was on hiatus from 'Growing Pains' but lost the story when the computer died, but my brother fixed it and I was able to find the story so I hope you all enjoy!

Multiple pairings, yaoi and straight.

Of Suns and Moons

Iruka reached up to the high shelf to get some books. After seeing he needed a few more inches to reach them he jumped and grabbed the old books sending dust in his face causing the chunin to fall on his back with two heavy books on top of him.

"Ow." Iruka muttered as he sat up and pushed the books off him. He heard a noise behind him and jumped to his feet. When he turned around he saw Kakashi with an amused glint in his eye watching him.

"Glad I can be your amusement for today." Iruka spoke sarcastically receiving a laugh from the jounin while he picked up the books he had push onto the floor.

"What are those books for?" Kakashi asked as Iruka put them on his table and sat across from the jounin in the library.

"These are for my class, what are you doing here?" Iruka opened one of the books waving his hand in the air as more dust came up from the pages. "Shouldn't you be training Naruto and the rest of your team?"

"Nah, they are already chunins. I don't think they need me anymore." Kakashi drawled out in his lazy laid-back manor.

"I know they don't need you anymore but you are still their sensei until the Hokage says otherwise." Iruka glared at Kakashi.

"But I would much rather spend time with you." Kakashi smirked under his mask, as Iruka was about to say something but couldn't and blushed. "And I am training them right now. We are playing hide and seek. Whoever finds me wins."

"And so you hid in the library? I doubt they would even look for you in this place." Iruka gave Kakashi a playful grin before returning to his books.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kakashi glared at Iruka before sighing.

Kakashi watched Iruka read the book that the chunin was into for a while and smiled under his mask. He really enjoyed being around Iruka……………………..in fact he had admitted to himself that he was infatuated with the chunin teacher for some time now. Kakashi would almost get the get the courage to ask the chunin teacher out but would back down before he ever knew if the chunin teacher felt the same way.

Iruka turned the page and Kakashi looked around the room to see they were to themselves. Maybe he could ask Iruka now.


"Hn?" Iruka looked up from his book and smiled at Kakashi.

"I was………………………..I was wondering if……………….." Kakashi paused.

"If?" Iruka tried to encourage the jounin, he had never seen Kakashi so lost for words but it had been happening recently………………..quite often too.

"What are you reading?" Kakashi berated himself on the inside. He didn't want to ask Iruka in a library, he wanted to ask Iruka when something special was going on but the question was what?

"Oh I am reading one of my favorite myths. I was thinking about reading it to the class next week just for fun. Give them a break from their studies or something." Iruka put his hand behind his head and grinned.

"That sounds like a good idea, which myth is it?" Kakashi found him-self actually interested in it, he never thought Iruka would be one to be interested in myths.

"It's about the moon and the sun." Iruka tried to fight down the blush on his cheeks, he felt like a kid in front of the jounin sometimes.

"I never heard of that one………." Kakashi had only heard myths about ninjas and brave warriors. "What's the basic plot?"

"Basically its about love between two people. The Sun and the Moon. It's pretty much a downer in the end but at the same time it makes you wonder about what is really important in your life."

"Sounds interesting, maybe I'll come by when you read it to your class."

"That sounds good, I hope I'm not a disappointment though because usually this story is acted out in a play but I couldn't find anyone with the time to perform it." Iruka sighed. "I remember that I first heard this story in a play and I still enjoy it to this day, maybe the kids will get the same effect if I read it, ne?"

Kakashi nodded before something popped in his head.

"Hey Iruka, what if I can find some people to act it out? Would you let them perform it?" Kakashi grinned evilly under his mask as he thought of whom he could get to perform it.

"Uh………….." Iruka was a little taken back but thought about it, he really wanted to see it preformed like it should be, he smiled and glanced up at Kakashi. "Yeah but you have to tell me before the end of today if they are going to do it or not, okay?"

"No worries, I can guarantee right now that they would be more than happy to perform this for your class." Kakashi stood up and grabbed the books from Iruka. "When do you want it ready?"

"I was going to do it next Friday."

"A week then……………….okay it's settled we are doing it! See you later Iruka!" And before Iruka could say anything the jounin was gone with his books.

"But……………………" Iruka smiled to himself. Kakashi was a really nice guy; it almost made him wish they had gotten along better when Naruto had first taken the chunin exam.

"Well I guess now all I have to do is my lesson plan for next week." And Iruka went to work.

"Hey Gai!" Kakashi appeared in front of his rival and noticed two other jounin leaders with them. "And Kurenai and Asuma! Perfect!"

"What are you up to Kakashi?" Gai glared at his rival.

"I was wondering if I could barrow all of you're students for a week?" Kakashi curved his one eye at his friends who looked at him as if he was crazy.

"All of them?" Asuma took a drag of his cigarette when Kakashi nodded. "But that gives you twelve teenage rookies. Why?"

"Let's just say I want them to perform a play."

Everyone jumped when Kurenai broke into a loud obnoxious laughter. About after five minutes of calming her down she wiped the tears from hers and looked at Kakashi.

"Sorry, Sorry……………I just tried to picture all of our students working together long enough to put on a play. Plus Hinata doesn't have much of a stage voice."

"Well I bet my kids could perform better than yours." Kakashi glared at them waiting to see he who won over with that statement not that it was a surprise or anything.

"Your on! Fine you can have all of my students, my rival but I warn you that they aren't as easy to handle as your group." Gai laughed as everyone rolled their eyes.

"Got Gai's kids……………how about you two?" Kakashi looked over at Kurenai and Asuma who just sighed.

"Fine you can have my team, I think it'll be amusing to see how all of this works out." Asuma chuckled as he looked over at Kurenai.

"I guess you can have my team but don't do anything stupid with them okay!" Kurenai glared at Kakashi as the jounin laughed and thanked them for their support.

"See you guys at the show then!" And Kakashi disappeared once again.

"I hope Kakashi doesn't screw this up." Kurenai looked over at Asuma and smiled. "But then again it'll be nice for our groups to learn how to work together."

"I guess we better go tell our teams the news or there'll be war to pay." Asuma got up and headed out of the shop followed by his two other friends before the headed off in different directions to relay the news to their students.

"You want what?" Naruto yelled as his sensei just stood there holding a few books.

"I said that you guys and the students from Gai's, Asuma's, and Kurenai's teams are going to perform a play for Iruka's class." Kakashi gave all of his students a bored glare.

"And what if we refuse?" Sasuke growled at his sensei.

"You can't." Kakashi answered in an amused voiced as all of his students stared at him.

"What is the play about?" Sakura asked before she looked at Sasuke and Naruto. "I mean if we have to act it then I think we deserve to know what it is about."

"I will tell everyone everything when the other teams get here. Oh and Sasuke you have to do it no matter what so stop trying to think of ways you can get out of it." Kakashi leaned against a tree and pulled out his book so that could wait for the other teenagers.

Sasuke just growled as Naruto came over to him.

"Were you really thinking of ways to get out?" Naruto whispered as Sasuke just glared at him.

"No I was actually thinking of ways I could murder Kakashi." Whispered back causing Naruto to smile at him.

"Well you don't have to in such a bad mood!"

"Leave me alone dobe." Sasuke turned around before he had to listen to Naruto pouring insults out of his mouth against the dark haired boy.

"Sasuke your JERK! Why I…………."

"Geez Sakura! You still can't control the boys in your group? You're starting to lack forehead girl." Ino grinned as Sakura glared at her best friend.

"Why if it isn't Ino-pig!" Sakura walked over to her friend as they noticed more students come.

"SAKURA! MY LOVE!" Everyone turned to see Lee running towards them with his arms open.

"Well I guess everyone is here." Kakashi snapped his book shut and smiled at all the chunins. "Thank you for coming!"

After everyone sat down in circle Kakashi brought out the books Iruka had been looking at.

"Why are we here Neji-niisan?" Hinata stammered as she sat next to her cousin who was glaring across the circle.

"Why don't you ask Uchiha? It's his stupid sensei's idea." Neji said loud enough to receive a glare from Sasuke who had sat in between Naruto and Shikamaru.

"Kakashi-sensei……………..um, what should we do first?" TenTen smiled at Shino before she looked up at the jounin. "I mean we would all like to know why we are here."

"Very well…………………but first we will assign character duties." Kakashi sat down on the other side of Neji receiving a growl from the boy but he just ignored it and went on. "First we get the main two characters."

Kakashi looked around to make sure he had everyone's attention.

"Who should be the Sun and who should be the Moon?" Kakashi looked around to receive confused glances.

"Are they boy or girl?" Ino asked in an annoyed tone.

"I guess neither………………" Kakashi looked up to see all the kids glaring at him. "It's a myth that has to do with angels, demons, and gods. As far as the sexes the characters can be anyone."

"Okay then, how about you describe them to us. The personalities of each character that is." Ino sighed and looked like she was about to agree with Shikamaru who had stated this whole ordeal was tiresome.

"Okay The Sun is generally always in a good mood. A lot of crap happens to the Sun but it continues to smile and shine………………..and it isn't excepted in it's own world." Kakashi drawled boredly.

"So it's kind of like a misfit?" Sakura smiled and looked over at Naruto when Kakashi nodded. "Then I nominate Naruto!"

"What? Sakura-chan I can't…….……but………………." Naruto tried to think of something to say. "You think I'm a misfit?" Naruto tried to sound hurt but in a way he kind of agreed.

"Anyone else want to nominate another person?" Kakashi looked around and wrote on a piece of paper. "Naruto is the Sun."

"What is the Moon like?" Lee asked, "If it's anything beautiful then I nominate Sakura-chan!"

Sakura blushed at what Lee said and smiled as Ino just rolled her eyes.

"Well the Moon is kind of mysterious, it doesn't talk much and is supposed to be beautifully dark." Kakashi looked up from the book as everyone looked around.

"Well it can't be Sakura then because she isn't dark." Kiba sighed then he looked at Hinata and was about to say something when Hinata raised her hand.

"I nominate Sasuke-kun or Neji-niisan…………" She blushed and put her hand down and started to play with her fingers.

"That's a great idea Hinata!" Ino proclaimed. "But who should it be?"

After everyone looked at Neji, then at Sasuke, both whom were glaring at each other, then they finally looked at Sasuke once again.

"Sasuke is the Moon." Kakashi wrote down and returned to the book. "Now we need The Sun's parents……………"

Before Kakashi could describe them Kiba jumped up with a blush on his cheeks.

"I nominate Hinata and m……….myself!" He quickly sat back down and smiled at Hinata who was blushing.

"Anyone oppose?" Kakashi looked around and wrote their names down. "Okay the last character is whom will play the leader of the gods?"

"What do they do?" TenTen seemingly interested in the story put her head on her hands and leaned forward.

"He pretty much expels Sasuke from heaven, and does something in the end but I haven't read that far." Kakashi looked over so see a hand rise.

"I wouldn't mind kicking Uchiha out of heaven." Neji smirked as everyone look surprised that he actually volunteered for something. "Anyone oppose?" Neji growled as everyone but Sasuke shook their heads.

"Okay well we have the cast down." Kakashi closed the book and stood up.

"But what about the rest of us?" Choji looked up at Kakashi seemingly disappointed.

"You guys get to help with props, costumes, and extras if need be." He curved his one eye at all the teens. "Stay here for a few moments while I go get scripts for everyone. And if anyone leaves then they have to do whatever punishment I lay down got that."

All the chunins nodded as Kakashi disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

"Man this sucks." Shikamaru laid down on the grass and looked at the sky. "Well I guess I can cloud watch till Kakashi gets back."

"I think I will join you, the girls seem to be up to something and its kind of scary." Choji crawled over beside his friend and laid down as they watched the clouds.

"So what do you think this myth is about?" Sakura giggled as she looked over to where Sasuke, Naruto, Lee, and Neji were sitting.

"I wish he told me what the name of the play was, I used to be into that stuff until weapons that is." TenTen grinned.

"I would say it is a love story but there is only one girl, and she gets knocked up to become the Sun's mom." Ino sighed. "Hey Hinata what do you think?"

"Oh I……………….uh I think I've heard of this play actually but I don't remember what its about." Hinata smiled apologetically then looked around for her two teammates.

"I hope Sasuke gets most of the lines." Ino smiled with a small blush, "He has a nice voice."

"But Kakashi said the Moon didn't talk much. I wonder why?" Sakura looked over at Lee and smiled. "I wonder how long Kakashi will take to get those scripts."

"Let's just hope he isn't writing the scripts right now or we will be here for a long time." TenTen groaned as she sat back pulling a kunai out letting roll around in her fingers.

"I wonder what the guys are talking about?" Ino caused all the girls attention to turn to where the boys were sitting.

"This sounds fun!" Naruto beamed trying to ease the tension in their circle.

"Shut up loud mouth!" Neji barked as he glared at Sasuke.

"Hey don't talk to my teammate like that Hyuga! Or I might have something to say to thick brows." Sasuke glared at Neji.

Lee and Naruto just sighed at the same time before looking at each other. They needed to get an idea for Neji and Sasuke to break this glaring contest up before it turned into a war.

"Hey Neji………………." Lee poked his teammate in the arm. "I challenge you to a spar! And whoever loses has to sing something in front of everyone during our play."

"Go away Lee." Neji looked over at Lee averting his attention to his teammate for a second. "You know no body wants to hear you sing."

"What are you chicken?" Lee smiled at his teammate and jumped up in a fighting stance.

While Lee had averted Neji's attention Naruto had tackled Sasuke and dragged him off to another part of the field where Kiba and Shino just happened to be.

"Dobe let go of me!" Sasuke grabbed Naruto arm and flipped the blond over. "Why did you bring me over here?"

"Because no one wants another Uchiha versus Hyuga war, remember last time that happened Hinata had a melt down because you two were being jerks." Naruto glared at Sasuke from the ground where he was now sitting.

"Whatever dobe." Sasuke sighed and sat next to Naruto.

"Hey Sakura………I was wondering something." Hinata looked to were Naruto and Sasuke were sitting.

"Sure Hinata, what can I do for you?" Sakura smiled at the shy girl beside her.

"I was…………………..well wondering…………………………..um about Sasuke and Naruto………………….they seem to be getting along a lot better than they used to." Hinata blushed slightly as Sakura nodded.

"Yeah they don't argue as much as they did when we were twelve but I guess that's cause we're 15 now so I'd suspect they would have at least matured a bit………………….not to say they don't argue at all of course. They are still rivals after all." Sakura sighed and looked over to where her teammates were chatting.

"That's good." Hinata looked up at the sun.

"When will Kakashi come back?" Ino groaned as a few people laughed.

"Back!" Kakashi chirped in his happy voice as all the chunins slowly woke up. "Wow I didn't think you would all sleep here over night."

"Kakashi! You no good sensei! We stayed here all night in the outside when we could have gone home to our beds! I am going to kill you!" Sakura jumped up and was about to charge Kakashi when she saw someone else walk up behind the jounin.

"Good morning everyone!" Iruka smiled as he put down some food packages. "Kakashi told me you guys were going to perform the play for me, thank you so much!"

All the teens sighed in defeat, there was no way they could turn down Iruka.

"Kakashi-sensei is soooooooooo lucky Iruka-sensei is here." Ino gave Kakashi a threatening glare as they went to go wake up the boys.

"So who is playing what?" Iruka was overly excited about getting to see the story performed.

"Uh……………lets see Sasuke is the Moon, um Neji is god, Hinata is a demon while Kiba is the mortal, and Naruto is the Sun." Kakashi looked over at the students who looked over t him.

"But………………..but Kakashi this is a…………." Iruka was cut off when Kakashi put his hand over his mouth.

"Shhhh! I haven't told them the plot yet don't worry!" He let go of the blushing chunin and smiled under his mask. "Trust me Iruka everything will work out. Now go back to work or something so we can practice."

"But I…………" Kakashi pushed Iruka back to the walkway and went back to his students before the chunin teacher could say anything else.

"Now here are the scripts." Kakashi gave everyone a copy so they could look over the scripts.


"Yes Hinata?"

"Why do I call Kiba my man-whore?" Hinata looked up at Kakashi with a big blush across her face.

"Well I decided to update the myth to a now a days theme. Don't you like it?" Kakashi curved his one eye at everyone.

"You want me to do WHAT?" Naruto looked at Kakashi as his faced paled even though there was a blush on his cheeks. "Since when am I Sasuke's love-slave?"

Kakashi laughed a little before he pulled out his old warn out book 'Icha Icha Paradise'.

"Well I thought the original version was a little slow and didn't have enough action so I added a few things from my divine inspirational book."

Everyone glared at Kakashi.

Censored scene of everyone beating the crap out of Kakashi

Sakura grabbed the book Kakashi had said the original story was in and opened it to the myth of the 'Moon and Sun'. While her and Sasuke were rewriting the play Ino and TenTen and left to go retrieve materials for costumes. Lee and Choji had gone to go get some props and Shikamaru and the rest were left to guard Kakashi who was tied to one of the log posts.

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