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Chapter 4: The End

"Moon-koi!" Sun came running to his home in his garbs he wore when he went to the other worlds. "Moon!" Sun cried out more desperately as he made it to the clearing Moon had made their home.

He stopped and sighed in relief when he saw Moon standing there but the grin quickly faded as he noticed the serious look on Moon's face.

"Moon-koi? Is something bothering you?" Sun ran up to his lover and gave a big smile only to receive a cold glare in return. "Moon?"

Moon turned around so that Sun could only see his back before he turned around with such a pained expression but the expression was quickly replaced with one of determination. That's when Sun realized what he heard and feared was coming to life.

"You can't leave!" Sun said trying to add force in his voice, but Moon only smirked at him before throwing his flute at the light demons feet.

Sun watched as Moon turned around to leave. Moon was leaving him after they had been together for so long! Moon finally got his chance to leave and was going to leave Sun without a second thought!

"Weren't you happy? Don't you love me? Was this all a lie?" Sun yelled on the top f his lungs trying to release all the pain he felt as anger. "All of this…………………fake?"

Moon stopped before turning around slowly. He walked over to Sun before bringing the light demon into a kiss. Sun whimpered softly as he was released but when he opened his eyes, Moon was already gone.

Sun tried to smile like he had been able to do so in the past but couldn't bring himself to, he had lost his precious person. Sun fell to his knees trembling as he held his face in his hands. No the Moon was leaving for sin not because love wasn't there because love was there it……………………….

It just wasn't what Moon wanted.

He wanted power and that would surely destroy him. Sun looked over at the flute that lay not to far from where he had sat himself and slowly crawled to it.


Maybe he could save Moon before Moon destroyed itself with this selfish ambition. Maybe he could save their love. Maybe he could be happy and make Moon happy to.

The Sun wiped the tears he had let fall and stood to his feet. He could go get Moon before the dark angel made any mistakes…………………………..maybe he could save the angels soul.

"The god leader watched as this unfolded. He had never thought that Moon would have ever fallen for anyone let alone the half-demon. He watched Sun with interest. Who was this demon who sought to save the soul of an angel?"

Neji smirks as Naruto walks off stage and he appears.

"Though god feared what could become for Moon he also feared what would happen to Sun. Would these lovers end up destroying each other or worse, would one end up dying in the others hands?"

"Wow Iruka-sensei……………………….this play is kind of deep." Kurenai gave a small smile. "Are you sure it was appropriate for school kids?"

"Yes, actually I wouldn't be surprised if they don't like the ending but this is still my favorite myth." Iruka smiled as he heard a few sniffles from the audience. "Shikamaru is doing a good job as narrator and the rest are doing the characters perfectly."

"Naruto is doing a good job of self-control. I'm surprised he hasn't screwed up yet." Kakashi smiled under his mask as Iruka glared at him. "But then again he is full of surprises right Iruka?"

"Yes he is full of surprises." Iruka smiled as he nodded in agreement.

"A lot like you I could say." Kakashi added taking notice of the sudden blush on Iruka's face.

"What d……….d……...do you mean by that?" Iruka finally was able to say as he scooted over to Kakashi so he could hear better.

"Iruka? Can I ask you a question after the play?" Kakashi turned around to see Iruka giving him a quizzical look.

"Sure? But why can't you just ask me now?" Iruka notice Kakashi lean in closer to him so he did the same: as if the jounin was going to whisper the question. He never expected a kiss on the nose.

"I'll ask you after the show." Kakashi smiled under his mask taking full pride in the blush now permanent on Iruka's face before disappearing to avoid any more questions from the chunin teacher.

Moon sat on the edge of a cliff as he stared off in the distance. He was free but he wasn't happy. He had never thought that being free would be so miserable.

The clear sky reminded him of what he had left. It wasn't like he hadn't cared for Sun the truth was he was torn between what he wanted and what he was afraid of losing.

Moon sighed as he traced his throat. Nothing was going on as he had planned. Yeah he had destroyed some towns but that did give him the satisfaction he was looking for. Moon had thought when he had left the realm he was cursed to he would get his voice back but how foolish had he been.

He had come up with a whole plan on how he could gain the power he had hungered for and get his revenge on all the people who had wronged him and then after all of that he could go to Sun and stay with the light demon for the rest of his life.

How foolish indeed.

The power wasn't as attractive when it was so easy to gain and Moon as cold hearted as he was could never bring himself to kill. Even if the person had wronged him.

So now the dark angel was sitting on a cliff watching life pass him by. He was powerful but not as powerful as he originally intended, he was tired, and he was lonely.

He had made the wrong choice.

Yes he could get the power and do all of those goals but what then. Would Sun forgive him? Would Sun still be there? No.

No, he didn't deserve Sun if he went through with this. For a demon he was a very strange creation. Sun hated killing and power because people only abused it as he had told Moon several times.

Moon glared off in the distance.

What was he doing here?

There were only two things he could do and those were either follow his plan or go back to the realm of the in-between.

With that the dark angel disappeared from the cliff. He had the leader of the gods to see and he wasn't going to arrive in such a weak state.

No he was going to have a party before he returned to the Sun.

And it was going to be a party indeed.

"And so Moon went to the power even after thinking everything through. But little did he know someone was watching and waiting for him. The leader of the gods had foreseen this and sent for Sun, it wasn't everyday a god called for a demon and so Sun came as quickly as he could."

Neji is standing with his back to the audience very tense as if he was distressed by something. Naruto walks on the stage with a huge grin on his face and walks over to Neji respectfully.

"You called?" Naruto did a small bow as Neji turned around to face him.

"How can you still smile?" Neji tried to seem as genuinely curious as possible but he wasn't the best of actors.

"Hn?" Naruto laughed uncomfortably as Neji grabbed his arm tightly.

"How can you smile knowing he has left you?" Neji specified his question causing Naruto to lose his smile and furrow his eyebrows at Neji.

"What? What gives you the right, No! Who do you think you are? You're the reason all this happened! What gives you the right to call a demon up here and question him like that?" Naruto backed away from Neji as the Hyuga boy smirked at him.

"It is my fault isn't it……….." Neji walked over to a chair that resembled a throne and sat back in it frowning. "I could have destroyed him a long time ago."

"Hn?" Naruto's eyes widened. "But why didn't you?"

"I have always been told I give people too much credit." Neji laughed bitterly before looking over at Naruto. "But I never expected something and that is why I called you here."

Naruto didn't say anything and just stared at Neji giving him his full attention.

"I never thought he would find you. I mean I thought you had died a long time ago shortly after your mother died." Neji didn't bother sounding polite as he touched the sensitive subject. "But seeing as you're alive and then the fact that he still found you, or more you found each other……………."

"What are you getting at?" Naruto raised an eyebrow at Neji who just sighed.

"You have something that I need to stop him." Neji got up and walked over to Naruto.

"What could I possibly have?" Naruto spat out as he glared at Neji. "Remember he left me too or do you only watch people for free time?"

Neji just smiled and put his hand on Naruto's chest.

"Just because he left you doesn't mean he left you alone?" Neji moved his hand and grabbed Sasuke's flute that was attached to the side of Naruto's outfit. "And I think you know this to some degree after all why would he have left this to you?"

"That's just a flute." Naruto grabbed it out of Neji's hands.

"I can tell you where he is." Neji walked over to the chair and grabbed some scrolls that were lying next to it.

"What? But why? Why are you helping me?" Naruto looked confused as Neji handed him a scroll.

"Because as far as I'm concerned you are the only one who can bring him back alive. Listen Sun I'm tired, I have so many things I need to do but if you can't handle this I will destroy him while he…………." Neji stopped and dropped everything he had in his hands. "No."

"No? What?" Naruto watched Neji run off the stage in a hurry only to see him come back on. "What's going on?"

"Its too late………….I'm sorry but I have to kill him now he's being consumed by the power he found." Neji stood over a prop of the world and started doing hand seals as Naruto watched horror stricken.

"No wait!" Naruto stopped Neji. "Let me go to him please!"

"What? Why do you want to go? You will surely die."

"Please let me go and if I still can't stop him then kill him…………I don't care if I die just please." Naruto started off with a loud plead but it ended in a desperate whisper as Neji just stared at him.

"Whoa! That scene was pretty good I felt like I was in a soap opera audience." Asuma whispered to Kurenai.

"Neji is pretty good……….." Gai whispered. "And he never seemed the type to act."

"Shh guys Shikamaru is coming out." Kurenai hissed softly then looked around. "Hey where is Kakashi? Iruka do you know?"

"Huh? What Kakashi? No sorry!" Iruka accidentally stated too loud so he received a few glares from the kids in the audience and even Shikamaru glared over at their direction.

"Are you feeling okay?" Asuma whispered to Iruka who just nodded. "You are kind of jumpy."

"Hey let's watch the rest okay!" Iruka whispered back as Shikamaru continued speaking.

"The leader of the gods allowed Sun to go to Moon but nothing prepared Sun for what he saw. Moon had tried to control the power too quickly and was consumed by it. Sun tired to stop him from but nothing seemed to work. Moon was not Moon anymore."

The lights on the stage brightened to reveal Sasuke lying on the ground with his head in Naruto's lap.

"After Moon lost control the leader of the gods saw there was no hope and destroyed Moon. Sun watched as its love died slowly in it's arms."

"I brought your flute back." Naruto laughed silently to himself as he brushed Sasuke's hair.

"I thought you might want it back…." Sun continued running his fingers through Moon's hair.

"This isn't fair you know………why did you do that?" Sun looked down at Moon's silent form and started to tremble. "Weren't you happy with me?"

Sun felt tears run down his face as he tried to hold them back.

"All I wanted……….all I wanted when I saw you again was to hear you play one of your songs." Sun smiled as the tears started to flow causing his body to tremble. "Why did you leave me? I thought……….I thought you loved me as I loved you………weren't you happy?"

"No." Came a very hoarse reply as Sun looked in awe.

Moon tried to move but could so he just opened his eyes to see Sun staring at him.

"Don't move!" Sun moved around to get Moon in a more comfortable position. "Don't move okay! I can get help and maybe you will be okay!"

"Stop please………I'm already as good as dead just let me say something." Moon grabbed Sun's arm.

"Don't talk!" Sun stopped for a moment. "Wait………you're talking?"

Moon just gave a small smirk before he sighed.

"Why are you doing this? Weren't you happy?" Sun started to cry again as the grip on his arm tightened. "Why?"

"Because………." Moon looked at Sun. "Because I could never be happy unless……….I could tell you this……..."

"You should rest, you don't have to tell me anything." Sun whispered trying to match Moon's voice. He finally heard what is angel sounded like and it was more beautiful than he ever imagined. "Your dieing and I don't want you to do it straining yourself."

"No." Moon smiled at Sun a genuine smile. "I wanted to tell you this."

"Then tell me if you promise to be quiet afterwards." Sun smiled at his love.

"You talk too much." Sasuke smirked as Naruto glared at him.

"Those are your last words? You were a jerk to the end Moon!" Naruto yelled before Sasuke raised his hand to grab a piece of the blond hair.

"Thank you." Naruto stopped and looked at Sasuke.

"Thank you? For what?" Naruto gave a small smile.

"And I love you……….always did and still do." Sasuke closed his eyes as Naruto started to cry.

"But…then…" Naruto stopped and looked at the silent form in his lap. "I love you too."

There was silence as Naruto smiled then stopped as if he was confused.

"Moon?" Naruto nudged Sasuke. "Moon?"

"But you can't go now." Naruto started to tremble as the lights went dim and Shikamaru walked on the very empty stage.

"Moon died in Sun's arms that day. It wasn't long before Sun returned to the realm he had shared with Moon and that's where he remained for the rest of his life."

As the lights darkened the whole room and then went up to show Lee wearing a sign that said 'The End' on it.

"Okay everyone! The end!" Lee smiled as he left he stage to go to the back.

"That was it? That's so sad." Kurenai looked over at Iruka to notice Asuma was gone. "Where is Asuma?"

"He needed a smoke after Sasuke died." Iruka smiled as Kurenai did a small laugh.

Some of the audience was crying and few were talking about their favorite part as they started to leave the seats and head home since school was already over.

"That was beautiful!" Iruka turned towards Gai as the green beast had tears rolling freely down his face. "That was so magical! So full of youth!"

"What made you like that play so much Iruka?" Kurenai looked over at the chunin teacher who just smiled at her.

"The moral of the story." Iruka smiled as Kurenai nodded. "This play was supposed to teach people to think about what is really important in their life."

"Why were they named Sun and Moon?" Iruka turned his attention to Konohamaru who was standing beside him now. "Does it have anything to do with the sun and the moon?"

"Well yes actually." Iruka smiled as he knelt down beside his student. "When this myth was written is was supposed to originally tell why the sun and moon rotate around the earth."

"And that is?" Konohamaru waited.

"In this story the Sun and the Moon represent the sun and moon while the earth represents power and sin. The Moon is closest to the earth and that is why it lust for power because the power is so close, but in the end the only way to get that power it would destroy itself and the earth." Iruka took a breath as Konohamaru just nodded.

"The Sun continuously chases after the moon in order for them to be together once again but the earth always seems in the way." Iruka smiled as Konohamaru thought about it.

"What about eclipses?" Konohamaru asked as Iruka thought about it for a moment.

"That's when the leader of the gods shows his mercy on the moon and allows him to be with his lover for that short time." Iruka turned around to see Kakashi had answered the question and blushed.

"Cool I guess." And then Konohamaru was off running with his friends.

"Hey Kakashi!" Iruka smiled trying to fight down the blush as Kakashi looked around.

"Where did everyone go?"

"Huh?" Iruka looked around to see they were totally alone in the auditorium. "I guess they left to go home."

"I see." Kakashi smiled as Iruka blushed even more and tried to avoid eye contact.

"So um……...Kakashi what did you want to tell me?" Iruka stared at the ground as he heard a small chuckle.

Kakashi walked over to Iruka and raised the chunin's face by the chin with his hand until Iruka had to make eye contact.

"I wanted to ask you if you wanted to do something after the cast party behind the stage?"

"Do something?" Iruka bit his lip for sounding stupid as Kakashi smiled under his mask.

"A date." Kakashi let go of Iruka's chin, as the chunin blushed even more.

"I would…….."

"Iruka-sensei!" Iruka turned his attention to the blond who jumped him. Naruto was still in costume so it took him a while to catch his balance before he smiled at Iruka.

"Did you like it?" Naruto jumped up and down as if he was twelve again. "Well?"

Iruka laughed and nodded at Naruto who smiled even bigger before the blond grabbed Iruka's arm and dragged the chunin teacher to the backstage party that was occurring.

Before Iruka went behind the curtain he turned around to see Kakashi still standing in the place Iruka once was and smiled.

"Kakashi!" Kakashi looked up to see Iruka. "And the answer is yes!"

Kakashi smiled as Naruto pushed Iruka behind the stage and quickly followed suit. There was no way this day could get any better.

"Where did everyone go?" Naruto looked around the room half empty room to see Iruka waving his former students bye.

"Its late dobe." Naruto glared as he heard Sasuke's voice and was about to say something when Iruka hit him on the head.

"Hey Naruto I'm going out with the adults now so I need you and Sasuke to hurry up." Iruka blushed when he gave a quick glance to Kakashi and then smiled at Naruto. "You can stay at my house tonight since its closer if you want."

"Alright!" Naruto threw his fist in the air. He loved staying over at Iruka's because that meant a lot of ramen and a few good talks.

"Sasuke can you walk with Naruto, your house is on the way right?" Naruto's smile faded as he tried to fight down the blush.

"Sure." Sasuke replied looking over at Naruto. "Hey Naruto, Sakura already left with Lee so I'm just waiting on you now."

"Whatever Sasuke! I don't need you to walk me home." Naruto glared as he picked up his stuff.

"Have it your way." And Sasuke turned around and started walking off.

Naruto just watched Sasuke leave for a second before it hit him.

"Hey wait for me jerk!" Naruto ran out of there waving bye to his two senseis and catching up to the slowly departing dark haired boy.

"I think the play turned out okay!" Naruto put his hands behind his head as he looked up at the clear sky. "I had fun anyway."

"I enjoyed some of it I guess." Sasuke mumbled as Naruto smiled at him with a small blush on his cheeks.

"What was there not to like?"

"Well………." Naruto took notice of the small blush on Sasuke's face. "I didn't really like having to kiss you."

"And you think I did?" Naruto yelled before he remembered the scene and blushed with Sasuke.

There were a few minutes of silence as both boys walked with their faces flushed trying not to look at each other.

"Hey Sasuke……….." Naruto finally broke the silence.

"Hn?" Was Sasuke's stoic reply.

"That story was kind of sad, ne?" Naruto turned around so that he was walking backwards and so that he could see Sasuke's face.

"I guess."

"You guess? Don't you ever feel anything?" Naruto glared at his rival.

"Maybe." Sasuke smirked as Naruto glared even harder.

"MAYBE! Man Sasuke if you ever showed any more emotion than that I would die of a heart failure you know that! The story almost had me crying for real! Sun losing the only person he loved just because that jerk the moon was too selfish to realize what truly mattered!" Naruto threw his arms in the air to help make the point.

Sasuke gave a small amused sigh as Naruto glared at him.

"What?" Naruto looked at his rival untrustingly.

"Your such a dobe." Was all Sasuke said before he turned down his street leaving Naruto in front of Iruka's house.

"AND YOU'RE A JERK!" Naruto yelled out to the shadows with a small grin on his face before he entered Iruka's house.

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