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-6 years, 6 months and 2 weeks later-

Draco Malfoy flickered his eyes open, as he heard the distant noise of the doorbell. "Harry, go open the door."

"I bet it's Blaise."

"No, it must be for you."

"Draco, go open the door."

The boy in question groaned. He happened to be rather comfortable where he was at the moment, and he didn't want to move. At least not from the bed. In it, well that was a completely different matter.

Things hadn't gone exactly like they had hoped after they had come out to the whole school six years earlier. Apparently, the slytherins were convinced that it was Draco's plot to destroy Harry and he was merely using him. The rest of the school seemed to agree and in the end only the slytherins were supporting the relationship. Others encouraged Harry to "dump the little ferret and crush him a like cockroach". Somewhere around the final exams of the sixth year all the gossips and doubts had almost broke the boys apart. It was extremely difficult for Harry as he received no support at all from any of his friends, except Hermione who wasn't exactly rushing to his rescue, either.

Draco hadn't talked much about his parents' reactions. But Harry had figured that they were thinking like all the slytherins, as they hadn't caused any trouble to either Draco or Harry.

Six years later, the two now grown men had been living together since the War, which had taken place four years earlier. They lived in muggle London, as they both wanted to keep some distance to the wizard world. Many people still doubted Draco's motives and Harry's intelligence. He obviously wasn't smart enough to realize how "that Malfoy boy is only playing him like a toy and is probably after his money as well".

Currently Harry was working as a bartender in small pub near their apartment, but he had been playing with an idea to write a book about everything that had happened to him over the years. He was convinced that muggles would only think of it as some clever fantasy or fiction.

Draco had had his break-through as a model just before his twenty-first birthday and earned quite a lot. But then again, he wasn't home much.

"Draco!" Harry whined as the doorbell rang again.

"Okay, okay, okay… Merlin…" He mumbled, getting up and slowly dragged himself to the door. But he found no one. The eight-year-old boy living in the apartment next to them must've been sniggering to himself around some corner, but Draco was too cranky to check.

He closed the door and ran back to the bedroom. He found Harry still in the bad, fast asleep. A mischievous smile spread on his face. He climbed on top of the raven haired man and dropped wet kisses on his stomach, chest and finally neck.


"Morning, love."

"Draco…" Harry mumbled, somewhere between being asleep and awake. "What are you doing?"

"What does it feel like I'm doing?" He asked, pressing a kiss on Harry's jaw line.

"It feels like you're" Moan. "Sexually harassing me." Harry let out another moan from the depths of his throat. Draco smirked.

"By the sound of it, you don't seem to mind too much." He said hoarsely and softly kissed the lips of his partner.

"I don't." Harry muttered, stroking Draco's hair. "As a matter of fact I quite like it. Was it Blaise?"

Draco stopped licking his boyfriend's neck and placed himself on the bed next to him. "You do realize that I'm in the mood for some hot boy-on-boy sex? With you. Therefore I have no interest in talking about other boys."


"No, it was not Blaise. It was the kid next door who is seriously craving for ass whipping. I'm so teaching that kid a lesson about messing with my sleep." He paused. "But what does that have to do with the current situation?"

"Nothing. I just wanted to know who it was."



"You don't want to have hot boy-on-boy sex with me, do you?"

Harry turned his head to face Draco, so that their faces were only an inch apart. "Of course I do. But not right now."

Draco sat up. "You don't want me. I'm not sexy enough for you. I'm fat and ugly, that's why you don't want me." He ranted, not even breathing between the sentences. "My hair is too blonde, you hate my creepy, long fingers. My boxers are really crappy too, no wonder you don't even want to touch me. And you think I'm a horrible model and not desirable at all." He looked at Harry sadly.

"Are you finished now?" Draco nodded. "Okay. First of all, I want you and you definitely are sexy enough for me. You're not fat or ugly and your hair is definitely not too blonde. Your boxers are very, very hot and I think you're and excellent model."

"But I'm still not desirable?"

"You're a drama queen, that's what you are. A very desirable drama queen."

"Then why don't you want to have hot boy-on-boy sex with me?" He whined.

Harry took Draco's arm and pulled him back to lie down on the bed. "Because it's too hectic."

Draco blinked. "And what exactly is that supposed to mean?"

"It means that I just want lie down with you and… well, cuddle."

Draco blinked again. "Cuddle?" He breathed sharply. "Dear Merlin… You want to cuddle. Where is this world going to?"

Harry frowned. "Fine. I just wanted to spend some special time with my boyfriend but obviously that's too much to ask." He sat up and leaned against the wall.

Draco rose to lean on his elbows. "Harry… Where is this coming from?"

The green eyed man sniffed. "We've been fighting a lot lately and I never see you and you're always working and I… I miss you."

"I'm right here."

"Yeah you are. And then again, you're not." He paused. "This is the first time you spent the night at home for a month. What'd you think I feel like sleeping alone every night? There's your name on the front door, too, you know. But no, you take off to the fucking Caribbean once a week and fuck your hair stylist." He hissed the last sentence between gritted teeth.

"For Merlin's sake, we didn't fuck! You know perfectly well that I did absolutely nothing with Adam. It's not my fault that he starts to stalk me and call my home!"

Harry grunted. "Fine. But still, you're never here."

"What'd you want me to do? Quit my fucking job?"

"No, of course not! Just… Can't you keep your job in London?"

Draco sighed. "Harry, you know I can't afford to do that."

"Why not? They all love you, you're the hottest they have, you could easily pick the jobs that are here. Unless you really don't want to see me more often than once a month."

Draco shot up to take Harry into his arms but the other man flinched away. The blonde gazed down sadly. "I can't believe you even said that. I hate being away from you."

"Then why have I been spending more time with Blaise than you for the past year?" Harry snapped, but immediately felt guilty when Draco's expression grew even sadder. He sighed heavily. "Draco…"

"I honestly don't know what I could possibly do, Harry. I can't quit, modeling is the only thing I'm good at. I have no education to do anything else."

"Then get an education! Go to a university! You could afford it, you know."

"What if I don't want to?" Draco asked, as he climbed out of the bed. "I'm taking a shower." He left Harry alone in the room and the raven haired man started to bang his head on the wall. He was still doing that when Draco came back with a towel wrapped loosely around his waist, water dripping as he walked around the room. "You're going to get a concussion."

Harry stopped. "What did you mean by what if you don't want to?"

"I meant that… I don't want to quit and go to a university. I don't want to do anything else." The blonde mumbled as he searched through his closet for clean clothes.

"So you don't want to be with me. Is that what you're saying?"

"No, that's not what I'm saying!" He cried frustrated. He pulled his ripped jeans on, the ones Harry had ripped for him, and took a light blue t-shirt from the closet. "If you listened to me every once in a while you'd know what I'm trying to say!" Harry huffed and started to sulk, suddenly looking a lot like a five-year-old. Draco pulled the t-shirt over his head and combed his hair with his fingers. Then he turned to face Harry, who was still sitting on the bed, covering himself with the blanket. "I don't want to fight with you. It seems like it's all we do lately."

"Well, we wouldn't be fighting if you had just cuddled with me when I asked you to."

Draco let out a genuinely amused laugh. "No, we wouldn't be fighting if you had just had hot boy-on-boy sex with me."

"It's a little late for that now, isn't it?"

Draco smirked. "How so?"

Harry jumped out of the bed and headed towards the bathroom. "You're wearing clothes." He stated and was just about to walk past the blonde, but he suddenly found himself being held in his boyfriend's arms.

"I can take them off, you know."

"Aren't you late for work?"

"Not until Wednesday. So we have four days for ourselves."

"You're forgetting one thing here. I still have to go to work even though you don't."

"Call in sick."

Harry sighed and then gasped as Draco grabbed his ass without any warning. "I can't…"

"Can't or won't?" Draco whispered as he slipped his hand inside Harry's boxers.

"Oh trust me, I would if I didn't get fired trying."

"Then get fired."

"Excuse me?" Harry stepped back, staring at his lover wide eyed. "Are you fucking serious?"

Draco thought of it for a moment. It had just popped into his head, but now when he though about it, it seemed like a perfect idea. "Yes, as a matter of fact I am fucking serious."

"But… But… But… Why in the hell would I want to do that?" The almost naked one of the men cried, the volume of his voice rising as he spoke. "I can't do that, we have a rent to pay, food to buy-"

"I think I make enough to cover those little details. Don't you?" Draco said coolly and suddenly Harry felt very stupid. Of course he made enough to pay the rent. Bloody hell, he made enough to buy the damn apartment.

"But then it would be all yours." He tried to argue.

"What is mine is yours." Draco told. Then he sighed deeply and took Harry's hand. "You could travel with me. Maybe start to write that book you've been talking about."

"I…" Harry looked up, biting his lip. "I could travel with you?" He repeated slowly. "But you would be working."

"Yeah, but not all the time."

He frowned. "And when you're not working, you're flirting with your hair stylist." He muttered, but laughed when Draco's expression fell. "Just kidding. But seriously, are you sure that you want me to follow you around like puppy?"

"No. I want you to be there standing next to me like the man I love." The blonde said softly and pulled Harry into a hug. "Just think about it, okay baby?" Harry wrapped his arms tightly around Draco's waist and listened to his heart beat several times before saying anything.

"Do you really think I could write that book?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, you should probably cut out the time we spent in Vilinburg and make something up for that. And I don't think it would be wise to mention that you and I are a couple, either."

"What, you don't want the whole world to know that you're gay and deeply in love with me?" Harry teased.

"That's not the issue and you know it. But maybe the world is not ready for gay wizards just yet."

"Yeah, you're probably right. I'll just keep us the enemies we were." Then he wrinkled his forehead, as if it helped him to think. "Maybe I'll make you cry at some point."


"Yeah, make you a real coward and a cry-baby. Oh, and you could have an intimate relationship with Parkinson!" Harry giggled as he hopped away from Draco's reach into the bathroom. "And when Hermione punched you, oh I so need to fit that in!"

Draco made a face indicating that he couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Are you bloody mad? Are you going to humiliate me in front of the whole world?"

"Oh please, like anyone's going to believe that you really exist. I mean, what kind of name is Draco anyway? No one has a name like that. Oh crap!" Harry cried as he jumped into the shower and turned on the water. "You're famous! I have to change your name!" He paused. "What do you think of Fago Flamboy?"

Silently Draco decided that his boyfriend had now officially lost his mind. "Fago Flamboy?" He repeated in disgust as he sat on the bathroom counter, next to the sink.

"Yeah, it would totally suit you."

"Fago Flamboy?"

"Well, I can't use your real name, can I?"

"Actually, you can because I don't use my real name in work." Draco pointed out. When he was still starting his career he figured that it would be best to be known as Drake Black, as Black was his mother's maiden name, in the case his father would ever walk free again and come hunt him down for changing sides.

"Fine." Said Harry's obviously disappointed voice. After thirty seconds of silence he popped his head out of the shower. "Are you going to take your clothes off or what? I want to have that hot boy-on-boy sex. Now."

A wide smile spread on Draco's face as he pulled his t-shirt over his head again and soon he stepped into the shower wearing nothing. And soon enough the bathroom was filled with moans, gasps and other sounds of being in love.

-The End-

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