For the most part, this is a true story. I'm female, but I put this in terms of guys. I really like the FF8 guys (they're hot!). Anyways, this actually happened a few months after I came out of the closet. Now, the parts about love and sex, I made up. I've never been in love and I'm a virgin still so that's the whole untrue part. Good times! Anyways, it was a one-shot based on true life, but then a plot came about at then end of the original story, so now its going to be multi-chaptered. Have Fun!

- thoughts

Dinner Party

"Squall! Seifer! Glad you could make it! I've missed ya'll so much!" Irvine hugs both of the young men standing in his doorway. "Are ya'll still sharing an apartment?"

"Unfortunately", Squall sarcastically states.

"Hey! Just cuz you're obsessive compulsive about the apartment doesn't mean I'm a bad roommate, mother fu—", Seifer snaps back.

"Whoa, Whoa, WHOA! Guys, no fightin'. We're here to eat pizza and have fun." Irvine steps aside so they can walk in. Immediately the sound of trance music touches their ears.

Seifer steps in first and looks around, taking in the site of Irvine's humble abode. Since the last time he was there which was about 6 months ago, the apartment has taken on much more of a warm feeling versus the sad, cold feeling it had once been; it was filled with love. The place is decorated like it was a luxury apartment for a businessman. The furniture is sleek but comfortable; the color scheme is simple, black and white with splashes of orange. The kitchen is open to the eating area and living room where there is a black couch resting against the wall; a small coffee table lies in front of the couch. There is a hallway leading to two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a laundry room.

"Nice place you got here Kinneas, I'm impressed." Irvine motions toward the kitchen as Squall steps in silently.

"Hey ya'll can put your stuff in here. Zell's already here; he just went to get some drinks. You both still don't drink alcohol?" They both shake their heads. "Good! Cuz Zell is getting' some Sprite Remix – Berry Clear and Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. That work for you?"

"Whatever." Squall shrugs; Seifer slaps him in the back of the head.

"Fucker, that was completely unnecessary", Squall glares dangerously at Seifer.

The glare was in vain for no glare of Squall's could faze him. Seifer smirks, "Remember last year, you told me I could smack you every time you said whatever as part of a deal to get me to stop smoking?" Squall's face falls in resignation and then scrunches again in anger.

"But you didn't have to hit me so hard!"

"ANYWAYS children", Irvine interrupts them, "go put your stuff down in the kitchen and come sit." He immediately plops down in his La-Z-Boy recliner.

Squall punches Seifer in the arm as they walk into the kitchen; Irvine smirks. They look mighty comfy together, almost cute.

"You look like a grinning idiot Kinneas", Seifer remarks, taking a seat on one side of the couch. Squall sits down on the opposite end of the couch soon after.

"Its just ya'll look so cu—"

Zell busts into the door. He immediately runs to the kitchen and drops the 2-12 packs and makes a running jump into the couch between Squall and Seifer. "Seifer! Squall!" He lands roughly with a knee in Seifer's groin and with a shoulder in Squall's jaw; Seifer grabs his injured jewels and doubles over with tears stinging his eyes, his breath catching in his throat. Squall just glares Daggers of Death upon the spiky-haired blonde. Irvine has formed the universal face of watching a nut-shot, the "O" face.

"I'm so so so SO sorry you guys; I just got really excited to see you. It's been, what, 6 months since I last saw ya. That's a bloody long time for me not to see you. What's been up? Zell says as he rights himself on the couch.

Seifer squeaks, "I've been better." Irvine laughs while Squall smirks. One solitary tear runs down Seifer's cheek.

"Would you like some ice?" Irvine offers while Seifer nods furiously. "Zell come with me to get some ice for out boy Seifer". Zell hops up off the couch, accidentally stepping on Squall's foot.

"MotherFUCKER! That hurt", Squall hollers.

"Irvine, I think Squall needs some ice too." Zell looks at Squall with concern.

"Come over here babe before you injure them anymore", Irvine drawls. Zell saunters over to Irvine with a little sway of his hips; when Zell arrives at Irvine, he runs a finger down Irvine's spine causing him to shudder. Irvine turns and looks at Zell with lavender eyes and bends to kiss Zell on the lips. Irvine just smiles and opens the freezer and begins preparing ice packs for the injured.

It's been 3 years since Ultimecia...I think we have definitely grown up and changed since then. Zell is a little bit taller standing at a whopping 5'8. He has seemed to have mellowed out a bit, but that's probably my doing though. He's quite passionate about life and in bed for that matter.

"Why are you grinning so?" Zell asks with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Just thinking" Irvine replies dropping another ice cube into the Zip-lock bag before sealing it. He watches Zell do the same thing for Squall's ice pack; he walks up behind Zell reaching for a towel to wrap the ice pack in and he couldn't help himself. He grinds his groin into Zell's backside that in turn grinds back into Irvine.

Squall's even a little taller, like about 5'9". Squall talks more and is a bit more relaxed, but I think that is because Seifer won't let him overwork himself anymore, especially after the big breakdown of Squall's a year ago. That was horrible; Rinoa left him, he found out Quistis was leaving to go to college, and Laguna's best friend Ward died protecting his father. It was hard on him but he's a better person for making it through it. Seifer isn't an angry teenager anymore, and he has become somewhat of a personable person. He has quite a sense of humor once you get past the sarcasm. It's quite charming actually. Irvine lets a slight groan pass his lips. Mmmm...Zell feels good. Irvine steps away from Zell who whimpers at the lose or warmth behind him.

Irvine leans forward with his lips near Zell's ear and whispers in a lustful, breathy voice, "We can't keep our guests waiting, can we?"

Zell bares his teeth, reaching behind him and grabs Irvine's member. "You're going to finish this once they leave."

"By the way Zell, doesn't it look like Squall and Seifer are pretty close friends now? Like, they have rubbed off on each other. Squall cusses like Seifer and Seifer is quiet like Squall", Irvine comments.

"I haven't had a chance to notice, but I'll watch it once we go back to the living room." Irvine picks up the packs of ice and walks out of the kitchen.

"Think quick!" Irvine yells as he tossed an ice pack at Seifer and one to Squall.

"Thanks. Seifer's whining was getting incessant", Squall grins teasingly at the whiner.

"Ah fuck you", Seifer retorts.

Zell looks at Squall and then Seifer and then back to Squall. "You fight like you're married."

"You know Laguna says that to us a lot. I guess it's just a thing that happens between friends that spend too much time together", Squall teases. Seifer gave Squall a sneering smile.

He huffs as Irvine chuckles sitting down in the recliner, Indian-style.

"So Squall how's being the commander working out for ya", Zell asks as he sits carefully in Irvine's lap, Irvine pulling him with hand on his hips. Seifer's mouth drops open. Irvine grasp Zell's crotch, causing him to tense up and blush like a maniac at the two gunbladers.

"Uh Zell, I think Irvine is, um, grabbing your crotch." Squall lazily articulates in a matter-of-fact tone.

"I see that. Good observation Squall", Zell winks.

"Where have I been these past 3 years? Why didn't I know you two were together? Did you know this Squall", Seifer interrogates everyone in the room with a puzzled look on his face.

"I didn't know this either", came Squall's reply and then he turns towards Zell and Irvine. "When were you going to tell us? I knew you looked close when you were preparing the ice packs but I didn't realize you were together."

"You missed us kissing? We were standing right in front of you seeing as the kitchen, dining and living room are all open to each other. What the fuck?" Zell inquires.

"Apparently so. It must have been while I was examining my foot."

"It was a hot one", Irvine says, emphasizing the h in Zell's ear.

Seifer finally manages to close his mouth and then the familiar smirk appears on his face. "Damn, and I thought you were straight, Irvine. Zell being gay is like being told the sky is blue. I already knew that, plus I could tell every time you walked by, he would start drooling while looking at your ass."

"HEY!" Zell says with a blush rising to his cheeks.

"We wanted to surprise you", Irvine says.

"Well I'll be the first to say I'm happy for you. I bet it's nice to be in a relationship with someone you...generally like. My first and only relationship was Rinoa and uh...I didn't really like her." Seifer chuckles while Squall's eyes turn downwards. The silence was deafening. "I'm sorry man", Seifer touches Squall's shoulder.

"It's okay, it's in the past now. The way I see it I feel I got my life back when she left me. She...consumed me like a virus; anything that was me, per se, she consumed. She wants to remain friends though I can't see it happening; we talk on the phone occasionally. Zell? Irvine? I'm glad you're together; I saw it coming a long time ago. Treat each other with love and understanding and try to give each other space when it's needed."

"Thanks Squall, that's one of the nicest things anybody has ever said to us." Irvine says giving Zell a squeeze around his waist.

"Both of you thanks; I didn't know how you were gonna take it seeing as I didn't know how you felt about homosexuals. Both Irvine and I were a little nervous about that, but I figured that you would be rather accepting because we are friends and not just some random guys. Oh, before we get off the subject, we live together too."

"Nice. So who decorated, it's like I'm in a high class club", Seifer asks.

"That would be Zell; he has an eye for decorating." Irvine nuzzles Zell's neck as Zell shrugs blushing.

"Awww! Our little Chickie can decorate! How cute!" Seifer says using baby talk. Zell flips him off with a fake smile plastered on his face.

"Well I don't know about you guys, but I'm starvin' Marvin'", says Zell as he begins to wiggle out of Irvine's lap causing him to rub against Irvine's groin. This in turn causes Irvine's eyes to roll back and him to growl through gritting teeth.

"Don't start what we can't finish now", he says warningly.

Seifer snickers under his breath and Squall elbows Seifer in the ribs. Irvine blushes, standing up, blocking everyone's view of his arousal. Eventually they all stand up and walk to the kitchen and begin preparing their pizzas.

A couple of hours later...

The table is covered in paper plates, pizza crust, plastic cups, and napkins; the men lean back in their chairs, sated.

"That was good food", Seifer states while stretching his muscular arms over his head.

Zell is the first one to start clearing table of all the trash with the help of Squall. Irvine goes to the stereo and turns it to some soft trance music. Seifer strides to his place on the couch and plops himself down is a groan. Irvine follows suit, likewise Zell. Squall finishes wiping off the table when his cell phone starts ringing, startling the quiet man.

"Shit", Squalls pulls his phone off his belt loop and answers "This is Squall." He falls to the couch but turns his head away from the group.

"Hey Rinoa...How are things? Really, that's unfortunate. know every... (Rolls his eyes) I really can't tal...I've gotta g... (Heavy sigh) I don't get good recept... (Sighs)—"

During Squall's phone conversation with his ex, the rest of the group is plotting around him.

"Actually Rinoa, I am busy at Irvine and Zell's. I find it a bit rude to be on the phone as a guest at someone else's home. I need to go but, I'll talk to you later. OK? (Smacks his lips and slams his phone shut) Fine get pissed off at me because I have manners, you crazy bitch", he mumbles to himself.

Squall shakes his head as he looks at his phone; he looks up to see Irvine and Zell grinning like the Cheshire Cat. He glares at them like they went crazy—then he turns to Seifer to see if he is giving him the same look. As Squall turns his head, he feels something brush his lips. He blinks and sees green eyes staring at him; then he feels a hand go around the back of his neck and pulls him into a full kiss. Squall's eyes shoot open and he freezes in shock. He isn't given time to respond before Seifer backs off with a strange smile on his face. Squall smiles a rather unnerving smile. Irvine and Zell bust out laughing, turning red in the face and tears streaming down their cheeks.

"I bet you guy think you're funny. You all are evil. Who put you up to it Seifer?" Irvine and Seifer pointed to Zell who tried to hide in Irvine's lap. "Hm...When I get out of the bathroom, I'm going to kill you. No, better yet, you should sleep with one eye open Zell, I know where you sleep." Squall let out the evilest laughs he could muster up. Zell visually pales as the brunette walked to the bathroom. Seifer shakes with laughter while Irvine is trying to get Zell to breathe again. Squall reappears a few minutes later and sits back on the couch looking slightly uncomfortable.

Seifer looks around the room for a clock of some sort; realizing there wasn't one readily available, he inquires about the time. "What time is it?"

"'Tis 10:30pm on this wonderful evening of –", replied Zell.

"Yeah, yeah. We've got to go now; you know we've got to get up early to get to the airport."

"What time are we meeting you", Irvine requests.

"I think I said 7:00 at the terminal, correct?"

"That's what I remember in our last conversation before ya'll got here", drawls Irvine.

"Wait, you're both coming with us to Esthar?" Squall perks up.

Seifer looks at Squall with the hugest smile on his face, "Surprise! They are spending a couple of days in Esthar with us and Laguna before they go visit Ma Dincht."

"You", Squall points his index and pinky fingers at Seifer and Irvine, "are some scheming bastards." Squall face lights up with a smile of true happiness. "Whose idea was it?" This time Zell and Irvine pointed to Seifer which caused him to blush slightly. Squall's face turned to stone as he thinks about Seifer doing something nice for him.

Seifer decides that they should make their exit in case Squall decides to blow up at him. He stands up and motions for Squall to do the same. "We will see you at 7:00 at the airport. Thanks for the fun evening. Bye!" Seifer pushes Squall out of the apartment.

"Bye", Zell and Irvine yell in unison.

Squall and Seifer walk to their rental car; Seifer is driver and Squall is passenger. During the drive back to the hotel, Squall stared out of the window contemplating the evening and his feelings.

Irvine and Zell are so happy. I want that feeling. I never had that feeling when I was with Rinoa, but in my current situation I am most content. Living with Seifer was one of my best decisions I've made. We get along and we support each other. Since he stopped being the prick he used to be, he actually a nice caring friend that I really have grown to like...a lot. I like everything about him: his eyes when he's happy, his smile, the way he treats me, the fact that he loves to do things for me just to see me happy. He goes out of his way to make me smile. I don't know why I didn't see it before; I think I'm in love with Seifer. He was there for me with Rinoa left me; he has always been there for me, to make me feel...anything.

During Squall's musings, Seifer was having a hard time concentrating on the road for his own musings were causing him distress.

Squall, oh Squall. Don't hate me. Please don't go cold on me. I've watched you for so long; don't let my little fuck up mess up what we have. I've always wanted to kiss you; since Rinoa left you, I thought you deserved better and I found myself putting me in the shoes of the person that could give you better. I lo--. Seifer was drawn out of his musings by Squall's voice.

"Why did you kiss me? I mean, it was a joke, right?" Squall says without his head turning from the window.

"I don't know. I don't know what possessed me to do something like that. It was a joke but in the back of my mind, I really thought I...I...never mind."

"No, finish what you were saying."

"I can't", Seifer speaks softly.

"Why? Are you scared of what I might think of you because you wanted to see what it was like to kiss a guy?"

"That's not it."

"Then what is it?"


"Please tell me."


"Don't what?"

"Don't close up on me. Don't go back into your shell. Don't hate me for wanting to kiss you."

Squall is a bit taken back by his friend's agonizingly fearful tone. The rest of the trip is spent in silence. Gathering the necessary luggage, they walk towards their hotel room which is an executive suite on the 14th story of the building. The elevator ride is tense and silent, both men deep in thought. When the elevator reached the 14th floor, the ding of the door opening startled them out of the trance they both seemed to be in. Seifer motions for Squall to get off the elevator first and he soon follows. The hallway seems long for the two heavy-hearted young men. Seifer pulls out his key card to the door of the room; he inserts it into the reader.



Then Squall did the unthinkable: he reaches a hand around to the back of Seifer's head and pulls his head down until their lips almost meet. "I love you." Then Squall pulls his down and their lips meet again for the second time of the night. The kiss is passionate and sweet. Seifer backs away from the kiss due to the fact that air was needed to live.

Seifer stares into Squall's eyes trying to think of something romantic to say. The only thing he comes up to say is, "I love you too." Squall's eyes turn a bright cerulean blue at an alarming rate; he tugs Seifer's lips down to his, capturing the passion once again, but with this kiss there is more hunger involved. Seifer wraps his arms around Squall's leaner frame, pulling him flush against his body. They break the kiss once again only for Seifer to finish opening the door.

Squall closes the door behind them once they are in the room. He's gazes into Seifer's eyes trying to make sure he wasn't playing a joke on him. Seifer notices what Squall is looking for in his eyes.

"Squall, I love you. I love you so much, for so long. Everyday I wake up, I get excited thinking about seeing you, seeing your glares at the cadets that are acting up, seeing you work diligently at a task. That's the main reason for why I came back to Balamb Garden; I wanted to see you. I have loved you since I met you in the orphanage. I love you now and I will always love you". He begins to tremble with the emotions flowing through him; his eyes tear up and his voice is choked. "Trust me, I trust you. I want to be with you. I want to hug you. I want to wake up every morning with you beside me. I want to fight the next big thing with you. I will never betray you. The only thing I ask is for you to never return to the cold shell you mask yourself with around me. Please, please stay this way for me. It hurts when you go put up you barriers."

Squall looks at the tear-filled eyes, tear welling up his is own eyes. "I will never put up my barriers again. I will never hurt you. For you, I would give my life. I...I...I love you and I want you." Squall pushes up and ghosts his lips against Seifer's; pure electricity runs across their lips. Seifer deepens the kiss by embracing him and pushing harder against Squall. Squall opens his mouth and allows Seifer's tongue to explore his mouth; Seifer pushes the brunette towards the king size bed. Seifer breaks the kiss, panting heavily; he pulls off his love's black shirt and does the same for himself. Gazing at the blonde's chest, Squall can't help but to lightly run his hand over the muscled, smooth skin; there is a small tattoo of the infamous cross from Seifer's trench coat at his sternum. The right nipple is pierced; Squall tugs at it playfully. Seifer gasps at the sensation of the pain and pleasure mixed together; he slowly runs his hands down Squall's back, pausing to caress the soft flesh beneath his fingertips. He captures Squall in another passionate kiss; Squall breaks the kiss, looking deep into the taller man's eyes.

"As much as I would like to continue this right now, we need to shower. We've traveled all day and I don't smell good", Squall says in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Well I'll join you then." Squall thinks about the proposition for a moment.

Are things moving to fast? We just shared out first kiss as a couple a few minutes ago, but showering together? He's got a great body but I don't know if I'm ready for that kind of contact just yet. Seifer grabs Squall's cheeks and pulls him in for a sweet, chaste kiss. How I've longed for him since as far back as I can remember. I've been ready for him since then.

"Okay." Squall steps from the embrace, grinning at Seifer, and heads towards the bathroom; Seifer follows distantly behind. Seifer can't help but notice the slight sway of Squall's hips sway as he walks in front of him. His heart flutters in his chest at the sudden realization of the situation.

"You know Squall...I think I'll wait for you to get out then I'll take mine. And then if we're still awake, then we can continue this", Seifer reasons.

Squall feels a little let down and a little relieved. "Sure, whatever you want", he replies before turning, rummaging through his luggage, and walking into the bathroom holding his pajama clothes and towel.

After hearing the door close, Seifer slumps onto the bed. What a fucking surprise! I turn down a chance to shower with Squall. It's been my dream and now I've fucking destroy a chance to be with him. I'm a motherfuckin' moron. Seifer covers his face with his hands and flings himself backwards onto the bed. I need to think. I'm outta here. Seifer pushes himself off the bed, grabs his shirt off the floor, and walks out of the hotel room. He stalks down the hall, a look of concentration bearing on his face. I've never been so scared of anything in my life. Squall has been the only constant in my life since I met him in the orphanage. I don't think he would break my heart but I know me. I know that I'm an ass to him and everybody in the world sometimes; I don't want to hurt him. He's not fragile but he still has feelings; I don't want him to hate me if I fuck up somehow. He rounds a corner in the hallway when a bright yellow sign catches his eyes though the window.

The sign was actually a billboard warning women of the risks of drinking while pregnant.

"HIGH RISK". With a sudden epiphany, Seifer runs back to his hotel room and into the bathroom where Squall is showering.

Squall jumps at the sudden noise of the door slamming open and Seifer standing in the doorway, panting. He gets into the shower with Squall completely clothed and pulls the brunette into passionate kiss. The kiss lasts only until Seifer pulls away.

"What was that?" Squall breathlessly asks.

Squall almost didn't hear Seifer's response to his question; Seifer talked in a very hushed voice.

"I'm scared." He rests his forehead against Squall's. Never once in his life has he admitted to anyone being scared or even showing fear even at his brush with death during the Sorceress Wars. Tears start freely falling down his cheeks.

Squall feels Seifer shudders. He whispers to the crying man, "Don't cry."

"I don't want to hurt you. Knowing myself I always end up hurting those I love."

"But I know that you love me and you know that I love you. Whatever problems we may and probably will face, we'll get though them." Squall reaches up and runs his fingers through the short blonde hair.

"Squall, you know me, you know my moves, and you know my favorite t-shirt for Hyne's sake. You know my personality and my issues. I want you to know if you are willing to risk taking this package that is Seifer Almasy."

Without hesitation, the shorter man answers. "Yes, I'm willing to take the risk." Seifer opens his eyes to stare into bluish-grayish eyes. "Are you willing to risk your heart for this quiet package that is Squall Leonhart?"

"Yes I am." Seifer smiles as he looks into his partner's eyes. Squall can't help but smile at the soaking wet blonde, noticing how cute he looks when sopping wet in all his clothes.

"Your clothes are wet."

"I noticed."

"We can finish this shower together if you want." Squall leans against Seifer, resting his head on the muscular chest.

"That would be wonderful. I need help though. With my experiences of getting caught in the rain, the most daunting task is removing the wet clothing." Seifer grabs the bottom hem of his shirt and begins tugging it upwards. All the actions are slow and deliberate as if they want this moment to last forever. Squall places his hand flat on Seifer's skin and wraps his thumbs on the same hem and pushes it upward, rubbing hands along the torso of the tall man. Seifer suppresses a groan as he feels the brunette's hands on his chest. He finally pulls the shirt over his head, tossing it onto the floor of the bathroom, smiling at the short man.

"I hear pants are the worst to get off when wet", Squall raises a teasing eyebrow.

"Well then your help is still needed." Seifer unbuckles his belt and pulls it agonizingly slowly from the belt loops, then kicks off his thong sandals he was wearing, dropping them onto his shirt. Squall slides his hands down the taunt abdomen of Seifer, stopping at the low-rise jeans resting on his hips. Squall begins unbuckling the jeans, all while staring into jade green eyes with all the love he can give. Seifer suddenly stops Squall.

"I can get these." He removes Squall's hands from the button and pushes his pants and boxer brief down to his ankles, pulling off one leg at a time. As soon as he drops the pants on the rest of his clothing, outside of the shower, he pulls Squall in for a gentle kiss, pulling him against his body. As their lips part, he rotates them around to where Squall is now standing under the spray of the shower.

Seifer takes a step back to take in the image of naked Squall in front of him. Squall isn't overly muscular or bulky, but lean and toned. His skin is appears translucent and ethereal, like an angel. His figure reminds Seifer of that of a female: narrow waist, slight hips, and probably the most beautiful legs known to woman and men. Seifer has to take a deep breath at the sight he's now beholding.

Squall begins to run his eyes over Seifer's body which he cannot find anything wrong with it. Seifer is quite muscular but not massive; he's chiseled as if he were carved out of marble. His skin is a darker than Squall's, making him look like he got a tan.

Seifer picks up a bar of soap and a washcloth, wets it in the spray, and lathers it up. Squall tenses at the feeling of the washcloth being drawn over his skin in such a gentle manner, but quickly relaxes his muscles. Seifer washes Squall with the utmost reverence and gentleness, as if he were made of glass. The tall blonde turns the brunette so he can wash the man's back. Squall closes his eyes, savoring the feeling of the soft, warm cloth running gently over his back. Seifer washes the lower back and hips of the shorter man; he leans forward until his mouth is at Squall's ear, warm breath cascading along the lobe.

"May I wash you...completely?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Seifer's breath hitches at the statement and what it implies. He traces his fingers across the plump, but taunt skin before applying the soapy towel. He can hear Squall's breathing pick up at the contact. He finishes the flesh and brings the towel around and begins washing the groin area where he instantly notices hardened flesh. He grabs Squall's arousal with the towel and begins washing it by rubbing it; Seifer finds himself getting aroused. Squall begins to breathe heavily and deeply when he quickly stops Seifer's hands.

"My turn." Squall breathlessly whispers.

Seifer receives the same treatment as he did to Squall then Squall took it a step further. He grabs a bottle of shampoo and washes Seifer's hair. Seifer washes Squall's hair in the same respect. Seifer draws Squall into a tender hug while pushing them to stand under the spray and rinse off.

Squall turns off the water as they step out of the shower; Seifer grabs the two white towels hanging on the towel rack. They begin to dry themselves off. Squall looks up from his task and notices Seifer staring at him.

"You are so beautiful", Seifer chokes out through tears of happiness.

Squall drops his towel and with one quick step over he has his mouth presses against Seifer's, arms wrapped around his neck. Seifer wraps his arms around the narrow waist, crying into the kiss. Squall kisses away his tears, letting his sweet breath roll over Seifer's cheeks. Seifer squeezes tighter as if to never let go.

"Seifer, I can't breathe", wheezes a raspy voice; Seifer immediately loosens his death grip on Squall.

"Never want to let you go."

"I never want to leave you." With that statement, Seifer hugs Squall, picks him up, smoothly walks to the bed, gracefully and gently places Squall on it. Seifer then walks onto the other side of the bed and lies down beside Squall, facing the brunette. They stare into each others eyes, getting lost in each other.

Seifer reaches out and runs his hand over Squall's arm; Squall touches Seifer's face with the same arm. A smile tugs at Squall's full lips. "I don't think I've ever seen you this calm...serene...relaxed before."

"I never had a reason to be." Seifer's hand travels from the arm to the flat stomach; he notices that with each breath Squall takes, his abdominal muscle contract, giving a rippling effect on his stomach.

Seifer is so taken by his lover he pulls himself on top of him to where their chests are flush together. Squall smiles as he pulls his head up and kisses the tip of the scarred blonde's nose.

"Make love to me."

Seifer pushes up on his elbows with a look of unbelief written on his face. "Really?"

"Yes." Seifer leans down once more and initiates the most passionate kiss of the evening. Parting to breathe, Squall runs his hands down Seifer back, causing a tremor to run down the blonde's spine. Seifer groans placing random kisses on Squall's face.

Then he sits up onto his knees which straddle Squall's thighs; he touches a finger to Squall's lips, feeling their softness. Running the same finger down the throat and down the breast bone, he feels the softness of the hairless, smooth skin underneath his fingers. He traces the nipple with his finger before he leans in and licks it; Squall's back arches high off the bed. Seifer frowns as he pushes himself off Squall to get sit back on his knees.

"Have you ever done this before?" Seifer asks, puzzled.


"Not even with Rinoa?"

Squall blushes. "I had...issues with her. Have you done this before?"

"No." Seifer snickers. "The blind leading the blind."

Seifer kisses Squall tenderly on the lips before slipping back down his chest. He suckles at the nipple he had licked a few moments ago, drawing a moan out of Squall's throat. Squall runs his hands through the damp hair, arching up against the blonde above him.

The older man kisses down to the brunette's navel causing his breath to hitch and his stomach to contract. Seifer notices Squall's breaths becoming short, but when he sticks his tongue into the belly-button, Squall sucks in a deep breath through his teeth. Seifer grins into the stomach as Squall tries to figure out how to breathe again. Seifer begins kissing all the muscular lines of Squall's torso.

With each kiss, Squall's fingers grasps a little tighter in the blonde locks. As Seifer pushes himself farther down the brunette's body, Squall is beginning to squirm below him. All he can think at the moment is that Seifer loves him, but he's torturing him. Squall squeezes his eyes closed as he feels the warm breath on his hip bone.

"Open your eyes." Squall's eyes open slowly to stare down his body and see green eyes peering up at him. As he focuses on the green eyes, Seifer kisses his hip, panting ever so slightly. Seifer moves to the opposite hip and kisses that one in the same manner; then he stops his head at the erect shaft. He gently runs his fingers along the purple vein on the underside of the shaft causing Squall to roll his hips.

"Seif—", he moans as Seifer kisses the head of the shaft. Squall's hips buck and he pulls Seifer up to kiss him hotly on the mouth, tongues tangling themselves together.

"I want you to be in you." Squall can do nothing but grin.

"I'll be right back." Seifer gracefully slips off the bed, walks to the bathroom, and picks up the hotel's complimentary lotion. He pads back to the bed when he sees a problem: the bed isn't turned down. Realizing that after they make love, they won't have energy to get up and get underneath the covers. So he quickly solves the problem by turning down the side of the bed he was laying and motions for Squall to lay down there. As Seifer stands over Squall, he admires the agile body in front of him; the skin is flush, the chest is heaving up and down with wanton breath, the eyes half-lidded in passion focused right on Seifer.

Seifer slides back onto bed, lotion in hand, and kisses Squall again before opening the lotion and rubs some on a finger. Sliding his hands across Squall's taunt rear, Seifer seeks the opening to Squall's body. He presses his finger into the ring of muscle initiating a gasp from the brunette.

"You must relax; it'll hurt more if you don't relax." Squall visibly relaxes, becoming more comfortable with this new feeling. In fact, Seifer can see on his face that he's beginning to enjoy it. Seifer adds lotion to another finger and inserts it along with the first finger into Squall's tight opening. Squall hardly notices the new addition until Seifer scissors the two digits, stretching the muscle ring in preparation for his erection. Squall nearly sits up at the two digits, but he settles for a loud but breathy moan. Seifer adds one more finger to the bunch to make sure Squall is prepared for his length. After feeling Squall is ready, he removes his fingers.

The tall blonde kneels between Squall's open legs and rests his length on the opening; he leans down and kisses Squall ever so gently.

"This may hurt, when you feel ready for me to go further, just move." Squall nods silently anticipating the pleasure he knows he will feel having Seifer deep within him.

Seifer pushes forward into the opening through the ring of muscle; Squall grabs at the sheets on the bed, tears glistening in the corner of his eye. Seifer tries to distract him from the pain by grabbing one of his hands and kissing the palm of it over and over again. "Relax, relax." Seifer says in a very soft, calming voice. He pushes more of his length in, almost up to the hilt; Squall relaxes his body, accommodating Seifer's length. Seifer pauses for Squall to adjust to the sensation, dropping his head, hanging besides Squall.

Squall suddenly rolls his hips against Seifer's emitting a groan from both him and Seifer, who lifts his head. Seifer begins to make slow, shallow thrusts into Squall's trembling body; with each thrust, Squall breathes shakily in and out, with small gasps. Thrusting his hips up a little faster, Squall begins meeting Seifer thrust for thrust. Wrapping his arms around the blonde's neck, Squall pulls himself up to kiss the man thrusting inside of him. Bucking his hips up, Squall rams Seifer into his prostate gland, making him shout out Seifer's name.

Seifer knows that the prostate is virtually the main center of pleasure so he begins thrusting harder, aiming at the sensitive bit of flesh. Squall moves his arms to underneath the blonde's and grasps for dear life as Seifer is now constantly riding the prostate.

Seifer feels the brunette clawing at his back and wrapping his legs around his waist trying to press closer to him so he remedies the issue. He wraps his arms around Squall and pulls him up to where he's sitting on his lap with him still buried in the brunette. He begins thrusting at the same pace he had been before changing position, still slow but powerful thrust. With each thrust now, Squall is groaning and yelping at the same time, music to Seifer's ears. Seifer grabs Squall's unattended erection and begins pumping it bringing a deep growl from Squall's throat; Squall's head falls forward on Seifer's shoulder. The room is filled with heavy breathing and the undeniable sound of flesh slapping together.

Seifer whispers, "Let's come together", in Squall's ear.


Seifer picks up his speed and with each thrust hitting Squall's prostate, he can feel him tensing up. Squall suddenly bucks his hips once and with a loud cry, he comes between their stomachs. Seifer, seeing Squall in this state of extreme pleasure, comes hard with one last hard thrust into Squall, with a silent cry of his love's name, squeezing the man he loves to his chest.

He lays Squall back onto his back and he falls on top of him. Squall opens his previously closed eyes and looks at Seifer's jade green eyes with love.

"I love you."

"I love you too." They kiss lazily, still panting from the passion of their love-making. Seifer rolls off of Squall, pulling his now flaccid member from Squall's heat, to lie down beside him. Draping his arm over the brunette's stomach Seifer sits up on one elbow to peer into the blue-gray eyes.

"So what kind of issues did you have with being intimate with Rinoa?"

Squall blushes bright red. "I couldn't get it up for her."

Seifer let out a hearty laugh. "You couldn't get it up for her? Why?"

"I thought about it once we broke up...that maybe because I was always thinking about you."

"That's bullshit, what's the real reason?"

"That is."

Seifer sits up Indian-style on the bed, thinking about that statement. "It's nice to hear you say that. All my life, but even more so after Ultimecia, I thought about you everyday."

Squall rolls onto his stomach and scoots toward Seifer, taking his hand in his and rubbing it his thumb.

"I'll be right back. Ok?" Seifer drags his tired body from the bed, lingering on Squall's hand a little longer and heads to the bathroom.

From within the bathroom, Seifer stands over the toilet relieving his bladder when he notices his still sopping wet clothes on the floor.

"Shit. Hey Squall, you still awake?" he hollers from the restroom.

"Yes", Squall says in a tired voice.

"Do you know if there is a laundry room in this hotel? I need to dry my clothes so they don't mildew." Seifer finishes up and flushes. He gathers his wet clothing, wringing them out one by one in the tub, and puts them into the complimentary laundry bag.

Suddenly the door opens and Squall pokes his head in. "Hmmm...You didn't have to get into the shower with me with all your clothes on, you know." Seifer takes the towel they had used earlier in the shower to wipe himself clean of Squall's essence.

"Thank you Raijin. Come here and let me wipe your stomach off", he says, giving a 'come hither' look, pointing to the drying semen on his stomach.

Squall walks seductively to Seifer who has a wash cloth wet and ready. Seifer first leans down to kiss Squall before washing the pale flesh of the semen. "After we are done with this, let's go to the laundry room, if they have one, and dry the clothes."

Squall leans into Seifer's touch. "What are we going to do while waiting for you clothes to dry?"

Seifer drops the towel on the side of the tub and pulls Squall against him, with his back against Seifer's chest. Seifer can't help but to gaze at the image in the mirror: a tall blonde holding a short brunette in his arms, in love with each other, but not before they exchanged scars. Seifer kisses Squall's neck; the brunette rolls his head to the side to allow for better contact.

"Let's go before it gets too late; we have to meet Irvine and Zell at the airport at 7." Seifer releases the brunette and picks up the bag of clothes and carries them out of the bathroom with Squall in tow.

"Get dressed while I call the front desk." Squall walks to the phone and calls the front desk while Seifer rummages through his duffel bag trying to find his black pajama pants and his white tank top. He pulls the clothes on and sits patiently on the bed.

"Ok. Thank you ma'am", Squall finishes the conversation with front desk and hangs up. "They are sending someone to get you laundry so they can wash it and they'll bring it back when it's done."

"Hey, perks of staying in an executive suite I guess. Well we should go to bed since we have an early start in the morning." Seifer says, eyeing Squall as he puts on his own pajama pants, which causes him to laugh.

Squall turns around, glaring at Seifer questioningly. "What? Are you laughing at my pants?"

"I should have known that you would contradict your entire being. Are you fucking kidding me? I am NOT seeing Squall Leonhart, Mr. Ice Princess, in black pajama pants with bow-tied penguins all over them. Where did they come from because everyone knows YOU wouldn't buy those?" Seifer couldn't stop himself from pointing and laughing.

"Laguna bought these for me last Christmas but I rarely sleep in pajamas so they didn't come out until this trip. THIS", Squall points at his pajama bottoms, "is the reason I don't allow people to buy me gifts."

"Shit, if I hadn't decided to leave my camera down in the car." Seifer gives a hearty laugh at Squall's expense.

Squall scowls at Seifer then takes this moment of weakness on Seifer's part to pounce on the green-eyed blonde, pinning him to the bed. Seifer is laid out flat on his back with Squall straddling his hips and his hand pushing at the other man's shoulders. "I'll find something embarrassing about you, one day." Seifer could hear the underlying tone of playfulness and seduction is Squall's voice.

"Well until that day comes, we will all have the memories of little penguins in all their cuteness dancing across your nice, round ass." Seifer smirks.

"Fuck you."

"Is that a promise?" At that moment, a knock on the door interrupts their playful fight. Seifer immediately stands up, knocking Squall ungracefully to the floor, and picks the laundry bag giving it to the housekeeper to dry. Seifer walks back to the bed and gets under the covers.

"Thanks for dropping me on the floor."

"Hey, quit your bitchin' and come to bed with me.

"Fine, but no molesting me during the night." Squall has his turn to smirk and does so with all his pride. He crawls into the bed and curls himself up to Seifer in a little ball.

"I love you Seifer."

"I love you Squall."

With that they both fall into the most relaxed sleep they ever had.


Riiing Riiing

Seifer's eyes pop open at the sudden ringing of the phone. He fumbles for the phone, almost knocking it off the table. He finally manages to pick it up after the sixth ring and answer it.

"Huh?" He growls sleepily; looking down he sees Squall has now awaken from his slumber.

To his dismay, a cheery voice that could probably rival Selphie's came over the line. "Good morning Mr. Almasy, this is your 6:00 wake up call. Have a nice day!"

"How the hell can people be this cheery this early in the morning?" Seifer put the phone back on the hook.

"Maybe she's had her fourth cup of coffee already", Squall says kissing Seifer's chest.

"Rrright. Well, shall we get up? We're meeting Zell and Irvine in an hour so we need to get moving." Seifer kisses Squall on the nose, but begins removing himself from the bed.

"That's right; I almost forgot." Squall sits on the side of the bed, rubbing the sleep out of eyes. As he went to his own duffel bag, a thought crossed his mind.

"Hey Seifer, how come there weren't two double beds in here instead of this king-size bed?" Squall digs and pulls out his hygiene bag, a pair of blue jeans, some socks, a black belt, and a tank top. "You made the reservation right?"

"Actually Irvine did. I don't think he changed the option for sleeping arrangements." Seifer digs in his duffel bag and pulls out a green polo shirt, a black belt, and khaki cargo shorts. "It's alright though because if we weren't going to sleep in the same bed, the couch over there has a fold-out bed."

"Whatever." Squall pulls his clothes, as does Seifer.

Squall turns around to see Seifer smirking at him. "Do you always free-ball?"

"Yes, it's much more comfortable than wearing boxers; they tend to ride up and the most inconvenient times, like when you're walking into a meeting with some important official and you start walking bowlegged because there is actually something stuck up your ass."

Seifer walks up behind Squall, hugging him. "I like it that you free-ball", he says sticking hands down the front of Squall's pants, massaging the hardening member.

"We don't have time for that now, but –", Squall raises and eyebrow, "we could wait until we get on the plane; we're in one of the first class private cabins. It holds only four people and if we kick Zell and Irvine out for 10 minutes, we can do this."

Seifer growls and grinds himself into Squall's rear. "I like the way you think." He nibbles on his ear.

Squall's knees grow to get weak so he removes himself from the hot situation. "Let me check outside the door to see if your clothes are back."

Seifer gives a little whine as Squall pulls from his grasp, but he quickly recovers and picks up his hygiene bag and heads to the bathroom. He uses the bathroom then begins brushing his teeth when Squall walks in holding a garment bag up. "I'm going to put these in you bag so when we're done with our hygiene we can leave. Its 6:15, by the way." Squall disappears again leaving Seifer slightly puzzled. Is this how he normally thinks and lives? He's very efficient, like a...a...commander. Seifer grins to himself at this thought.

"What's so funny?" Seifer didn't even notice Squall had come and stood beside him preparing his toothbrush.

"Ew ahh wagg ho vi harrano" Seifer says with his toothbrush still in his mouth.

"What?" Squall looks at Seifer like Seifer had grown a second head."

Seifer spits in the sink and repeats what he had previously said. "You were made to be Commander. You're very efficient. It's cute." Squall blushes and then punches Seifer playfully in the arm.

"Thanks, I think." Seifer finishes up his hygiene, packs up the rest of his belongings, slides on his sandals and plops onto the bed.

"Are you ready?" Squall shouts.

"Yep, just waiting on you." Squall walks out of the bathroom and puts his hygiene bag in the open duffel bag. "We have approximately 30 minutes to meet the guys at the airport. Let's go."

Seifer jumps out of the chair, stands at attention, and salutes Squall. "Sir, yes sir." He clicks his heels together. His eyes sparkle with happiness when he sees that Squall isn't going to kill him.

Squall chuckles at the behavior. Normally he would have scowled at the tall blonde but today was much different; he loves this tall blonde. Squall picks up his luggage and heads for the door; Seifer does the same but stops in his tracks when he almost reaches Squall.

"What do we do with the keycards?"

"We leave them at the front desks I believe." Seifer shrugs his shoulder and begins walking again, ushering Squall out of the door.

At the front desk, they drop off the keycards and were on their way. In the car on the way to the airport, they hold hands and catch quick kisses at stoplights. They engage in casual conversation about the new gunblade coming out: the Conquistador.

They arrive at the airport, parking in the rental car area for easy return. They unload their luggage onto a carrier cart and head inside looking for their terminal. Seifer pushes the cart as Squall walks beside him, right arm looped around Seifer's left arm. As soon as Squall spots Zell bouncing in the distance, he let's go of Seifer's arm; he leans down next to Seifer's ear.

"I want to go for shock factor. Let's let them know with fireworks." Squall seductively says quirking an eyebrow at Seifer.

Seifer snaps his head to look Squall in the eye with the infamous, mischievous smirk on his face. "Hyne, I love you."

Squall gets this evil look in his eye. As they get closer to the gate, Zell spots them and makes a mad dash towards the couple. They brace themselves as he arrives at them skidding to a halt; catching his foot on the floor, he pitches forward headlong into Squall's stomach. Squall and Zell fall to the floor with a loud "oomph"; they lay in a heap of limbs.

"Good morning Zell. Do you think you could remove your elbow from my ribs? Thanks." Squall wheezes out. "You know Zell; you are much heavier than you look."

Seifer picks Zell up off his boyfriend and grabs Squall's hand and pulls him up. "How can you have THAT much energy this fucking early in the morning?"

"I don't know. I always have a lot of energy."

"Are ya'll ok?" Irvine drawls as he walks up to the scene of the "accident".

Squall dusts himself off. "Fortunately, I am." Zell just nods.

"Have you checked your bags yet?" Seifer asks Irvine.

"No, we were going to wait until ya'll arrive; the counter is over there by our luggage. Let's get going." Irvine spins on his heel and walks to the counter with the rest of the group in tow.

After checking their bags, they sit and relax until their flight is called for boarding.

"Flight 1306 to Esthar is now boarding row 1-4 at Gate 10, I repeat, Flight 1306 to Esthar is now boarding rows 1-4 at Gate 10."

Irvine looked at the monitors that showed the status of the flights. "Well that's us. Shall we?" motioning towards the terminal.

With everyone in agreement, they step into the terminal.