First Stop: Esthar

"Well President Loire, your twenty year-old, healthy son didn't have a heart attack. He just fainted; he should wake up soon", the Presidential Palace's resident doctor, Dr. Journ, says.

"Thank you." Laguna shuffles his hands nervously, waving politely to Dr. Journ who steps out of the room.

After Squall fainted, Laguna and the rest of the close-knit group of SeeDs went back to the Presidential palace and laid him on the sofa in Laguna's den. Kiros was standing by with the doctor to make sure Squall hadn't suffered a heart attack or aneurysm. Laguna had paced for the entire time the doctor was checking on Squall; his son is unconscious. He could be in a coma! Squall still hadn't woken up and it had been thirty minutes since he had fainted.

Seifer, Zell, and Irvine are sitting randomly around the room; Irvine and Zell are reclining on the windowsill, and Seifer is on the floor beside the sofa Squall lay on. Laguna paces across the floor holding his cell phone anxiously.

"I'm glad you guys decided to come and visit. It's been a while." Opening his cell phone, the older man looks disappointed which doesn't go unnoticed by Seifer.

"Are you waiting for a phone call?" comes a question from the floor.

Laguna looks up to find himself being eyed by intense green eyes; slightly stumbling on his words, he manages to reply. "Well...y-yeah. I want you to meet someone. I'm waiting for his phone call."

"Who is it?" Zell perks up from the windowsill.

"You'll find out when he gets here. Why ruin the surprise?" Laguna pops open the phone, but snaps it shut when he hears a groan from the couch.

"Squall?" Laguna rushes to Squall's side, grabbing a limp hand.

Squall's eyes flutter open to find bright teal eyes hovering above his own. "Huh?" Squall consciously knows that his father just called his name, but subconsciously, the soldier in him awakes. Sensing a presence above him, he rears back and punches Laguna in the jaw. A collective gasp/hiss is heard around the room as the onlookers watch as Laguna flies backwards.

Falling backwards to the floor with a loud thud, Laguna groans, holding his jaw. Kiros comes rushing over to his side.

"Oh shit!" Squall now completely conscious, realizes what he did. "I'm sorry, Dad. It's an instinct." Kiros pulls hurting man off the floor to his feet.

"It's ok. Don't worry about it. Kiros does it every time I wake him up." The president rubs his sore jaw soothing to soothe the throbbing pain.

"Perhaps you should stop waking up people by standing over them like a rapist or stalker. It's weird." Squall says matter-of-factly, swinging his legs off the sofa.

"So Squall, why did you pass out at the airport?" Zell speaks up from across the room.

"Aw, HELL!" Squall covers his face with his hands, all the events of the plane exiting coming back to his mind.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, that was all Seifer's fault." Squall points directly to his boyfriend, who looks shock that he would be put on the spot like that, but it quickly changes in to his trademark smirk.

"...the fuck it is", he says proudly.

Laguna cocks his head to the left as he sees Seifer smirk knowingly at Squall.

"Zell, do you remember, on the plane, when Seifer said for us not to embarrass ourselves because of what he whispered?"

Zell looks thoughtful for all of three seconds, but replies in the negative having unsuccessfully recalled the conversation. "No, I don't."

"Why the fuck not? You were two feet away!"

"Well, I was but I was too distracted but you ki—", Irvine clamps a hand over Zell's mouth, shushing him as he tries to protest.

Sighing in resignation, Squall looks to Seifer for some sort of help only to find a grin as big as the Cheshire Cat's. 'Fuck me.'

"Laguna...Dad, I have something to tell you." Squall takes a deep breath, holding it for a moment. "Seifer and I are together now. We only got together last night after Seifer kissed me as a prank. But that's a whole other story. Anyways", Seifer glares at Seifer as he continues the arduous task of explaining to his father what happened. "On the plane right before we got off, Seifer was telling me...things that would, you know, arouse me." Squall blushes still glaring at his soon-to-be-dead boyfriend; he's not sure if the blushing is from the embarrassment or from the things Seifer told him.

"Well, as you noticed, I was still aroused when I got off the plane which is why I had my carry-on in front of me."

"Oh so that's why I—" Laguna begins with a slight color of his cheeks.

"Yes! Yes!" Squall interrupts the long-haired man by holding his hand up, silencing him. "Shit! Let's not talk about it anymore."

"Wait, what happened?" Zell looks confused.

"What the fuck? Can you not make deductions like the rest of us? Shit! He felt my hard-on and I fainted. Do you understand now?" Squall shouts.

Zell, at first, looks shocked that Squall is shouting without being in combat, but that dissolves into hysterical laughter to which Irvine joins in a few moments later.

Squall levels another death glare at Seifer. "It's your fucking fault, bastard."

"Right, and clearly you have no fault in this because that kiss was all my doing."


"No, fuck that. You initiated that kiss."

"Such a loving relationship." Irvine sarcastically states under his breath.

While the couple bickers, Laguna is growing uneasy as he continues to glance down to his cell phone. Suddenly, the magnitude of what Squall said about being with Seifer hits him like a freight train.

"What the fuck!" Laguna's outburst gains the attention of all those present: Kiros, Squall, Seifer, Zell, Irvine, and a figures no has noticed yet snap their heads to the raven-haired man.

"What's wrong, Dad?"

"You and Seifer are together?"

"That was five minutes ago, slow!" Seifer chuckles, looking incredulously at Laguna.

Laguna completely ignores Seifer's statement about his thought speed. "What do you mean by together? Are you saying you're fucking him? Are you in love with him? Don't get me wrong Seifer, I like you but if you hurt my son" Laguna abruptly stops as he feels strong arms wrap around his waist. Everyone watches in awe at this new development.

Laguna can't hide his embarrassment. "D-Davide! I've been waiting for you to call me and let me know where you were!" Laguna scolds.

The fours SeeDs stare in shock and wonderment of the man embracing Laguna. The man has fiery red, slightly curly with a tendril hanging down into his face. His skin is smooth and tan, fair if not for the amount of sun he had gotten. He is about an inch taller than Laguna and built like an athlete, but what everyone noticed was the bright green eyes and the pouty lips. He wears small silver hoop earrings in his ears, one in each ear. He's wearing a short-sleeved, black polo shirt and a pair of white tennis shorts, which were slung so low on his hips, Laguna felt the urge to cover up the skin showing. He wore no shoes, most assuming he kick his shoes off somewhere before coming into the den.

A chokes sound comes from Squall's throat before he chuckles quietly. Seifer looks at Squall like a third arm grew out of his neck. Squall covers his mouth, hiding his laughter.

"What's so funny Squall?" Laguna frowns, folding his arms across his chest.

Squall suddenly turns serious, dead serious. "How can you fuck yell at me about being with Seifer and you are with some guy I don't even know, a guy no less?"

Laguna looks surprised by the outburst of his son, but regains his bearings quickly to answer the question. "I wasn't yelling at you about being with him, "pointing to Seifer, "I was only worried about your welfare. Apparently, I don't care that you're gay."

"I'm not gay." Seifer interjects.

"Whatever, you fuck a guy, you're fucking gay now shut up." Laguna snaps at the tall blonde.

"Ooo, drama!" the wild-haired man says.

After elbowing the red-head, Laguna turns back to his son and continues his explanation. "Don't you think you're rushing things a bit?" Laguna has a genuine look of concern on his face.

Squall keeps his facial expression neutral but softens his voice. "I know it may seem sudden, but I'm sure we aren't rushing into anything. We've been friends and enemies, but we know each other the best. And since we live with each other, we know each other like we know ourselves. It just seems...right." Squall shrugs thinking he couldn't find a better word for what he and Seifer have together.

Seifer moves and sits himself between Squall's legs on the floor. Laguna looks teary-eyed at the eloquent truth he son just spoke. Irvine and Zell are in the background, smiling happily for the new couple.

"Good! Now that's settled, let's eat lunch!" David say letting go of Laguna but keeps a hand on his lower back.

Zell hops off the window-seat. "Wait a sec. Who are you?"

Laguna chuckles for a moment. "I'm sorry. I guess I forgot to introduce you guys. Everyone," Laguna presents the red-haired man, "This is Davide. He's my...significant other and resident tennis expert. Davide, this is my son Squall, Seifer, Zell, and Irvine." Irvine points at each as he calls their names.

Squall just looks indifferent and nods; Seifer also nods. Zell waves and Irvine give him a sexy smile which in turns makes Zell elbow him.

So Seifer decides to stake his claim: he grabs Squall's collar and pulls him down into a deep kiss rivaling the one earlier by Irvine and Zell. Being startled by such a blatant action in front of his father, Squall freezes up, he slowly relaxes and deeps the kiss as he feels the passion radiating from Seifer. Upon deepening the kiss even more, Squall runs his fingers through Seifer's hair, almost coming down from the sofa to sit in the blonde's lap.

Someone in the room clears their throat, bringing the passionate couple out of their kiss. Panting into each other's mouths, they part reluctantly, hovering centimeters apart. Squall smiles lazily at Seifer and sits back on the sofa, licking his lips.

"Ah, sexy!" Davide says. Laguna jumps at something Davide does discreetly behind him.

Clearing his throat, Laguna tries to talk with an unwavering voice. "Well, since Squall is finally awake, you should probably get settled into your rooms, and let's say we meet again in...thirty minutes", Davide whispers something in Laguna's ear, making him groan inaudibly, "um, forty-five minutes in the dining room for lunch, ok?"

Seifer chuckles at the sight of Laguna squirming and becoming aroused. 'I wonder if Squall is like that if I touched him like that in public.'

"Kiros, would you escort everyone to their rooms, thank you." Laguna doesn't even wait for Kiros to answer before grabbing Davide's hand and virtually sprinting out of the room.

Everyone left in the room except for Kiros looks a bit spooked by the couple. "Don't worry, this happens all the time." Kiros explains mildly amused at the shocked SeeDs.

"How long have they been together?" Squall asks absently, running his fingers through Seifer's hair.

"Since about a month after you left last year, so...eleven months."

Squall frowns deeply. "Why didn't he tell me earlier?" the younger brunette asks crossly.

"He said once that he didn't know if you would still accept him as your father still if he was gay. I'm sure if you hadn't told him about Seifer and Davide hadn't come in, he wouldn't have told you until he was completely ready. At least, he would have talked to you in private about him."

Squall's angered expression relaxes as he realizes he and Laguna aren't that different. 'I would have talked to Laguna in private, but the fiasco in the terminal kind of ruined those plans.' Squall looks down at his boyfriend, smiling slightly at the blonde.

"What?" Said blonde looks questioningly up at his boyfriend.

Squall decides to mess with the green-eyed blonde, being the somewhat sadistic asshole he can be. He mouths, "I want you in me", to the unsuspecting man. For added effect, he runs an index finger from the blonde's earlobe, down the jaw line, across the bottom lip, and across the other side of the jaw, ending at the ear.

Seifer leans into the touch, blinking slowly. He works his jaw momentarily trying to keep his lust from running free. When he reopens his eyes, he finds his hot prick of a boyfriend staring down at him with a slight smirk on his face. Seifer can play his little game, so he whispers, "I'm going to fuck you so hard." It's Squall's turn to get turned on, and by the shudder that runs up his spine, Seifer can tell its working.

"Kiros, I think we're ready to go to our room." Standing up with un-Seifer-like grace, he pulls Squall up into his arms, making sure the brunette is stable on his feet. Putting an arm around Squall's waist, the pair follows Kiros out of the room.

"Hey we want our room too!" Zell practically drags Irvine behind him to follow Kiros, Squall, and Seifer.

Up the stairs and down the hall minutes later, Squall and Seifer stand behind Kiros who's opening the large oak door with a key. "This is where you'll be staying Squall and Seifer. Next door, which is around the corner is Irvine and Zell."

"Thanks Kiros. I'm sure my father would have done this if he hadn't run off to fuck or be fucked if Davide hadn't shown up. But that's whatever." Squall says slightly annoyed that he hasn't gotten a chance to really talk with his father about the whole Seifer situation.

"I'm used to it. I don't mind; it keeps me from thinking...about things." Kiros pushes the door open and let's them walk in; their luggage is waiting for them in the room. Squall puts an understanding hand on Kiros' shoulder; he misses Ward too.

"Later guys." The door closes quietly, then a loud thump.

"I hope they aren't too loud." Zell stares at the closed door. Irvine tugs at the blonde's hand as they are lead to their own room.

"Honey, they should be worried about how loud we are going be." Kiros looks over his shoulder, frowning just a bit; the redhead sort of half-smirks, half-smiles at Kiros. "We won't be loud enough to wake you though."

Seifer gently closes the door behind them, leaving the other three men in the hallway. No sooner, he turns around, and immediately pounced on by Squall. The brunette immediately takes hold of Seifer's shirt and shoves him against the door, pressing his lips on the other's in a heated kiss. Seifer, not really surprised by the action, pulls Squall closer via his hands on his hips.

Breaking the kiss, Squall whispers in a voice laden with lust, "I want you. Now."

"But we don't have time; we have lunch in 20 minutes." Seifer says lingering just millimeters from Squall's lips.

"We could skip lunch."

"I'm sure Laguna wouldn't mind, but I'm sure my stomach may." Seifer runs his hands up underneath Squall's shirt, feeling the soft, smooth skin of the muscular torso.

"Mmmm...Seifer..." Squall breathlessly moans. Arching his back closer to Seifer, Squall moans again a little louder as tangles his fingers in the slightly longer blond hair.

Seifer kisses him in a relatively chaste way, which means vaguely that he didn't tried to devour him from the inside out. "With you being so loud today, we should move from in front of the door."

"Never a bad idea..." Squall says as he's pushed away from the door, Seifer's arms still wrapped around him. Halfway to the bed the door busts open and Zell is trembling in excitement, looking for his two friends.

"HEY GUYS! Let's..." Zell turns a bright red, seeing his friends embracing so intimately, and begins stammering. "I'm SO sorry you guys; I'll just leave you alone now." Zell reaches in to close the door.

Squall and Seifer watch as the door closes only resuming as they hear the door click shut.

"Maybe I should lock the door." Seifer pulls away slightly from the heated kiss. He puts a finger on the brunette's lips and says, "Give me a moment." Seifer steps backwards a few steps from Squall then turns and walks to the door. Upon locking the door, a familiar but annoying sound came through the room.


"Don't answer it, Squall. We just got here." Seifer points an accusing finger at Squall, knowing he always has to answer the phone.


"What if it's Garden? What if it's an emergency?" Squall pulls the cell phone from his pocket, but the caller ID reads 'Private Number'.


"Please. It's vacation. There's no reason for them to call you. Please let them be!" Seifer's almost on his hands and knees begging Squall.

"This is Squall." Seifer's posture goes limp in defeat as he watches Squall answer the phone. 'Fuck. What am I suppose to do?'

:Squall! It's Quistis. How are you:

Seifer grits his teeth in anger and stalks over to the bed, brushing against Squall angrily, and plops himself down in a huff.

:Things are pretty good. You: Squall walks to the bed and sits on en the edge. Seifer sits back against the headboard with his hands clasped together behind his head.

:I'm good. How's Garden? I miss it. It's been a while.:

Squall lies on his stomach beside Seifer, pulling himself forward with his arms to lay his head on a pillow.

"Garden is good though we have no resident whip users. We miss you at Garden too."

Seifer begins running an index finger up and down Squall's spine, earning a hitch of breath from the prone brunette.

:How's everybody: Everybody meaning the Orphanage Kids.

Squall relaxes into the gentle touches, but unbeknownst to him, Seifer's evil grin says things are about to get much more heated.

"Everyone's doing well. Irvine and Zell live together in Galbadia, and they're happy. They're virtually if not literally married; Zell's the perfect husband and Irvine is a great housewife."

Seifer nudges Squall to come sit in front of him and to lean back against his chest. So Squall moves and sits between the blonde's long legs. Seifer slowly massages Squall's shoulders, kissing his neck and smelling his hair.

:Irvine and Zell are a couple? Wow. I didn't see that coming, but it's pretty cool though. What about Seifer and you:

:Seifer's fine. You know we live in an apartment together. He's a slob.:

Seifer takes offense to that statement so he wraps his arms around Squall and pinches his nipple. Hard.

Squall yelps into the phone, almost twisting around to beat the shit out of Seifer who's grinning like the Cheshire Cat. "...the fuck!"

"I'm not a slob." Seifer whispers breathily into Squall's ear, flicking his tongue over the smooth flesh. He starts rubbing the pain out of the pained nipple, caressing it gently.

:Are you ok Squall? What happened:

"Mmm...yes..." Squall's voice is now husky with lust. "Oh I'm fine. I just stubbed my tow. Anyway, Selphie's in Trabia on vacation and...(pant)...oh Hyne!"

Seifer's hand has now roams its way to the bulge of Squall's pants, rubbing his slow, small circles.

"Oh...Laguna is good. (gasp) I'm visiting...Hyne...right now." Squall pushes against Seifer's teasing hand as the blonde kisses and licks at his neck, teasing the sensitive spot on his jugular.

"Seifer!" Squall calls out.

:Is Seifer there with you:

"Hyne FUCK! He...he...ah..." Seifer unbuttons Squall's pants and pulls out the drenched erection. Slowly stroking it, Seifer begins grinding against Squall's ass, using the friction and anticipation of what's going to happen later to bring Squall closer to the edge or oblivion.

:Can I talk to him:

Squall bites his lip to keep from making anymore obscene noises into the phone; he let's the phone drop into his lap where's Seifer's hand is working him good. "For you..." he pants in an almost whisper, arching his back in pleasure. Seifer smirks to himself, proud that he's made Squall lose most of his coherent thought. He switches hands at stroking Squall excruciatingly slow and grabs the phone. Holding it between his cheek and his shoulder, he rubs his now free hand teasingly along the inside of Squall's thigh.

"Oh...Hyne..." Squall is wriggling non-stop, trying to decide whether to get away from the hands or thrust forcefully into them.

"Hey Quistis, how's life?" Seifer says casually as if he's not jacking off his ex-rival.

:Seifer! How are you? What are you doing there with Squall:

"Oh, it's a two week vacation Irvine and I sort of surprised Squall with. Well at least Irvine and Zell coming along was a surprise, Squall actually planned to come to Esthar. He brought me along, I think, because he didn't want to travel alone." Squall moans loudly between the blonde's legs causing Seifer to cover the mouthpiece of the phone and snicker at the hilarity of the situation.

"Well that's sweet of him. Where is he now? I need to tell him something.:

"He's right here. Hang on a sec." Seifer holds the phone out for Squall as he squeezes his hand a bit more having Squall groaning as he looks at the phone being held out for him to use.

"Quistis?" He thrusts hips forward, opening his mouth in a choked moan.

:Well Squall, I called because I have good new. I'm getting married:

"That's...oh dear Hyne...wonderful. When?" Squall feels his end is getting near, so to contain his cries of pleasure, he grasps the pleasure's hand, helping it stroke him. Seifer hisses at Squall tight grip, almost concerned for his fingers.

:In about two months. Will you and the gang come to the wedding:

Squall thrusts his hips into Seifer's hand, throwing his head back, almost knocking out Seifer.

"FUCK! YES! YES!" Squall cries with each wave of his orgasm.

:Well that's wonderful! I'm sending you an invitation for all the details. Thank you so much Squall. Don't tell anybody though. I'm going to tell them: Squall turns enough to watch Seifer lick his hand clean of his essence with half closed eyes. Unfortunate for him, Squall is death-glaring at him.

"That's awesome Quistis. I'm happy for you. Really. It's great. I've got to go though. It's time for lunch, but I'll talk to you later. Bye." Squall hurriedly gets off the phone before she could say anything else.

"Quistis sounds happy." Seifer says nonchalantly.

Squall continues to glare daggers at the blonde. "That was completely unnecessary, you know." The brunette tucks himself back into his pants.

"But you enjoyed every...(kiss)...single...(kiss)...second...(kiss)."

Squall sticks out his bottom lip in a half scowl/half pout expression. Seifer's heart skips a couple of beat at the cute expression on his face. 'Damn, he's fine when he does that with his soft, full, pink lips. Hyne, he's gorgeous.'

Seifer runs his fingers across he pouty lips. "You've got the most beautiful lips."

"Why don't you kiss them then?" Squall says, hair hanging into his eyes making him look wanton.

"What if I don't want to?"

"Just kiss me, you moron!" Seifer holds Squall's chin in his fingers and pulls him into a gentle kiss, one of pure love.

"We should go to lunch now. I think its about time." Squall pulls away from the blonde, slightly panting, partially from the quick release he had and partially from the lack of air.

"Yeah, I'm a bit hungry." Squall scoots off the bed with Seifer close behind.

"I wonder what's going to be served. I hope its not hot dogs because I don't really want to see Zell stuff his face like he used to." Squall scrunches up his face in disgust. Seifer just simply wraps his arms around him from behind as they walk towards the door.

"If up to Laguna, who knows what we'd eat."

"Yeah. Hey I've got a question for you. What do you think about Davide? Squall suddenly stops before the door, turning in Seifer's arms. He puts his arms around the blonde's neck.

"He's a prick."

"Why do you say that?

Seifer averts his eyes to a point beyond Squall's shoulder. "Did you see how he practically drooled over you?"

"I figured that he was just making a mental comparison of me to my dad."

"Uh uh. No. The prick was checking you out." Clearly, Davide is a sore spot for Seifer.

"Quit being a jealous bastard, as sweet as it may seem. He has my dad and they've been together for a while. No problems." Squall reassures the taller man, pecking him on the chin.

Seifer purses his lips in a determined scowl. "Whatever."

"Anyways, if he comes onto me for any reason, he wouldn't be safe from you, me, Laguna, or any other person in this palace. He's probably smart enough to not piss off you or Laguna, let alone me. That's a suicide mission."

"Whatever you say, Squally. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt."

"So that means you can't kill him unless I say so."

Seifer frowns in resignation. "Ok."

"Good. Let's go eat." Squall kisses him quickly before releasing his neck and opening the door. "Hey, I'd like to walk without feeling like I'm going to pitch forward onto my face." Seifer pushes him through the door, arms still around him.

Seifer smirks. "So what are you saying?"

"Let go of me."

"Why?" He pushes Squall forward, causing him to stumble.

"Damn you, prick! Let me go!" Squall angrily grinds out.

"Why are you so mad? You should just calm down." Seifer says in the smoothest voice he could muster.

"Next time we fuck, I'm going to fuck you." Squall threatens.

"Really! Is that a promise?" Squall stops suddenly, almost causing Seifer and him to pitch forward and fall.

"You'd let me fuck you?"

"One day maybe..."

"Soon I hope." Squall begins walking again, this time with Seifer on his side.

"I don't know about that. I have to get used to being with a guy before I become the uke."

"Well I love being uke so far, but I would really like to try seme. I can only imagine just how tight your hot ass is." Squall purrs at his boyfriend.

"What's so great about being uke?" Seifer says taking Squall's hand into his own in a small sign of affection, showing he's serious about this talk.

"Have you ever heard of the prostate gland?"

"I took sex ed with you twice. How could I not know!"

"Why twice? Don't tell me fucking failed it once. I would have thought you would have aced it, hell, maybe even taught it."

"Whatever. Anyways, I took it once for me and the second time because there was a hot guy with soft brown hair and beautiful grayish-bluish eyes with an 'asshole' attitude in there."

Squall can't help but snicker at the sweet but cheesy statement.

"What the hell is so funny?"


"No I'm not."

"Yeah you are. You're a hopeless romantic; soon you'll be giving me roses, telling me I'm the apple of your eye, and letters."

Seifer glares at the chuckling brunette. "Is that a bad thing then?"

Squall takes Seifer's right hand into his own, lacing their fingers together. "No there's isn't. I just didn't expect it from you. You always were so...harsh, but I should have known because you're also passionate. But unfortunately, this sappier, softer side kind of ruins the harsh image of you."

Seifer is speechless. He simple stares at Squall as they walk down the stairs. "Am I really a harsh person?"

"You used to be, but now you're just a bit sadistic. If anything you were more severe; in appearance, that is, because of the scar." Squall states softly.

"What the fuck does that mean?"

"You're appearance is...alarming, almost scary. But you aren't. To someone who doesn't know you, your sharp green eyes, strong chin, and more distincttly, your scar is a bit intimidating at first glance."

"Good. I like being intimidating."

"I know. I was on the receiving end for many years." Squall deadpans.

"But now my severe appearance doesn't alarm you?"

"Only when you get that hungry animal lust in your eye does it scare me." Squall looks at Seifer for a moment upon reaching the bottom of the stairs. "I think you're incredibly handsome and sexy though."

"Well, I think you're very beautiful and have the best looking ass aro..."

"OH Give me a BREAK!" A disembodied voice says.


At that moment, Zell and Irvine walk around the corner, holding hands. Clearly, it was Zell who made the rude comment but the gagged look on his face. "Why don't you just put your gunblades thru my ears so I don't have to listen to this mushy shit?"

"You to complain", Irvine chides, "Weren't you just telling me how much you love me and how you wish we could get married?" Zell blushed sheepishly, searching for a retort to throw back.

"Damn Zell. Think before you talk." Seifer ruffles Zell's perfectly sculpted faux-hawk into a mess of random spikes.

"Mother Fucker! I'll kill you!" Zell lunges at Seifer, only to be grabbed by the back of his shorts by Irvine. "Let me go!"

"Calm down, darlin'. It's just hair and I think you look sexy with it like that." Zell stops struggling against him as Irvine leans forward and whispers, "It reminds me of what you look like after we've just fucked and you're in a rush to go to a meeting."


"Yeah baby, now let's go eat. I crave sustenance."

Zell begins bouncing excitedly, all anger forgotten. "I hope there's hotdogs!"

"Dear Hyne, No!" Seifer looks horrified at the suggestion of the probably inevitable. Zell and Irvine chuckle and head into the dining room.

"Come on, Drama Queen." Squall pulls Seifer towards the doors that Irvine and Zell just went through,

"You call me that and Puberty Boy will become permanent." Seifer threatens playfully.

"Whatever." Squall smirks at his boyfriend and dodges the jab to his side for saying his trademark phrase. Seifer pushes gently on the back of Squall's head, guiding him into the dining room.

As they walk through the door, a shriek is heard from within. Upon looking up, Seifer and Squall think and/or say the same thing:




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