Disclaimer: I just don't think Digimon belongs to me

Disclaimer: I just don't think Digimon belongs to me. Honestly, if it did, why would I have to write this? However, Michelle belongs to me.

Freedom of Ice

A medieval Mimoe fic. And trust me, people did use to skate. Perhaps they weren't doing triple axels or wearing sequins, but people used to skate.


"Daddy? Will you tell me a story?"

The man smiled down at his daughter and looked at his wife.

"What do you say, honey?"

"I suppose. Tell her our favorite story."

"You sure?"

"Why not?"

"Please, daddy?" his daughter begged.

"And me?" his five year old son also started to beg.

"See, dear? You've woken up your brother," his wife chided, picking up her begging son.

"Aww, I guess now I have to tell the story to make you fall asleep, right?" the man chuckled

"Yep!" two voices chorused, and the man smiled.

"All right then… Once upon a time…"


Once upon a time, there were several kingdoms. However, nobody really cared about these kingdoms because most of them don't show up in this story. Only two kingdoms do. Those two kingdoms was the Digital kingdom and the Tachikawa kingdom. The Digital kingdom was run by a council of 12. The two leaders of the council were Taichi Kamiya and Yamato Ishida, while the other members of the council were Sora Takenouchi, Jyou Kido, Koushiro Izumi, Michelle Woo, Takeru Takaishi, Hikari Kamiya, Ken Ichijouji, Daisuke Motimiya, Miyako Inoue, and Iori Hida. This particular kingdom offered a great deal of freedom to the citizens, as well as the fact that the Digimon lived in this kingdom.

The second kingdom, the Tachikawa kingdom, was a monarchy, ruled the Tachikawas. They had one daughter, Mimi Tachikawa. The Tachikawa kingdom had less freedoms for its citizens, and no Digimon lived in the kingdom, but that was okay to the citizen. However, it was the concept of Digimon living in the kingdom that had separated the two kingdoms and was currently causing them to be at war with each other.

Once, Digimon had lived freely in both kingdoms. But when the current Tachikawa rulers took the throne, they forced all the Digimon to leave the kingdom, and the Digital kingdom being the next kingdom over, most of the Digimon had taken up residence there. Now this wouldn't have been too bad… if there were less Digimon. But now they were taking up almost all the resources, and citizens were rioting. Famines were occurring, and the land was simply not big enough to sufficiently provide for all the citizens. Then, if that wasn't bad enough, the Tachikawa kingdom took the opportunity to attack the Digital kingdom, conquering parts of the land and driving the Digimon out again, herding them all into a smaller and smaller area.

The Digital kingdom was in chaos.

Finally, the Digital kingdom started to fight back, and finally there was as advantage with all the Digimon to help fight. But the Tachikawa kingdom had more supplies and resources. So they were very evenly matched.

However, there always comes an unexpected twist in such matters.

And that's what this story is about.


Mimi Tachikawa was bored out of her mind. Sitting there and looking pretty while her parents talked and talked and just plain talked about war, war, war, war, and more war. Talk about boring.

Suddenly, words caused her to look up in surprise.

"I think it's time we discuss Mimi's marriage."

"Huh?" Mimi squeaked.

"Your marriage, Mimi chan. You're already 18, I'm sure we'll find a suitable ally… I mean husband. I do recall an amazingly handsome boy from the kingdom to the north," Mimi's mother announced.

"Say what?"

"Yes, I do recall that boy. Michael, wasn't that his name?" Mimi's father agreed.

"I do believe so."

"He would be perfect for our Mimi chan."

While the Tachikawas discussed her marriage, Mimi quickly took the opportunity to slip out of the room.



"Hmm?" the purple eyed girl paused to look at Jyou.

"You think it's okay if I slip out for a while?"


"Uh huh."

"Such a pacifist, you are, Jyou," Michelle smiled.

"Perhaps you're right, because we've all known I've been against this from the beginning. But either way, I never really do have anything to contribute."

"True enough. I'll tell Yamato you were feeling sick or something."

"And he'll believe you?" Jyou asked rather incredulously.

"Do you doubt me, Jyou?"


"Well, you're probably right on that. I doubt he will believe me, but by then, you'll be gone, right? And what's the worst he can do when you get back?" she replied.

"I shiver to think."

"Aww, don't worry about it. I'll take the blame for it, I promise."

Jyou grinned.

"Thanks, Michelle."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Just get out of here before I change my mind," Michelle laughed, fwapping him with a rolled up parchment to get him on his way.


Mimi smirked as she sneaked past the guards. Sometimes, she wondered how come nobody had succeeded in assassinating them yet, considering how easy it was to get past these idiotic guards. Then she ran as quickly as possible, holding her most precious possession close to her chest. Quickly, she scampered past all the guard stations, making sure to stay far away from anybody who would actually care about her trying to leave the kingdom. Which, unfortunately, was the majority of the guards. Luckily for her, she had one secret connection at the main gate, the only place where she would have encountered any trouble.

"WILLIS!!" she yelled when she got to the main gate, and the blonde haired guard suddenly poked his head out.

"Mimi? It's not your usual time," he frowned.

"I know, I know, but I just had to get out of there. And you know the skating ponds around here aren't worth beans. The only good one is between here and the Digital Kingdom, and besides, winter is almost over! Soon it'll be nothing but water! Come on, Willis, give me a break!" Mimi whined, clutching her skates tighter.

"You're lucky the person who had this shift got sick and I had to take over," Willis grumbled, opening the door of the gatehouse and walking towards Mimi.

"I know," Mimi repeated.

"Do you?" Willis raised an eyebrow.

"Willis… don't give me your lecture!! I'm sorry, all right? So can't you let me through?" Mimi gave him her puppy eye look.

"If your parents knew…"

"But that never stopped you before. You know I'll get you out of trouble if somebody tries to go after you!! I always do!!"

"How long will you be gone?"

"I don't know."

Willis's frown seemed to deepen, and right when Mimi thought he was going to refuse, Willis sighed and opened the gate to outside the Tachikawa kingdom.

"All right, Mimi. But remember, if the gate is locked, I won't be able to do anything about it."

"Sure, sure. Hey, Willis, if you find out my parents are looking for me, you know where I am, right?"

"Oh, sure, have me abandon my post. Then when somebody finds out, I'll have my head cut off."

"Wiiiiiiillllllllliiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssss…" Mimi strained his name.

"Give me a break, Mimi! You know I'll find you, okay? Just go before somebody sees you!" Willis nudged her gently out of the gate.

"Thanks, Willis," Mimi gave him a quick peck on the cheek before quickly scampering off.


Jyou sighed as he walked right past the guards. By now, none of them cared since he did it so frequently. None of them were willing to argue with him. Sometimes, persistence was a virtue.

He quickly made a beeline towards the skating pond, which was virtually abandoned since the war had started. Well, to his knowledge, at least.

But anyhow, he was sighing because he knew that this would probably be one of the last trips he could make to the pond before the ice would melt, and then what would he do? The meetings were getting to be more constant, and they were all as mind numbing as the one before.

The walk lasted about twenty minutes, and during that time, Jyou couldn't help but just muse about the entire thing. Sometimes, he wondered why they couldn't just sign a peace agreement and get it over with. But they had to return the Digimon to the Tachikawa kingdom to save their own citizens, and the Tachikawa kingdom stoutly refused to allow any of the Digimon back. So the war would drag on until one of the kingdoms were defeated, and more and more people would die.

He couldn't really deny that Michelle was right. He was a pacifist, and he hated all this death. Lately everything had just been escalating, and eventually, he started leaving the meetings to escape to the talks. The ice was his escape. But now that the ice would melt, where would he go?

Before he could finish thinking, he reached the pond. Setting down the black skates, he sat down on his usual log and tied up the skates as quickly as possible. He had to admit that his first efforts had been awfully clumsy, and he had been as apt to the ice as a cow with skates, but after a while, he got the hang of it, right? At least he wasn't falling on his face every several seconds!

The ice was freedom. Freedom from the pressures, freedom from the troubles. It was his chance to escape, like a bird being freed to fly into the vast sky where nothing but clear blue met the eye, a gorgeous blanket of blue covering the world.

Flying… he felt like he was flying on the ice…


Mimi had to gulp down a gasp of anger as she saw that somebody had reached the skating pond before her. He was already skating steadily, shoulder length navy blue hair whipping across his face as he sped across the surface, glasses slowly slipping downwards.

How… how…dare he use her ice surface! Right when she was about to get up and give him a piece of her mind, she remembered that here, she wasn't a princess. She was just plain Mimi, and what if he was a citizen of the Digital kingdom? He might try to kill her! No, she had to play this safely…

Slowly, she stepped out, as not to startle him. Ignoring his steady stare as he slowed down to watch her sit down on a stone to lace up her own white skates. As soon as she did, she gracefully got onto the ice and skated daintily to him. He had completely stopped and watched her steadily.

"Yes?" she asked.

For a while, he didn't say anything, but finally he said, "Nothing."

She skated away from him, and he soon skated away as well. She avoided him, as he avoided her, but they kept a steady eye on him.

After about an hour, they found themselves skating towards each other, and they stopped at the middle of the ice, staring at each other eye to eye.

Suddenly, he broke into a warm smile, and Mimi blinked.

"You come here often?"

"Yeah," she found herself answering.


She bit her lip. Normally, she would have bit back a sarcastic remark with something like 'Why do you care?', but the way he said it was different. She didn't want him to stop talking to her. She liked how he spoke to her as if she was a normal human being, not a princess who had everything she wanted… except love. He was still polite, of course, but his voice was warm and kind, and his tone wasn't commanding or dominant.

"To get away from it all," she whispered.

"Oh don't we all?" he smiled kindly and looked her in the eye.

"I suppose," Mimi replied and raised her hand.

After a brief silence, he took her hand and kissed it. Mimi blushed.

"I am Jyou, your humble knight," he grinned, bowing down to her. Mimi was about to retort sharply, but then saw from the wicked twinkle in his eye that he was just kidding.

She curtsied.

"Well, Sir Jyou, I am lady Mimi, your maiden in distress."

"Perhaps, lady Mimi, you would like to skate together?"

Mimi looked at Jyou, and saw nothing but earnest in his eyes. He wasn't just being nice to her because he had to, but it was obvious that he was doing it because he wanted to.

"Of course, Sir Jyou," Mimi replied.

Jyou grinned and stood, never letting go of her hand. Together, they skated forward.


Mimi couldn't help but smirk as she planned her line of attack. Jyou was concentrating on the ice, and he wasn't looking at anything in particular.

Finally, she attacked, suddenly stealing his glasses. He yelped as she giggled and skated away.

"Mimi!" he whined, his hands in front of him as he tried to find her. Mimi just giggled loudly.

"Come on, Jyou!" Mimi laughed, waving the glasses tauntingly in front of him. He reached out for it, but she pulled it away, still giggling. A chase ensured, and after a struggle, Jyou succeeded in getting his glasses. The glare he gave Mimi just caused her to fall laughing.

"That is not funny, Mimi," he frowned.

"But it is! You should see the look on your face!" Mimi continued to titter loudly.

"Oh was it?" Jyou stood above Mimi, and she simply continued to laugh.


"Well then… is this?" Jyou suddenly plucked Mimi's furry pink hat off her hat, and Mimi shrieked as Jyou sped away from her, holding her hat out in front of him as he skated away from her.

"Jyou, that's not fair!" Mimi shrieked as she skated after her.

"You know what they say, Mimi, all is fair in love, war, and FIGURE SKATING!!" Jyou yelled the last part, and this caused Mimi to increase in speed.

"Jyouuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!" she howled as she tried to grab her hat back from the other.

"Come and get it, Mimi!"

"Ooh… I'll get you, Jyou!"

After what seemed like a day of chasing, Mimi succeeded in tackling Jyou and grabbing her hat. Both of their cheeks were flushed and their hair was messed up.

Mimi ended up on top of Jyou as she put hr hat back on. Jyou reached up and pinched her cheek.

"Your cheek is so pink, Mimi," he smiled.

"And I wonder whose fault it is," Mimi teased back.

"Yours?" Jyou asked innocently, and Mimi slapped him playfully.

"No silly!"

"Are you blaming it on me?" Jyou asked mockingly.

"You bet I am!" Mimi's face was approximately an inch above Jyou's face as they gazed into each other's eyes.

"I'm hurt Meems."

"Meems? I… I think I like that," Mimi decided quickly.

"Then I'll call you that," Jyou replied.

"And what will I call you?"

"How about handsome?"

"JYOU!" Mimi shrieked.

"You don't like that nickname for me?"

"No! Apologize to me now!" Mimi pouted.

Before she could protest, Jyou lifted himself up slightly so their noses touched, and he kissed her deeply on the lips. Mimi was at first shocked, but quickly succumbed and allowed him to hold her as she wrapped her arms around his chest. Finally, they broke off and stared at each other, still breathing heavily.

"Will that work?" Jyou asked quietly as Mimi blushed, her cheek becoming even redder.

"Yeah," she whispered back, and Jyou also blushed.


"So… when can we meet again?" Jyou asked as he untied the laces of his skates.

"Hmm… tomorrow, maybe?"

Before Jyou could reply, a voice suddenly yelled, "MIMI! WHERE ARE YOU?"

"Willis?" Mimi jumped up, her skates still not yet completely untied.

"Mimi Tachikawa, when I get my hands on you!" Willis was yelling, and Mimi watched as Jyou paled.


"You're Mimi Tachikawa?"

"You're Jyou Kido?"

The two just stared at each other, and for a while, they didn't hear anything, but the voices were suddenly quite audible again.



"Do you… do you hate me now?" Mimi asked quietly, her voice sad. Great… again, her status was going to lose her another friend… this time, somebody she loved…

"No… Meems. It'll be all right."

"Are you sure," Mimi felt tears well up.

"Yes," Jyou replied firmly, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. Mimi wiped away the tears and embraced him.



"I've gotta go," they replied at the same time before both turned away and ran towards where the voices had come from.


"You were talking to Jyou Kido… as in, one of the members of the Digital kingdom council… and you didn't even know it????" Willis asked shrilly.

"Well, he didn't exactly say who he was!" Mimi snapped back as they ran towards the gates.

"If your parents find out that you went out to go and skate with Jyou Kido, your parents will probably kill me!!" Willis practically screamed in her ear.

"He wasn't dangerous or anything!"

"He didn't know who you were?"


"If he had known, he probably would have killed you!"

"That's not true!"

"You wanna bet? What do you know about him??"

"I know that he's sweet… and he's like me! He was just trying to get away, and we ended up at the same place! That's all!"

"Isn't that just soo sweet? I think I want to cry now," Willis replied sarcastically.

"Shut up, Willis! Don't talk bad about him!"


"Because… because… I… I…" Mimi stammered.

Willis stopped, staring at Mimi.

"God… you like him, don't you???"

"I… I do not!" Mimi snapped back.

"Then why are you blushing?!?!" Willis demanded.

"I am not blushing! My face is just… flushed from skating!"

"Were you making out?"


"Did you?" Willis persisted.

"We… we might have… kissed… once… actually twice" Mimi's voice trailed off.


"Shhhhhhh!! Do you want everybody in the kingdom to know?!?!"



They started running again, and for a while, it was silent, and finally Willis asked seriously, "Do you know why your parents are looking for me?"

"Cause they finally noticed that I was missing and they were worried about me?"

"You honestly believe that?"

"To tell you the truth, no."

"Thought so. Anyhow… they finally decided to arrange your marriage…"

"WHAT?" Mimi screamed in Willis's ear.


"You are absolutely dead, you know," Michelle panted as they ran.

"I thought you were going to cover for me!"

"I did cover for you!"

"Then why did you come to look for me?"

"Helloooooooooo. You were gone for about… what, four hours? Do you know how long that is? Yamato sent me out to look for you."

"Any particular reason?"

"How about being worried as hell?"


"By the way… that was Mimi Tachikawa, wasn't it?"


"IT WAS?????"



"I didn't know it was her."


"Give me a break, Michelle."

"No… are you… you know, in love with her?"

"No! Well… maybe…um… kinda… actually… yes…"

Michelle rolled her eyes.

"Greatttttttt… another Romeo and Juliet story. Jyou, do me a favor. Stay away from her. Unless you have a desire to end up dead," Michelle stated simply.

Jyou sighed.



"Mimi Tachikawa, where on earth where were you?" Mimi's mother demanded.


"Don't lie to us, young lady."

"I'm not lying," Mimi lied between her teeth.


"She was with me, your majesty," Willis suddenly interjected, and tried not to faint as the two royals glared at him.

"Is this true, Mimi?" Mimi's father's voice was very low.


Mimi's mother sighed.

"Then that's okay, I suppose. Although next time, stay in the palace."

"Yes, mother."

"However, on brighter note, Mimi, we have found you the perfect husband!"

Mimi's mouth dropped.


"Is something wrong, Mimi?" Mimi's father demanded.

Mimi bit her lip. How could she tell her parents that she was in love with Jyou Kido?

"No, father."

"You'll marry Michael in a week," he said simply before walking away, as did Mimi's mother. Mimi just stood there, silent.

"Mimi? You okay?" Willis asked.

"NO. How do I tell them that I'm in love with Jyou Kido?" Mimi sighed dejectedly, but then cast Willis a hopeful look.

"Unless… can you…"

"No way, Mimi."

"Please, Willis!"



"What do you want????"

"I want you to send a message to Jyou."


"Do you want to get me in trouble, Willis?" Mimi hissed.

"You're going to be in trouble if you don't reconsider! Forget him, Mimi! Michael is a good choice."

Mimi sniffed.

"Michael? That lunk head? He doesn't care about anything but himself and his looks!!!"

"And Jyou is any better?"

"A lot better! He's cute, sweet, charming, polite, kind…"

"And you figured all of this out in one meeting?"

"And we love each other! I know it!"

"Those who run fast, stumble."

"Stop quoting, Shakespeare, Willis! I didn't say I want to marry him right at this instant! I just want you to give him something!"

"What? A ring? A jar of poison?"

"Um…" Mimi's eyes strayed and she suddenly saw a vase of freshly cut roses. She quickly plucked a rose out and gave it to Willis.

"Give that to him… plleeassssseeeeee, Willis?"

"You've done a lot of begging, you know."

"Well, I have to give him something, don't I?"

"A rose."

"It's romantic."

"You're going to be sooooo dead if you get caught."

"I don't care. I have to find some way to show him that I still love him even though I know who he really is."

"Exactly! Why do you still insist on loving him when you obviously know who he is?"


"I'm going, I'm going! But… before, I go…"

"What is it?" Mimi groaned.

"Jyou and Mimi, sitting in a carriage, M-A-K-I-N-G OUT… HEY!" Willis yelped as Mimi threw one of her shoes at her.


"You ran off again," Yamato stated.

"Tell me something I don't know."

"Jyou, I know you hate all of this, but what happened to the crest of reliability? You need to be there when we need you!"

"But you hardly ever need me anyway. All I do is sit there and do nothing. At least this way, I'm doing something."

"You can't keep running off like this! What happens if one of Tachikawa's guards found you or something? Do you know what would have happened? You're an important part of this team, you know!"

"If I am, why won't you listen to me when I say we should end this war?"

"Because it's not possible. If we stop the war, we'll end up with more Digimon then we can take care of. We have to keep fighting to save our people and the Digimon."

"I know that."

"Anyhow, don't run away anymore. We can't deal with it every single day. The disappearing acts have to stop."

"Look who's talking, Yamato."

Michelle laughed.

"He's right, Yama. You used to run away once a week to 'see the sights', as you so eloquently put it."

"But I don't anymore."

"True. Cause you know I'll hit you if you did."

"Yep. Look, think about it, Jyou. I know you don't like it… we all know, but you still have to b there too, you know."

"I know," Jyou sighed as Yamato walked away.

"That went better than I expected," Michelle muttered.

"You didn't tell him."

"No, I didn't."

"Why not?"

"If it's love… then… what can I say? I mean… I love Yamato. It's the same, I guess. I would be a hypocrite to tell you not to go. But Jyou… if you're not careful… trust me it will end up with you dying."


"Jyou. I know I'll be acting like a selfish fool to tell you that you shouldn't deny your loves. Not to mention a hypocrite. So I'm not going to do either, just warn you about what might happen. So just… I guess that's all. ^_^"

Jyou sighed.

"I've got to get out of here," Jyou muttered before walking away.


"I'm doing this because…" Daisuke's voice trailed off.

"Because we were really good friends before this whole stupid war had happened?" Willis asked.

"True. So… what do you want me to do with this? Is it poisoned or something?" Daisuke held the rose.

"Would I do that? Besides, I know that you know where to find me," Willis sighed.

"Give it to Jyou… but why?"

"Does everything need a reason?"

"No, not really."

Daisuke looked at the rose and yellowed parchment again, and thought about Jyou… would it really make him feel happy? He had noticed that the older Digidestined hadn't been happy lately.

"All right. All right, I'll do it."


Willis turned to walk away, but Daisuke suddenly stood up.


Willis stopped.

"Yeah, Daisuke?"

"It'll be over one day, you know. Then it might be normal again."

"It'll be a while."

"I know. But our courage will get us through it, and our friendship will last," Daisuke said firmly, putting a hand on Willis's shoulder.

Willis smiled weakly.

"I hope so, Daisuke. I really do hope so."


Jyou stopped in front of his room, a rose and yellowed parchment at his door. He quickly took it down and walked into his room, slamming the door behind him.

Dear Jyou chan,

My dear knight, I do hope you're well. Please meet me at the skating pond at midnight, for I need to tell you something.

Your Lady,


Jyou stared at the letter. Midnight? Could he?

He remembered Michelle's warning. Another tragedy this could end up as. But… this was Meems he was thinking about. Mimi wouldn't do anything, right?

And he really was tired of all of this. Jyou just wanted to tell her that he loved her and that he wished it didn't matter. That they could just run away forever… the beautiful and lovely princess being whisked off her feet by her navy haired knight and they will ride into the sunset forever.

Um… then again, erase that thought.

Jyou looked at the clock. 7:00. Five more hours.

Nothing to do but wait, he supposed. He looked at the rose; a perfect red rose with a leaf slightly bent and no thorns. It was beautiful… like his princess…


"Have you noticed that Mimi has been acting kinda depressed lately? And she wasn't at all ecstatic when we told her of her marriage plans," Mimi's mother frowned.

"Are you saying something might have happened?"

"I think we should keep a close watch on her. Who knows what mischief that girl is going through?"

"I'm sure we can trust Mimi…"

"But dear…"

King Tachikawa looked at his wife and finally sighed.

"All right, honey. Choose whoever you want to keep a watch on Mimi. And not Willis. If there's something fishy going on, then I'm pretty sure he's involved too."


Mimi stared at the clock.

Only. One. More. Minute. Until. 11:45. Fifteen. Minutes. To. Get. There.

Only. One. More. Minute…

When the minute hand finally moved, Mimi shot up like a bullet and quickly climbed out of the window down the vines, avoiding the moat.

Once she reached the ground, she was out like a horse being let out of the gate, running towards her own gate, which once she passed, would allow her to meet her love.


"She's left the palace, your majesty."

Queen Tachikawa bit her lip. What on earth was her daughter doing?

"Bring the army to follow her. Make sure she doesn't know. I'll tell my husband," she ordered. The soldier bowed and walked away while she made a beeline for her husband's war room, where she knew he would be.


"Jyou!" Mimi squealed, jumping into her boyfriend's arms.

"Mimi!" Jyou blinked, hugging her.

"I was worried that you wouldn't make it… I'm glad that you did," Mimi admitted.

"My friends don't call me 'Old Reliable' for nothing."

"Mmm," Mimi murmured, still hugging him, "Do you love me, Jyou?"

"In how many ways can I say yes?"

"That was good enough. Jyou? What would you say if I said I wanted to run away."

"What do you want me to say?"

"Whatever you have on your mind."

"When do you want to leave?"

Mimi just hugged him tighter.

"Really, Jyou? Do you really mean it?"

"I love you, Mimi. Whatever you want. I know that we can't hide it forever. I know it'll be easier to just get away from it all. Like how we met."

"The… ice… That's how we escaped, and we found each other."

Jyou leaned down and kissed Mimi. She returned the kiss, and for a moment, both felt like they were no longer stuck in the middle of a war. They were flying… flying as if they were still on skates and looking for freedom. For although the ice was already melting, they had found the freedom once again in each other.


Before they knew what was happening, soldiers from the Tachikawa army dragged the two apart.

"Wait… what… let go of him!" Mimi shrieked angrily.

"We can't, your majesty. We're under your parent's orders."

"But… but… but!!!" Mimi stammered.

"You have no right to do this," Jyou stated quietly, "This isn't the Tachikawa kingdom."

"You know what they say, Kido. All's fair in love and war," the guard sneered.

"I'm so going to get you fired!" Mimi screamed, and the guard just laughed.

"Just try, princess."


"WHATTTTTTT???????" Mimi screamed angrily.

"You heard me!"

"You can't!"

"I can, and I will, young lady!"


"Your father is right. Anybody related to the Digital kingdom is dangerous," Queen Tachikawa snapped.

"He's not."

"He is. Guard?"

Jyou winced as the guards roughly dragged him forward.

"We found him with your daughter, your majesty," the guard stated an obvious fact.

"Kido, what are you doing here? Do you have a death wish?"

"I was brought here against my will. If you remember correctly, I was in the land between our two kingdoms. But when I stated that little fact, somebody replied that 'all is fair in love and war' to me," Jyou replied softly.

"Don't talk smart with me, Kido," Mimi's father growled.

"You asked."

King Tachikawa glared at Jyou and got up.

"Execution at dawn," King Tachikawa ordered curtly before turning away.

"NO!" Mimi screeched as the guards dragged Jyou away.


Michelle closed her eyes as she set down the parchment. Yamato came in and started to massage her shoulders.

"You okay, Miccy?"

"No. I told him to stay out of it, and he didn't listen to me."


Michelle didn't say anything, just staring at the letter. Finally, she handed it to Yamato and whispered, "Give that to Taichi. I need to get some fresh air," before walking away.


"That's not going to solve anything, Mimi," Willis commented softly as Mimi stared at the dagger.

"At least… we'll be… together… this way," Mimi cried bitterly, her hand shaking.

"What would Jyou say if he saw what you were doing?"

"Well, I WOULDN'T KNOW, WOULD I? BECAUSE MY FATHER'S GOING TO HAVE HIM KILLED, HOW WOULD I KNOW?" Mimi screamed angrily, and Willis flinched.

"Sorry," he muttered.

"I don't want to die, Willis. I really don't. But at the same time, I don't know how I'll live if Jyou is killed. What am I supposed to do, Willis? There's no winning side. Either way, I'll either die or feel like dying.

"It's like Romeo and Juliet all over again. You know how much I hate that story. Why am I allowing it to happen to me? Love really is a double edged sword, isn't it?

"I love him. Shit, I love him, and my parents can't see that, and they don't care either. I feel that the only way I can convince them that I do is by killing myself. But that won't help matter at all, would it?"

"No, Mimi. It won't. And I don't think Jyou will like it either."

"So what am I supposed to do?" Mimi shrieked.

"Well, I think you might like this," Willis said, fishing through his pocket.

"What on earth are you doing, Willis?" Mimi groaned.

"See?" Willis grinned, holding up keys to the prison.

Mimi smiled.

"You're a life saver, Willis."

"Aww… don't mention it, Mimi."


The end is here… the end is h-e-e-e-e-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e… Jyou sighed, looking out the window. He was sooooo dead. Who could have known that his life was so damn predictable? It had happened exactly as Michelle had said it would.

He looked at the moon. What would Mimi do? Would she try to kill herself?

Perish that thought… she wouldn't… I don't want her to die. I don't want her to get hurt, he thought to himself, Especially on my account.

A guard suddenly looked in, blue eyes staring.

Jyou rolled his eyes as he braced himself for a flurry of insults.

"You don't need to roll your eyes at me," another voice stated, and Jyou looked behind the guard.




"Jyou, we have to get out of here," Mimi hissed as Willis unlocked the lock.

"But… Mimi. This is your life. You're not going to give it up, are you?"

"I don't care anymore, Jyou! I really don't! I just want to be with you! I don't care if I die, I don't care if I get caught, I just want to make sure I'll be with you."

"That's a very touching speech, Meems, but life isn't a romance story."

"No. This life is more like a tragedy. Please, Jyou. If I lose my title as princess but we're both alive, I'll be happy. But if you lose your life and I live, I'll never be able to live with myself," Mimi embraced Jyou as he stepped out of the cell.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I may not have been sure of many things in my life, but I'm sure as hell that I'm willing to do this. I'm not going to give you up, or our love. Please, Jyou. Don't be a stubborn fool and look out for me because you don't want me to get hurt. I'll be okay, really."

Mimi had started crying, and Jyou brushed away one of the tears. He brushed away her hair that covered her forehead and kissed her there.

"It's okay, Meems. It's okay," he whispered.

"I hate to break this up, but you have to get out of here."

"But… what about you, Willis?" Mimi asked.

"I'll be okay. Daisuke will help me."

Mimi sniffed and finally untangled herself from Jyou, hugging Willis.

"Thank you, Willis. You were always such a good friend to me."

Willis patted her back.

"It'll be all right, Mimi. Good-bye. I hope you make it out all right," Willis answered.

"Good-bye, Willis," Jyou looked at the younger man, "Thank you for everything."

"Be happy, you guys. Both of you."


"Jyou, this way," Mimi pointed, and the two climbed up the stairs.

"Where are we going, Mimi?"

"My room. We can get down from there, the vines…"

"What if we fall? What's down there?"

"The moat. Trust me, okay, Jyou?"

"I trust you, Mimi. I trust you with my life."

Mimi smiled.

"Let's go then."

The two started to run, slipping past guards and finally reaching Mimi's room, out of breath.

Jyou's shoulders slumped as he looked out the door.

"This isn't going to work, Mimi."

"Why not?"

"They're onto us."


"Mimi! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Mimi's father roared, in front of an army of soldiers.

"I'm doing what I want to do."

"Jyou Kido, what the hell are you doing here? You are going to be so dead when I get my hands on you. Get the HELL away from my daughter!" he continued to roar.

"No, father! I love him, and he loves me! I don't care what you say anymore," Mimi growled.

"Jump," Mimi suddenly whispered to Jyou.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Jyou."

"What happens if you die?"

"What happens if you die?"

Jyou looked at the army. Not good. Jyou finally took Mimi's hand and moved back towards the window.

"Kido! Don't you dare!!!!" Mimi's mother screeched as she saw them both edging towards the window.

"Jyou. If we do die, I want to tell you one last thing."


"I love you, Jyou."

Jyou finally tore his gaze away from the advancing army.

"I love you too, Mimi."

They jumped.



"Nobody ever knew what happened to Jyou and Mimi," the man continued, his son and daughter staring with wide eyes at him.

"They died?" the girl squeaked. The man chuckled.

"No, Michelle. They never found the bodies in the moat."

"But then what happened?" his son persisted.

"The two kingdoms made up… like Mimi had predicted, it had taken her death to resolve their differences with the Digital kingdom. Finally, after several months of debating, the two kingdoms made up and the Digimon were allowed to return to the Tachikawa kingdom. Then peace reigned, and it has ever since."

"Isn't it weird that we have the same names as the guard and Jyou's friend?" his son asked.

"Willis, isn't it too late for both of you? I think it's time for you to go to sleep," the woman picked up her son and placed him in the second bed.

"But motherrrrrr…" Willis protested.

"Your mother is right," the man smiled, "You too, Michelle."

"Fatherrrrrrrr…" Michelle whined.

"Go to sleep, you two. You've avoided it for long enough. Maybe one day, if you'll very good, I'll tell you what happened to them."

Michelle snorted.

"I bet you don't know."

The woman raised an eyebrow.

"If that's what you believe, then you may do so."

"Is that even a true story?" Willis asked.

"Perhaps," the man answered, "Good night, you two."


"Think we should have told them?" Tobias Kiwa asked his wife, Meems Kiwa.

"When they're older."

Meems Kiwa, previously known as Mimi Tachikawa, smiled at her husband.

"I suppose some things are better left not known," Tobias Kiwa, also known as Jyou Kido, kissed his wife on the cheek.

The two smiled at each other again and walked out of the small house, looking at the small skating pond where a while ago, two innocent people skated together and experienced the freedom of both the ice and love for each other.

"Good night, Jyou chan."

"Good night, Mimi chan."

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