The Staring Contest

Genre: Romance

Characters: Inuyasha & Kagome

Author: OATMEAL HATER, or on my website Hearii

Date Made: 07/07/05

Guide: Thoughts, LOUD MANER OF TALKING OR YELLING, anything else

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha…YET! MUAHAHAHAH!

Me: Ok don't ask about my name. Simple. Oatmeal Kikyo. OATMEAL TO GO BARS MUST DIE!


It was a normal night. The whole group had just finished a battle with Naraku and, yet again, had escaped. Right now Sango, Shippo and Miroku were outside looking at the stars, leaving Inuyasha and Kagome alone in the hut.

It was very quiet. So quiet that Inuyasha had to break the silence. "I'm bored," he said with a long sigh. "Well then do you want to go outside and look at the stars with Miroku and Sango?" Kagome asked. Inuyasha thought for .001 milliseconds. "Nah," "Well then do you want to have a staring contest?" she also asked. "What the hell is a staring contest?" Now Kagome was sitting up straight and explaining what it was. "Ok, well, a staring contest is when you and someone else have to stare at each other and whoever can stare the longest without blinking wins." "What's the point?" Inuyasha said seeming really annoyed. That is the lamest so called game I have ever heard of. Why don't any of Kagome's games involve teasing Shippo? Inuyasha thought to himself. "What do you mean, what's the point?" Kagome said in a stern tone. "Isn't it obvious that I will win?" Inuyasha said arrogantly. "YA RIGHT! I'd win, duh'" Kagome haughtily. "Fine, you're on!" Inuyasha was almost yelling now. "Ok, 1 2 3 go!"

Now Inuyasha and Kagome were now staring at each other, not moving a muscle. This lasted for more then a couple minutes before Inuyasha started to think to himself. I've never realized it before but Kagome is the exact opposite of Kikyo. Kagome's eyes are filled with kindness, and Kikyo's are filled with coldness. Kagome is caring, and Kikyo doesn't give a care what happens to anyone except her. Now that I think about it Kikyo might not have thought anything about me at all. She might have only wanted to change me for 2 reasons. So she could finally live a normal life, and she might not have wanted to be with a filthy hanyou. Kagome stuck by me and wants me to stay the same. She doesn't care if I'm a hanyou. She looks beyond my outer appearance and into my soul Maybe the only reason I wanted to be with her was because we were both outcasts. I wonder, should I? This was all running through his head so fast that he forgot about the staring contest and didn't even notice what was lurking behind the bushes.

"What are they doing?" a female figure whispered softly. "I have no idea. All I know is that I'm glad Shippo didn't come along with us, because you never know what could happen next." By now you must know who it is. "Miroku, you are so lucky that I can't hurt you right now, because if you said that somewhere besides here, you would be dead!" Sango whispered as loud as she could without being noticed.

Now the contest was considered over for Inuyasha. He blinked. "Inuyasha?" Kagome said because she knew that Inuyasha didn't even look like he was playing anymore. Inuyasha didn't even speak he just acted. Inuyasha leaned in closer.

Now what are they doing? Sango thought. Is he going to, She thought excitedly.

WHAT IS HE DOING? Kagome thought in a panic. Inuyasha was leaned right to her. He kissed he slowly and gently.

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