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Samantha Manson sat in the lobby to the girls' dormitories with a sigh. She was on the verge of death due to boredom, and to make matters worse, her long time crush, Danny Fenton was practically drowning in his own drool at the sight of Paulina Sanchez. Everyone knew that Danny Fenton had a crush on Paulina.

Sam hated Paulina with every fiber of her being. Paulina was the Queen Bee of Casper, and just about everyone feared her and the mighty power she had over everyone and everything, (including their boyfriends).

Sam was so lost in her own little world of mentally cursing Paulina to a fiery death, that she didn't notice Jazz come in, and stand in front of her, giving her a weird look.

"Earth to Sam," Jazz said, waving a hand in front of her face, and then snapping her fingers to get her attention.

"...Huh? Oh. Hey, Jazz!" Sam smiled.

Jazz might have been two years older than she was, but they were the best of friends...the fact that she was Danny's older sister, yeah, that was an added bonus. The fact that she was best friends with his sister, and he barely knew her name, yeah...that just sucked.

"Daydreaming about my brother?" Jazz asked with a knowing grin.

Sam scowled playfully. "Nooo...daydreaming about Paulina's demise because she interrupted my daydreaming about your brother with her cursed...Paulina-ness." Sam said with pursed lips, for lack of better words.

Jazz snickered, putting a hand on her younger friend's shoulder.

"He'll come around...I think." She said thoughtfully.

Sam was about to say something when a raven-haired girl with red streaks in her hair ran through the doors out of breath and panting like a dog.

"Ugg...water..." the girl groaned, collapsing on the squishy red couch that Sam was sitting on.

Sam rolled her eyes, and threw her water bottle at the girl. "You are such a melodramatic," she snorted.

"You'd be like this too... if YOU... ran... four flippin'... miles in the... flippin' heat." The girl replied in between gulps of water.

"Roxie, Roxie, Roxie...it's called walking. You were doing a walk-a-thon, no one told you to run like you had a mass murderer behind you with a chainsaw." Jazz replied, sitting on the arm of the couch.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hadn't passed out yet, so it was an omen to keep running." Roxie replied, handing the bottle back to Sam. "Besides, it was to raise money for the new computer lab. COMPUTER LAB." She explained as if it were obvious.

One thing about Roxanne Forrester that you would learn off the bat was that she was incredibly tech savvy. She was very far from being a geek, but she also knew her way around a computer better than most technicians did. Another thing you'd learn about Roxie is that she didn't take much, if anything from anyone. She was one of those girls who was relatively nice until you annoyed her. Someone who found that out the hard way? Dash Baxter.

Sam rolled her eyes. "Anyway, back to MY problems, please..."

"If it's about Danny, I'm tuning you out. Your obsessed for God's sake." Roxie told her.

"I am not!" Sam protested heatedly.

"Yes, you are..." a strawberry blonde girl replied, plopping on the other arm opposite Jazz.

"It's sad, really." A brunette with wavy hair agreed, sitting next to Roxie.

Jazz went into a coughing fit that sounded suspiciously like snickering, and Sam threw a glare at her.

She was not obsessed. Okay, yes. She liked Danny. What was there not to like about Danny? But to imply that she was one of those fawning little…things that fell all over a boy was insulting. Sam would allow for one to call her many things without paying them any mind, but this…no!

"I AM NOT." Sam said, gritting her teeth as she glared at each of them in turn.

Various coughs were heard throughout the other four, and a couple of hacks were input as well.

Sam ignored them, and with a frown muttered, "Next subject..."

"Can do." The blonde girl grinned. "I'm bored... So...what's new?" she asked.

Emily Court, otherwise known as Emma was another one of their best friends. She had long strawberry blonde hair down to her back and pretty blue eyes. The girl was born in Reading, England, and her family had moved to Amity, California when she was still in elementary school. Though Emma was very pretty, she was far from vain.

"Emma, THAT'S your new subject?" Roxie asked, raising an eyebrow.

The brunette snorted, leaning against the back of the chair.

"Oh, and YOU can do better, An?" Emma asked, a devilish smirk on her face.

The girl whom Emma referred to was Britannica Reed. She preferred to be called 'Annica' though, seeing as she said her full name reminded her of a dictionary. Annica had naturally wavy brown hair that went to her shoulders and hazel eyes that looked as if they had gold flecks in them in the sunlight. Annica was the shyest out of the five of them.

"Maybe I can, Em." Annica said, playfully sneering at Emma. "What have we all in mind?"

"Nothing cardiovascular, please." Roxie offered, raising her hand.

"Let's play a game." Sam offered.

"Okay. Let's play 'Truth'. I'll start. 'Is Sam obsessed with my brother?' Yes. Next game." Jazz shrugged. Sam threw her a dirty look.

"I've got one…okay, no I don't. I lied. Annica?" Emma looked towards the brunette.

"Well, seeing as we've been bored since October, and it is now December, I've got an idea." Annica said.

"We have not been bored since October," Roxie argued. "We just came back from Christmas break, and mine was not boring."

Jazz grumbled something unintelligible about her own, so Annica continued.

"Well, this game is a little…long term. Depending, I guess, on how long it takes for us to get through it." Annica explained.

"Okay? What is it?" Sam asked.

"I heard about this game," Annica told them. "See, my older sister used to play it at sleep away camp." She said.

She received four blank stares.

"'Sleep away camp'?" Roxie interrupted dully. "Aren't we a little old to be playing games found at 'sleep away camp'?"

"If it has something to do with roasting marshmallows or something, I swear I'm gonna slap you." Sam informed, ignoring Roxie.

Jazz gave her a confused look, to which Sam answered, "Long story...in short, I found out that I'm allergic."

"So, yeah, yeah, what was it?" Emma asked Annica.

"Well, it was called 'The Secret Assignment Game.' They had these 'missions' given by the other girls in the group, via memo, email, post, ect. Well, you have these code names to use in case you get caught, and it sounded kinda fun." Annica explained.

"It sounds dorky." Roxie replied offhandedly. "What kind of missions anyway?"

"Well, my sister had to sneak into some guy's room and lie next to him while he was asleep and get a picture of herself and him. Her friend had to steal the camp headmaster's toupee." Annica grinned.

"Okay, not so dorky." She replied, quickly sitting up in attention. "So, what do you guys say?" she asked.

"About WHAT? I'm not doing that! One, there is not enough time in the world to do that. Your sister did it in the summer. We're in school. Two, we'll get expelled, and I can't get expelled in my senior year. Three, even if we don't get expelled, our parents will annihilate us, not to mention, ground us until we're thirty. No way." Jazz said, stubbornly.

"She does have a point..." Emma said, chewing on her lip. "Besides, I am not climbing into someone's bed."

"Guys, this school is boring. The stone floors are boring, the cathedral style ceilings are boring, and the classrooms are boring, even the AIR is boring. It needs a little excitement. It's begging to be excited. It'll be worth it. And besides, we can work around stuff like getting caught. We're all smart. As for it taking too long, it's December. We've got about six months to do all of this. There's five of us, with six months. There'll be plenty of time for schoolwork." Sam sighed.

"Now, let's turn this boring school...I mean boarding school into something a little fun, huh?" Sam asked, exasperatedly.

"Well...I guess a little mischief won't hurt...as long as it's not hurting anyone...I guess I'm in." Jazz said hesitantly.

"Well, if Jazz is in, I guess I'm in." Emma sighed.

"I was always in, you losers." Roxie grinned.

Annica shoved her. "Freak. And it was my idea, so I was always in." she mocked. "Now, what should we call ourselves? My sister and her friends called themselves 'The Chaos'. What should we be?" she wondered.

"Nothing dorky." Roxie butted in.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, Miss. Cool. Let's see...'The Secret Assignment Game', right?...What about 'The Secret Assignment Club' it's not too cheesy or too dorky," she looked at a certain someone when she said that.

"And no one really feels like making up a name, right?" Jazz finished.

"Yeah...I guess." Sam shrugged.

"Whatever." Emma nodded.

"Sounds all right to me." Roxie replied.

"Okay. Codename time." Annica announced.

"Now. Code names? I'll be...Gothika." Sam grinned.

Emma rolled her eyes, "Who would have guessed? The gothic girl wants to be 'Gothika' I'll be...Kitten. Kittens like, so totally...like...erm... rule!" she said in a super preppy voice.

"We'll pretend you never said that." Roxie laughed. "I'll be...SPAZZ!"

Roxie slumped in the comfy and somewhat worn sofa, putting her feet on Emma, only to have them pushed off.

Jazz smirked at them. "I'll be...Spectra." she smiled, thinking of Danny.

Sam met her eyes, and nodded. Although she didn't know just how close she was to "Inviso-Bill" as Amity called him, she did know that Jazz held a very special place in her heart for the ghost boy.

Annica tapped a finger to her chin, deep in thought. "I think I'll be...Violet. It was my mom's favorite flower..." she explained quietly.

The others nodded with deep understanding. Mrs. Reed had been killed in a twelve-car pile up, and Annica had never been the same. Annica never really talked about it, but all they knew was that she now had a deep fear of driving and the highway.

"So...now that we have the code names?" Emma asked, turning to Annica.

"Well, now, we decide who's going to have a challenge for who. But, to make it easier, let's put our names in something and pick them out. It'll be much simpler, not to mention more fair." Annica told them.

Emma reached into her dark pink knapsack, and pulled out a pen and paper. She wrote everyone's names on part of the paper, and then ripped it equally. She folded all of the papers neatly, so that not even she could tell which one was which. Roxie reached into the pocket of her jean jacket and pulled out her lucky baseball cap. She put it on the table and Emma spilled all of the names into the hat.

"Okay. Everybody pick." Annica instructed them all.

One by one the girls all picked out pieces of paper until each one of them had a name. They each opened the names and looked around at each other.

"Okay, who do we all have?" Sam asked. "I've got Annica."

Annica smiled and turned to Emma questioningly.

"I've got Jazz." Emma replied, showing Jazz the piece of paper.

Jazz accepted the hi-five that Emma gave her and turned to the girl nearest to her.

"I've got Sam." Jazz said, a chaotic grin on her face. She flashed a smile when Sam looked panicked.

Ignoring the interaction between Jazz and Sam, Annica said, "I've got Roxie."

"Ok, I've got Emma." Roxie said, with a content shrug.

Roxie stuffed her lucky hat into the sofa, too lazy to put it back in her pocket. "I'll get it later."

"Okay, so now, do we decide the 'missions', Agent Annica?" Sam asked dramatically.

"Yes. And don't ever do that again." Annica laughed lightly.

The others nodded in agreement and Sam stuck out her tongue. The five of them went up to their dorms, plotting to turn Casper High School, the most boring boarding school in the world into an adventure that no one would ever forget.

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