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Samantha Fenton smiled as her husband helped her onto the couch. She sat down, cradling the little bundle wrapped in yellow, delicately. She sat there, watching her puffy closed eyelids with a smile. She couldn't wait to see her little one open her eyes. This would be the third time that Sam would see Danny's eyes open for the first time in one of their children. She felt the sofa press in beside her, and felt Danny's chin on her shoulder.

His breathing was soft, warm, and sweet on her ear as he joined her in watching the new addition to their family.

Sam wouldn't lie. This little one was a lot of work already. Her abdomen was still swollen and felt heavy, and though baby weight was the last thing on her mind, she was still in sweatpants and one of Danny's old sweatshirts.

"Hey there, pretty girl." Danny whispered.

Sam smiled. This one had already captured her Daddy's heart and she hadn't even opened her eyes yet.

"Hm," Sam closed her eyes and listened to their breathing, both in time with each other. "She is."

Danny exhaled.

The baby inhaled.

Danny inhaled.

The baby exhaled.

"I wasn't talking about that pretty girl, but yes, she is too." Sam opened an eye and smiled.

"Flattery will get you a grand total of nowhere, says baby number three." She laughed. Danny joined in, and cleared his throat at the sound of little footsteps.

"Is it here?! Is it here?!" a little boy cried.

"The baby is not an 'it', Ryan. Miss. Morgan says that my new brother or sister is a human being with feelings." A girl who looked to be a little bit older than the boy, berated.

"Kids," Danny smiled. "Come here and meet your sister."

The two raven-haired, blue-eyed children scampered up onto Danny's lap and peeked over at the blanket.

"I don't see nothin'. Momma, Lindsay lied. She said there was a baby, but I don't see nothin'." The boy complained.

Danny grinned. "That's because the blanket's in the way, Ryan."

Sam, also finding her son's impatience humorous, moved the soft yellow blanket over a bit more to reveal the tiny child.

Little Lindsay and Ryan peered down at the baby as she yawned and balled a tiny fist around their mother's finger. Ryan was the first to speak.

"…She's ugly."

Lindsay gasped. "No, she isn't. She's the most beautiful, awesome baby I've ever seen in my life, Daddy. What's her name? Does she have a name?"

Danny and Sam looked down as the baby squinted for a moment before revealing the most gorgeous and familiar looking amethyst eyes.

"Alexis," Sam smiled in awe as her child's eyes reflected her own. "Her name is Alexis."

"…Alexis! Alexis!"

"What? What, what, WHAT?" Alexis yanked the bathroom door open in annoyance.

"Get the hell out of the bathroom. My pores are burning and I need to wash this cleanser off of my face." Lindsay snapped.

"You and your pores can go burn, Lindsella DeVil. I just got my period like three point two seconds ago, and I am NOT in mood for your princess bull, okay?" Alexis snapped back.

"I don't care about your menstrual cycle, little sister! Now MOVE."

"Me and my menstrual cycle will take you down in this hallway, pizza-face!"

"No talking about your menstrual cycles when your father is present…" a tired Danny called as he trudged down the stairs.

"Sorry, Dad!"

"Sorry, Daddy!"

Lindsay turned from their father to glare at Alexis who leaned against the doorway with a scowl.

"'Sorry, Daddy'," her younger sister mocked.

"There's a reason Ryan thought you were ugly as a child." Lindsay glowered.

"And there's a reason why we both think you're ugly now." Alexis countered.

"I hate you!" Lindsay yelled as she stormed down the stairs to go use the basement bathroom.

"Go die!" Alexis yelled back through the slammed door.

Danny yawned as he walked back up with two steaming mugs. Sam met him at the doorway of their bedroom and wrapped her lavender colored silk robe around herself with one hand as she took one of them from her husband.

"And you wanted an even four." She replied, smirking as she took a sip.

"Well," Danny gave her a smile that she knew all too well. "I hear that four's the new lucky three."

She watched him as he put down his mug on the carpet.

"Daniel Fenton…" she began.

"And I've always liked the number four…" She put her hands on her hips as he took the mug and placed it next to his own.

"I mean it, Danny. No."

"I'm sorry…I don't think I've ever been told that word before. Definition please?" Danny hoisted her up over his shoulder and lightly kicked the door open with his foot.

"Danny!" Sam laughed as the door closed.

"That," Ryan grunted as he rubbed his eyes and headed for the bathroom, "is so disgusting."

He jiggled the knob on the door and grunted. "Oh my…Alexis! Are you in the bathroom again? What are you, constipated?"

"Go. Away." Came his sister's muffled, yet unmistakably angry voice.

"I have to pee!" Ryan grunted. "I will torment you until you come out, Alexis."

Alexis opened the door. "What do you—HEY!" Alexis was pushed to the carpet as Ryan shoved her out of the way.

"I have my period." Alexis taunted.

Ryan scoffed. "You used that lame lie last week. Goodbye. Go join Lindsay in the basement…the dark, cold, basement."

As the door was closed in her face, and Alexis let out a furious scream, the neighbors knew that it was just another normal Saturday morning in the Fenton household.

The door opened again for a brief second only for Alexis to have her cell-phone hurled at her. "Next time, make your calls on your own time instead of my urination time!"

Alexis huffed and picked up the phone. "Hey, Skylar?…Hello, Earth to Cousin. Yeah, I'll call you back."

She then proceeded to bang on the door after hanging up. "Ryan! Okay, the first time I was just lying to piss Lindsay off, but now I'm serious! Ryan! Open the door! RYAN!"

Because everyone knew that the Fenton brood got along for the most part…except on Saturday mornings when it's bathroom time.

The End.

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