Harry followed Gohan up to their seats, and briefly caught the teacher's eye. She winked at him, and Harry's blood ran cold.

'Oh no, this teacher is going to rape me!' he thought irrationally

That is, until he saw her hair flash bright pink for a second.

'Tonks!' he said, slightly louder than normal

"Harry! Quiet down!' She whispered, 'I've only impersonated the teacher for a few minutes-I just had to tell you that you must leave now! You have to go tell Bulma all about the new discovery!"

"New discovery?" Harry asked, the bright light of curiosity aflame in his eyes.

"The Saiyaborg…" Tonks lowered her already lowered voice, "they are all a trick from Voldemort!"

Gohan turned his head sharply.

"Who are you? How do you know the Saiyaborg are a trick?" he demanded

'They can't be…how can a human, well, a wizard, know about the saiyans! This Voldemort guy is craftier than I expected…' Gohan thought

Gohan and his friends all left, unfortunately not able to spend the day with their old friends. They rushed back to Bulma to tell her the news.

Bulma was surprised, but not very.

"I've heard of this Voldemort---sounds like something he would do," she said

The next week at Capsule Corp was quiet. All the visitors left, and the only ones still staying were Gohan, Videl, Harry, Ron and Hermione. They would have been bored-except it's almost impossible to be bored at Capsule Corp.

They were swimming in the indoor pool, when they heard a loud "CRASH" coming from outside.

They all hurriedly changed into their clothing, and rushed outside to join Bulma, Vegeta and Trunks.

There was a huge spaceship crashed in the front yard of Capsule Corp. A spiral of smoke was floating out of it. Goku stepped out of the ruin and did his trademark cute arm-behind-neck smile.

"I guess I haven't quite got the feel of landing yet!" he said, laughing nervously

"GOKU? YOU IDIOT! ARE CHICHI AND GOTEN ALRIGHT?" shouted Bulma in a stressed out voice

Vegeta chuckled. "Woman, of course they're all right! You designed this ship with extra safety precautions—in case this happened."

Chichi stepped out right behind Goku, and rushed towards Gohan.

"OH MY BABY! I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN SO LONG! ARE YOU ALL RIGHT? HAVE YOU AND VIDEL MADE ME GRANDBABIES YET?" yelled Chichi worriedly, hugging her first-born son hard. Gohan blushed and glanced at his friends. Hermione thought their family was cute, Harry and Ron thought they were all too over-emotional, and Videl was just giggling. She was used to them all!

"I'm fine Mum…me and Videl are just friends! Uh…How's dad and Goten?" Gohan said in an embarassed tone.

Goten chose this moment to run up and jump onto his brother's shoulders. "GOHAN! GOHAN! GOHAN! I MISSSSSSED YOU! IS VIDEL MY BIG SISTER YET?" Goten said energetically

"Goten! I missed you too!" Gohan said, attempting to avoid all this Videl questioning.

Videl of course was also blushing pretty hard herself!

"Brother, we went to New Namek, and I saw all of the aliens that look like Dende and Piccolo!" said Goten

"Happily, all the New Namekians are doing fine, thanks to the defeat of Frieza!" said Goku

Chichi looked proudly at her husband, "Oh Goku!"

But Vegeta had had enough. "Okay Kakarrot, woman of Kakarrot, and brat of Kakarrot. Emotional reunion over. Gravity Room. Now."

"You're on Vegeta! I learned some interesting new techniques over at New Namek…." Goku said as he instant transmissioned over to the Gravity Room.

"ARRRR DAMN YOU!" yelled Vegeta, dissapearing and reappearing long enough to wrench open the Gravity Room door and stomp in.

Everyone was a little quiet after that outburst, until Bulma broke the shocked silence.

"Well then, shall we have some tea?" she said

That brought on all the stories – Hogwarts adventures (toned down so Chichi wouldn't be worried), New Namekian adventures, and of couse the mystery of the Saiyaborg illusion.

Back at Hogwarts

Dumbledore folded his hands and looked at Minerva McGonagall (spelling?) over the top of his half-moon spectacles.

"I think it is time to teach them why it may be dangerous for the saiyans to approach Voldemort." Stated Dumbledore calmly.

Minerva nodded solemly. "I'll do it then."

"You may have trouble with one of them – Mr.Briefs. He may be a bit mad about his lack of control, I advise you take the utmost precaution with him.

Back at Capsule Corp

Vegeta, who had been sleeping soundly in his bed, suddenly woke up and sneezed.

Bulma groaned and rolled over. "Someone must be talking about you," she mumbled sleepily

'Like anyone would ever gossip about the prince of all saiyans!' thought Vegeta proudly, dropping off to sleep beside his wife.

The next morning, Capsule Corp was a madhouse of people rushing to breakfast. Unfortunately, right before the saiyans and humans could dig into their delicious omelettes cooked by Chichi, they heard a weird sounding POP. Professor McGonagall had apparated right in front of the breakfast table!

"Good morning everybody." Said Minerva calmly.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING DISTURBING THE BREAKFAST OF THE PRINCE OF SAIYANS?" yelled Vegeta, obviously very angry at the witch for disturbing his food.

"Vegeta! Calm down!" Bulma said, smacking him with a frying pan that Chichi passed to her.

"Hello," said Bulma politely, "May I ask why you have 'appeared' in my house?"

"Yes, terribly sorry about that Mrs.Briefs, there is something I must tell you. Dumbledore send me here to tell you this. Voldemort has been doing intensive research on the saiyans, their background, and all the enemies they ever fought. That is why he was able to make such a real looking and feeling Saiyaborg. Voldemort is able to develop spells to suit your saiyan abilities. That's why it would be unsafe for you to attempt to fight him. I would like all of you to back down and let the Order keep Voldemort under control." McGonagalls speech over, she looked around at the breakfast table. She expected to see shocked faces and scared eyes on all of its occupants, but only the humans looked the least bit scared. Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks and Goten were all laughing.

"Since when have we ever backed down from a challenge?" asked Goku through his laughter

"Whoever this Voldemort guy is, there is NO WAY he can stand up to ME, a LEGENDARY supersaiyan." Said Vegeta

"Hey hey, we're super saiyans too!" yelled Goku, Gohan, Goten and Trunks.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione spoke up. "We've got past Voldemort before, we can do it again! Besides, it's in Harry's destiny to kill Voldemort."

"WE WON'T BACK DOWN!" yelled everybody, except Bulma and Chichi who looked very worried.

"Another battle…more deaths…more worry," said Chichi sadly

"At least it's nice to see how excited they get before a bit battle," said Bulma

Professor McGonagall sighed. How would she ever get them to understand that Voldemort was way beyond their league? She, Dumbledore, and the order, would definetly have to think about this.

She apparated with a POP, and left they hungry residents of Capsule Corp to their cold breakfast.