Chapter 4: Cure and Poison

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"Robin has awoken!" Said Starfire.

"How's Raven doing?" asked Cyborg.

"She is still asleep." Sighed Starfire.

"I wanna go see her." BB made to standup.

"Hold up, wait a moment. Give Robin a minuet." Said Cyborg, pushing BB back into his seat.

"But- fine." BB gave in.

After staring at his hands and testing them, he placed his hands on the wall of the dome and, again, pushed. This time he stepped through the wall and stood next to Raven's bed. Again the energy sparked around him. He watched as the energy sparks jumped around him. The sparks began to prick his skin. Pricks quickly turned to a burning sensation through out his body. He fell to his knees, pushing at the wall of the dome to get out. He rolled out, gasping for breath. Slowly he attempted to stand, but was forced down by a wave of nausea.

'Don't touch me!' shouted Raven. She pushed Robin away and retreated into the corner. Again Robin came at her. Raven didn't have time to escape her corner. He grabbed her around the waist and again she could feel her power flow into him. 'Stop! Please!' She gasped. He laughed and held her tighter. Unable to control the flow, her knees gave out and she slumped against him. The sudden change of weight caused Robin to let go. She fell, sprawled on the floor, sobbing.

Again Robin attempted to stand. This time his nausea allowed him to. He staggered to his feet and fell against his bed.

"Now can I go see them?" asked BB.

"Fine, go." Sighed Cyborg.

"I will go with you." Said Starfire.

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Well, another short chapter. Hope you like it, hopefully there will be something good in the next chapter. I don't know. I'm only half way though it.