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Old Memories Relived-

Chapter 1: Possible Threat

Two demons stopped for a moment outside of a palace. The kitsune flashed a stolen object to his partner, a bat youkai. They smirked before sprinting through the forest. A small sound was heard. It sounded like a chain breaking. The bat youkai froze and started running back the other way.

"Don't, Kuronue!" the kitsune yelled. His partner kept going. "I need it." He was referring to his pendant that had been caught in the bamboo. Kuronue retrieved it, but wasn't quick enough. Bamboo sticks fell from above him. They caught the youkai in his tracks. "Kuronue!" The kitsune's face was horror stricken. "Forget about me, Kurama! Go, run!" the fallen bat youkai cried to his partner.

Kurama bolted upright in his bed. He was drenched in cold sweat. "It was the dream again." he whispered to himself. Ever since they defeated Yakumo, Kurama had been having this reoccurring dream. Although, this dream was a memory that haunted him. Anger still flared inside of him, all of it directed towards the demon god who posed as Kuronue and twisted his memory.

His breathing slowly returned to a steady pattern. Kurama turned to his bedside table. The alarm clock's red numbers told that it was three in the morning. He let out a heavy sigh. His thoughts brought him to think about the next case that Koenma would give the team. It had been rather quiet since Yakumo's attempt to return the Netherworld.

Yusuke hadn't changed much. He still hated school and was still rude to Koenma. However, the spirit detective had become more protective of his friends. That's the same for all of them, even Hiei. Kuwabara is still a bonehead and the fire demon is still mysterious. Kurama looked back at the clock. It was six o'clock now. He had been lying there for three hours. 'This is going to be a long day.' he thought as he pulled himself out of bed.

"Yusuke!" A girl ran along the sidewalk after a boy in a green jumpsuit. "Yusuke! Stop!" Once she caught up with him, her hand collided with his head. "Ow! What was that for!" he yelled. "Did you not hear me calling you?" Keiko was walking next to her childhod friend. "No, I didn't." She hit him again, gaining another negative response. She then ran into the school.

After Keiko departed, Kuwabara walked over. "Urameshi! You could be a lot nicer to her." Yusuke ignored the oaf. The two teenage boys walked into the building and went to class. It was amazing that they weren't late. But someone was waiting for them. The blue-haired "schoolgirl" happily greeted the two.

"What's up, Botan?" Yusuke asked with a yawn. They sat down in the back of the classroom. Botan leaned in a little so no one outside of them could hear. "I've got a warning from Koenma. He says there is some strange flickers of spirit energy in this area." She paused. "Is it a demon?" Botan started again. "He's not sure what it is, but it could appear to be a threat." This answered Kuwabara's question.

The classroom was filling quickly. "I need to be going. I've told Kurama and Hiei. Just be careful." she stated. Botan scurried out of the room and disappeared. Yusuke stared at his friend. "So, I wonder what this thing is." Kuwabara nodded in response. Just then, Keiko came in with another person following behind her.

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