Operation: TAIHINDA

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Codename: Kids Next Door- Operation: T.A.I.H.I.N.D.A.










Prologue: Taihinda's Mission

Begin Transmission

The teenage girl stood before the three, large podiums. Her long, beautiful, blue hair was tied back in a tangled braid. Instead of wearing her blue, bikini-like outfit that showed off her green skin, she wore a ninja suit, with black sneakers instead of her matching blue sandals. Of course, since this girl, the rest of the audience, and the Three Elders, all had blue hair and green skin, they had to be aliens. However, these people were no ordinary aliens. They were Surubyians.

The day was late. The girl's friends, Ivy and Vinery, had already been assigned their planet to take over. Now it would be her turn. Soon, the whole universe would be ruled by Surubyians.

Surubyia was a planet a few thousand miles away from Zioshi, a planet that contained no living forms except a few bits of plankton and a Surubyian colony. Zioshi used to be a beautiful planet with its inhabitants, but then it lay trembling to Harvord.

The girl sighed dreamingly. Harvord was the most famous Surubyian ever since he destroyed all life on Zioshi, making it perfect for the Surubyians to start their universe domination.

Anyway, continuing with Surubyia. It was the largest planet in the Klaxtoid Galaxy (which wasn't that big, just to let you know), and urged to rule everything. They had a policy, and a policy that worked for years upon years. And a policy that had won them 352 planets. Surubyia ruled 353 planets.

Surubyia's policy was simple; children were trained from grades Kindergarten to 7 to learn how to take over a planet. Once the child turned 13 years old, he or she would be assigned a planet to take over, therefore making room for the Surubyians. It was now her turn.

"Taihinda Mortenda!" Elder 1 boomed. Elder 1 had short blue hair, but no beard.

"My name's Tai," Taihinda retorted. Tai shuddered. How she hated her name. Taihinda.She had learned it meant "Oh my gosh" in one of many Earthian languages. Rapanese, or something like that.

"Do not back sass us, young lady," Elder 2 said in a creepy voice. Elder 2 had no hair, but an elderly beard.

"Just tell her what planet she's got!" cried out someone in the audience. Pretty much all of Surubyia was watching this. The children were their future leaders.

Oh, did I forget to mention that? So sorry. If the child successfully takes over the planet, he or she is the new ruler of that one planet, deciding who comes to make the colonies, what supplies need to come, things like that.

"Right, right," Elder 3 said. Elder 3 had no hair and no beard; he was bald (which is highly uncommon on Surubyia for a man to be bald). "Tai Mortenda. We thought hard and long about where you are going to go."

"And we finally came to the perfect decision," Elder 1 added.

"Taihinda Mortenda," the three said in unison. "You must take over the planet Earth!" The crowd gasped.

"Earth!" Juni Chow, one of Tai's old classmates, yelled. "Come on, they defeated us the first time!" That comment started an uproar. Everyone was now arguing.

Elder 3 put up his hand. The crowd silenced; you could've heard a pin drop. "Ladies and gentlemen of Surubyia," he began. "You know Taihinda's tale. Her own father traveled to Earth, only to be defeated and killed." Taihinda shook her head, as if she was trying to hold back her tears. Elder 3 continued. "However, it was not the whole Earth who defeated poor Drakken, no. It was that blasted Kids Next Door!"

A chant filled the room: "Down with the Kids Next Door! Down with the Kids Next Door!" Elder 3 put his hand up, and the room silenced once again.

"Here's the deal. If Taihinda destroys the Kids Next Door, then the world will be our snack-cake!" The whole room started laughing evilly. Taihinda just smiled.

"But of course. My task: destroy the Kids Next Door, and then take over Earth!" The audience applauded for Taihinda, and she then took a seat next to her boyfriend, Lin.