Operation: TAIHINDA

Chapter 1: Crash Landing

The gas mask around Tai's mouth was hooked up to her supply of oxygen. She flipped the switch on the tank of air as her little space ship entered Earth's top layer of atmosphere. She looked at the coordinates. She rubbed her chin, wrote some figures on her finger-board, pressed some buttons on her main panel until some numbers showed on her main screen, and then grabbed her laser pen and scribbled new coordinates on the main screen. She pressed another button, and the screen returned to a clear-glass screen.

"Surubyian technology so out-rules humanoid technology," Tai muttered to herself through her gas mask. Her ship rocked a bit but then continued on course down to Earth. She had now entered the next layer of the atmosphere. Her space ship would protect her from the atmosphere's wacky weather.

Tai lay back in her squishy chair. She flipped the Auto Pilot switch and grabbed her book. She opened up to her bookmarked page and started reading. She was quickly interrupted by a message on the screen. Tai looked up. "You've got mail, you've got mail," a voice said.

"Open mail, commence conversation," Tai said, putting her book down. Elder 3's face appeared on the main screen.

"How is it so far?" Elder 3 queried.

"Fine, fine. Haven't landed yet, though," Tai replied, yawning. "Good bye." She pressed a button and Elder 3's face disappeared. Now the screen started flashing red and read "Alert! Danger!"

Tai's heart pounded. "Oh no, I'm landing!" she cried. She was totally scared. Tai never passed her landing tests. Racking her brain, she remembered at least what she was good at, and hoped for the best.

Mushi Sanban, or now Numbah 363, was looking out the window of the main room. Sammy Walkers, or Numbah 365, was sitting at one of the 10 computers, playing her favorite Online RPG, muttering stuff like "Crap, I'm going to get killed!" or "Die, stupid monster!" Nikki Francesco, or Numbah 361, was in the bathroom (you probably don't need an explanation for her). Herbie, or Numbah 362, was in his room, trying to upload a new defense technique. And last but not least, Ricky, or Numbah 364, was also in his room, whacking away at his punching bag.

Mushi stared hard at something falling from the sky. "Hey! Hey! It's a shooting star! I call it!"

Sammy paused her game and looked over her should. "Aiyo, Mushi? It's 1:00 PM. Like there'd be any shooting stars. They only come out at night."

"Not true, not true!" Mushi retorted, turning her head so she was looking at Sammy. "Shooting stars are meteors and meteors can fall down at any time they like!"

"Thanks for the information, Caption Obvious," Sammy muttered. She rolled her eyes and went back to her RPG. "I'm so going to use that piece of info later."

"Aw, shut up!" Mushi yelled. "I'm still making a wish!" Mushi looked back out the window, took a deep breath, and wished very hard.

"God damn ship," Tai muttered as she opened her door. "Always crashing." She sighed and took out a device that looked like a Nintendo DS. She flipped it open and several mechanic claws popped out. Tai stuck the device to the side of her ship, and the whole thing disappeared; the device was a cloaking device. Tai's ship was invisible to the human eye.

"Well, it's now or never," Tai mumbled. She took a ninja mask out of her pocket and stuck it on her head. She then took out a high-tech compass. "Let's see… The closest KND HQ should be… Directly east of here." Tai looked to the east and started walking.