Title: Thoughts in the night chapter Fourteen

Author: Dís Thráinsdotter

Disclaimer: I don't own Tolkien´s characters, I merely borrow them.

Rating: M

Summary: Glóin sits thinking about his life one night when he can't sleep. Post Hobbit but before LotR.

There were many emotions going through my head at the time, all of them mixing with each other and tumbling through me. First of all relief that Smaug was dead coupled with anger that I had been afraid of the Dragon needlessly. Then there came astonishment because Bard had been able to hold his ground against Smaug, something very few had been able to do and none had lived to tell about it. That was followed by sadness for the people of Laketown, I understood that they were angry for loosing their homes, but I was also angry because they blamed us for the attack. Then I remembered the young healer and became worried. I hoped she had escaped the disaster and was able to help those injured. I knew that the elvenking was on his way with an army and that also made me angry. We needed to prepare ourselves and we had little time to do it in.

When we had gathered the remainder of the supplies we sent the ponies back to Laketown, or rather the rubble that remained of the town. When all had been prepared that could be prepared in advance we were going through the pile of treasure that lay in the great Hall that Smaug had turned into a bedroom. We could see that Thórin was looking for something but he didn't tell us what he was seeking.

The ravens had told us that the Elvenking and his army had gone to Laketown, or rather what was left of the city. They stayed there for a few days and some of the elves remained when they continued their journey. An army from Laketown joined the elves and marched towards the Mountain. The Ravens told us that neither Elves nor Men looked worried, all of them thought that the Mountain and the treasure were unguarded. If they thought that then we would have to teach them that they were indeed guarded and we had no intention to give them what was ours.

Finally the Armies of Elves and Men came to the valley, we could see the fires where they had gathered and hear that they were singing songs. We were also singing some songs but I could see that Bilbo wasn't fond of them; they must have been too warlike for his taste. The rest of us liked them, as they spoke about how we had been able to retake our home and were sending the message to all our kinsmen that their aid was needed. At the moment the only ones who were on their way was Dáin Ironfoot and his company, but they had the shortest route to go even when we took into consideration that it had probably taken them a couple of days to prepare all that would be needed. The others would also be willing to come but it would take longer for them to arrive, in fact some of them didn't arrive until the following spring and by then the battle was already over.

The meeting between Bard and Thórin was tense and didn't go well. Bard did have cause for his questions, after all the people of Laketown had given us aid and now they needed aid from us, but the presence of the Elves from Mirkwood made Thórin angry. Bard left us to reconsider the matter but I could see that Thórin didn't see the need for it. As soon as Bard and the others had left we were approached by someone carrying a heavy burden. To the amazement of all of us it was our young healer who looked relieved to see us. We helped her over the wall with the supplies she brought, particularly of medicines. After examining us she told us about the events in Laketown, in particular Smaug's attack and the unkind words used by the Master of Laketown. "Many were angry at him for abandoning Laketown because he was one of the first to do so. At first he tried to place the blame on Bard but he came back so he needed another scapegoat and you were conveniently absent" she told us. She also told us about her grief when Bard said that we had no doubt met Smaug first. She had had nightmares about finding our charred bodies in the passages of Erebor and had been relieved when she found us still living.

Her descriptions of the way the people of Laketown had spoken about the matter made all of us angry and I am sure that she would have stayed with us had Thórin asked her to do so. Thinking back on the matter I must say that Thórin liked to be able to speak with her and they were quite a pair together. My brother said that she could have been his daughter and I agree with him. In the end she was asked to go back in order to keep her eyes open and let us know if the elves and men were planning an attack and she agreed to do so. She gave each of us a hug and went back over the wall. The Raven messenger told us that she made it back safely to the camp and that she had the emblems of Durin over her tent along with the banner of Laketown.

When the messenger came to our wall, Thórin recognised the man from the healer's description as one of the Men who had given us foul names. That, together with the demands he told us about, made Thórins reaction almost instinctual as he sent an arrow against the messengers shield. Then they told us that we could eat the gold if we wished to and kept guard at the gate. They didn't seam to notice the Ravens going back and forth and so we were able to keep in touch with our healing friend who told us what she heard among the soldiers.

It was also good to receive word from Dáin Ironfoot that he had gathered as many of his warriors as he could in a hurry and that they were now on their way. In the meanwhile, all we could do was waiting and keeping an eye on things. We were in for a long wait.