Aki- Any fans of this story I haven't updated in a while and I don't know when I will next, but this was a spur of inspiration because right now I love anything Tonks, Sirius, and Remus.

One Time

I never honestly thought that one day I would love someone who loved me in return despite my …condition. Not only love me back, but fight to try and be with me. Someone who was so hurt by the fact that when I tried to distance myself from her that she was depressed for months.

Of course I had, what I believed impossible, dreams and fantasies of such a woman, but I never imagined Nymphadora Tonks. At first glance one would think she is not my kind of woman, no way my type. She was maybe a little too happy-go-lucky and light-hearted despite the bad times and her rough profession. She was almost childish. Her appearance could change so much from week to week that one wouldn't even realize it was her until she cracked that quirky grin and whispered, 'Wotchter,' to you in greeting.

Nymphadora Tonks. Or just Tonks by her preference. One of a kind, yet the one and the same. Of course I never felt quit right or got used to calling her by just her last name. Nymphadora. Dora. To me it was a pretty. Something different and unusual, but in a good way, just like her.

It was really a surprise hen not to long later after I met that I discover that I had developed deeper feelings for her other than just an Order member, than an acquaintance, than a friend. But it scared me because I never thought she could feel the same way about me. I never thought I could tell her that I hadn't felt this way about anyone else before. Tell her that I might be falling in love with her. Tell her that she made me smile.

It was not till much later that I learned she was having similar fears. She feared that if she told me her feelings I would think it just a little girls crush. That I thought she was weird, out of place, and immature.

I never thought that of her, but the opposite. She wasn't weird. Unique is a much better word for her. Immature, not once. She might have been the only one of us adults who was mature enough to laugh and joke and play despite everything. The only one mature enough to know that even in the midst of a war we all need to smile every now and then.

Appearance-wise she was perfect. Sometimes she changed for her job, to be undercover. Other times, when she changed just because she felt like it, whether with Weasley red-hair or some neon shade, it reflected her personality, her individuality, her character, and her mood. Her every perfect fault.

Of course I always associate her original appearance not as her birth one, which she still refuses to show me, but the way she looked when I first saw her. Heart-shaped face and spiked, bright pink bumble gum hair. I let it slip to her the night we went to get Harry before his fifth year that I liked spiked pink hair.

One time I let it slip that I liked her pink spikes. One time.