The wars between the kingdoms of men and the subterranean reavers was finally at an end. The Earth King, Gaborn val Orden, disappeared into the wilderness of the earth which he served. The Dark One was banished from this shadow of a world forever, never again to reclaim it for it's own purpose. Young Averan, now a talented and powerful Earth Warden, is seeing to the repopulating of the last hatch of reaver young. Raj Ahten, the former ruler of all the kingdoms of Indhopal and the bane of the Earth King, has perished, his life extinguished just as the fire that lived in his heart. Peace has been brought back to the world, from the deserts of Kartish to the islands of Internook, and throughout all three Kingdoms. The few surviving people who followed their Earth King had won through to see another day. Everything was set right once again.

Or so it seemed…

The wizard hurriedly searched through the various manuals and texts scattered on top of the long, oak table. His research was sprawled everywhere: books on the Kartish blood metal mines sat next to maps of the Underworld; lists of lords and their endowments covered journals of battle history written by generals of old. The wizard himself was an old man, with over seventy years to his credit. His life was dedicated solely to the collection of knowledge and the discovery of the power that knowledge held.

This man was a wizard of the earth, an Earth Warden. He was chosen by the Earth to serve the people who inhabited it's surface. He was responsible for the well being of the few who survived the war against the Dark One. Now, he had found something that just might lead to the prosperity of good.

At one end of the table lay the object of the wizard's curiosity: a forcible, the source of all Runelord's powers. With these potent devices, one could acquire brawn, grace, metabolism, anything that one desired. All it would take is a dedicate to give the endowment and a priest who could perform the endowing ritual. For every trait that could be transferred, a particular rune must be carved on the end of the forcible. This allowed the magic of the blood metal to run it's course, and the connection between dedicate and receiver to take place.

This particular forcible had a rune carved on the end that was unlike any the wizard had ever seen. He finally found the tablet showing all the known rune shapes, and looked it over, trying to find a match. Despite his efforts, he could not identify the mysterious rune. He picked the forcible back up, looking it over.

"Curious..…what good are you if I don't know what you do?"

The forcible seemed normal enough: about half an arm's length, usual structure…, writing on the handle? The wizard now searched one of the many small pouched hanging from his leather belt. He pulled out a small lens, and placed it over one of his eyes. Taking an even closer look, he could make out tiny etchings on the handle of the forcible. He recognized the writing as Inkarran, a bit messy, but still readable.

The wizard recalled the years of study of the Inkarran language, and slowly the words began to come together. "This brand…one of a kind…is special purpose…resurrection?" He gasped with wonder. A rune to bring people back from the dead? The possibilities, good and bad, flooded into the wizard's head. This was quite possibly the most powerful discovery in the world, much less the wizard's career.

Immediately, he wrapped the forcible in a cloth, and tucked it away in one of his many chests. He spent a few minutes neatening up his table, trying to compose himself. Once his breathing slowed back down and he stopped his sweating, he hurried out the door of his chamber and down the stairs of the castle to request an immediate counsel with his lord, Sir Garvis.