Slowly, silently, the wizard reached the throne room of Lord Garvis. He approached the guard, asking "Is he ready to see me?"

Shouting from the other end of the dimly-lit room, an answer boomed, "Just get in here!"

"As you wish, my lord." Emus the Earth Warden was forgetful at times that his ruler was a rune lord. Although he recalled a time when this brash man's father was ruler, and the calm and friendly tone that he possessed. Now it seemed to Emus that he would never be able to serve someone so kind and humble again. He entered the room, carrying a few scrolls for Lord Garvis' enquiry, in case he asked. A table was set before the throne, so Emus could place his belongings to show to the lord.

Again with a tone of anger and impatience, Lord Garvis shouted, "Well, what do you have to show me, old man?" Lord Andros Garvis did NOT like to wait around for meaningless discussions and debates. He preferred action, the times of emotion without forethought. Perhaps that was how getting rid of his father seemed so easy.

"Lord Garvis, I have found something of importance which you should know about." Emus hated the fact that he was about to divulge his findings to this man. But, sadly, it seemed to be the only option. To go to any of the other minor lords about his information would seem to Garvis as treason, and to go to the true ruler of South Crowthen was simply to far a journey. The warden was profoundly afraid of letting the forcible fall into the wrong hands, and to give it to Garvis was the lesser of two evils. Besides, he reassured himself, no one, not even I, knows how the thing woks.

"That I have already heard, it is useless information! What is the blasted thing, anyways?"

"I have found a unique forcible, one that I have never seen before."

At the word forcible, Garvis completely changed his temperament. He went from the verge of ranting to one of eerie calm. His eyes widened, and he grew quiet. He knew that this could mean more power. He could not afford to let an opportunity for more power slip by. "Continue, wizard."

"Well, when I was looking over the rune, I noticed that it didn't match any of the shapes that the priests use in the transfer of endowments. I looked over every one in detail, brawn, grace, sight, wit, smell, all of them."


"Well, at first I was stumped. Then I found that there was some ancient Inkarran script carved into the handle. I still can't translate the entire thing, some of the words themselves haven't been used for ages."

Garvis didn't like being held in suspense, either. He came back to his senses, shouting "And? THAT'S IT?"

"N-no sir. From what I managed to pick out of the writing, I believe that this rune is used to create some sort of unique bond, different from the others. I believe that the rune is used for regeneration"

Garvis took a second to review what he had just heard. Regeneration? That's impossible…isn't it? He stared Emus straight in the eyes and said, "I must be granted this endowment."

"But my lord, I don't know enough about how the rune works. There's no telling what will happen when the ritual-"

"I don't care what you know! If this rune does give the receiver the ability to regenerate, then I must have this new endowment transferred to me!"

"But my lord-"

"I DON'T CARE! Just have a priest sent here to perform the ritual, and I will find someone for a Dedicate!"

"A-as you wish, Lord Garvis." The wizard scrambled to pick up his writings, and hurried out of the dark throne room, back to his quarters.

As he saw the wizard take leave, Lord Andros Garvis felt content with himself. Unlike his father, who was too considerate to his subjects, he ruled with an iron fist. Only by using force could things actually get done. The lord looked up at the ceiling of the throne room, watching the shadows cast by the lit torches sway and flicker. He closed his eyes and imagined of the new power he would gain, and his future conquest of the entire South Crowthen territory.