1Disclaimer: This is not my story. I typed it up, it's actually my cough friends story who did not type it up on her own b/c she does not read yaoi, or watch yaoi so of course she could never write yaoi.

... Denial. Warning- it's also her first fanfic. And it's Tatsuya/Suguru

... don't even ask where that pairing came from.

Plot's not mine, and neither are the chars, since I soooo (and neither does she) own Gravitation. Though I want to.

"This is it!" Fujisaki yelled as he headed towards the door. Sakano-san facefaulted and he begged Fujisaka to think it over, falling to his knees with tears streaming down his face.

"Sure, go on. Leave." Shuichi said, he had not been in the best of moods since having ANOTHER couples quarrel with Yuki. Hiro looked up as Fujisaka opened the door and stormed out.

"He'll be back right?" Sakano-san asked no one in particular, tears streaming down his face.

"No. I hope he's gone FOREVEH!" Shuichi cried, fires in his eyes as he pumped his fist in the air.

Tatsuya walked down the hallway to the rehearsal studio, Ayaka-chan following behind him. "C'mon Akaya-chan, you want to meet up with Hiro-kun don't you?" Ayaka nodded animatedly and hurried her steps, Tatsuya smiled and turned to face forward only to find himself smashing into another body.

"Uf!" Fujisaka yelled in alarm as Tatsuya toppled off balance and landed on top of him sending both sixteen year olds to the floor. "Get off me!" Fujisaka protested as he blushed at their compromising position.

Tatsuya smiled, thinking that the fiery green haired boy was pretty cute. Sure he was without his Ryuichi's magical charisma... but he would do.

"Did you sprain your ankle?" Tatsuya asked, groping the boy and watching him color.

"That's NOT my ankle!" Fujisaka exclaimed, pissed off and red faced.

Shuichi popped his head out of the studio, hearing the noise. He blinked in confusion at seeing his keyboardist and practically-his-brother-in-law slash honorary-pervert laying on the ground.

"GET OFF OF ME!" Fujisaka shouted, and the noise attracted Hiro who popped his head out as well and his eyes flew to Ayaka-chan.

"Ayaka-chan!" Hiro murmured, sparkles appearing around him.

"Hiro." Ayaka-chan's background was one of pink flowers and her eyes locked lovingly on his.

Tatsuya's hand slipped on the floor as Fujisaka squirmed under him, as he began slipping off of the other his head came down in juuuuuust the right position and smirking the pervert decided to take advantage of it, locking his lips with the protesting teenager.

"... still confused." Shuichi stated, trying to figure out what was going on. "Tatsuya?" Tatsuya made a vague murmur of greetings as he locked eyes with the boy he was kissing. Growing red with anger Fujisaka threw Tatsuya across the hall and ran out cursing under his breath about perverts and stupid pink haired rockstars. Tatsuya blushed as he stepped up to Shuichi, brushing himself off as he tried to pretend he was unaffected by the previous kiss.

"What's up with him?"

"Nani?" Shuichi asked, turning wide innocent eyes on his practically-brother-in-law slash pervert.

In his apartment Fujisaka leaned against the door panting heavily from the run there. Bringing a shaky hand up to his lips he murmered, "what was that?".

"Ayaka-chan." Hiro said, still having not moved from his position.

"Hiro." Ayaka murmured as the lights faded to black.