I went in because I spelled magikarp wrong. Huh.Incidently, if you're going to trycorrecting my grammar, make sure you know yours, first. That way you save yourself a minute bit of embarassment. And the intro:

Forums are badfic breeding grounds. We all know that. So, this said, I'm not sure why I was surprised to see on a single page on Serebii upwards of three fics about the ugliness of feebas. I wrote this because I think feebas is amazing and I love it. It was the biggest whim of my life, and I find it quite funny... mostly because it was so random xD But now I'm ranting.

Anyway, take it for what it is and do enjoy. And remeber: Feebas equalLove. Love your feebas, love yourself.

Dear Trainers, Breeders, Coordinators and Writers,

We feebas have several bones to pick with you. No pun intended. In fact, seeing as 'several' generally does not denote a number greater than ten, we have many separate bones to pick. And not of them were at any time a part of one feebas, and they are all nice, white, bleached bones as well.

First of all, we as feebas do not consider ourselves hideous. In fact, there are several of us who will very readily tell you they prefer the feebas form to the giant worm that is milotic. Feebas, like all pokemon and the occasional sane human, have pride. We as a community feel that, though the average feebas has about one-hundredth of the intellectual power of an alakazam, a personal preference involving looks is no reason to discriminate.

We may be dimwitted, but ugly is a very harsh word that should be using sparingly and preferably only against a sibling in the occasion of a disagreement.

That said, there are many trainers who relish the idea of owning a feebas. Because we keep ourselves so hidden, we are considered treasures. Yes, you heard correctly. The sight of a feebas has never burned out anyone's eyes. In fact, there are people who sit along the waterfall outside of the tree-town and fish for feebas. Yes, you people actually look for feebas in particular. It has even been said several times that there has been childish squealing at the sight of a feebas, followed shortly after by, "Isn't he just a-dor-able!"

Yes, adorable. Not horrific. Not some depressed to tears by our 'ugliness'.

As for magikarp… well, to the breeders, we are far more versatile than those useless fish, and are capable of far more than flopping around. Watch, breeders, as we learn dragonbreath and sent magikarp flying. Watch and be amazed. Though, personally, we as a community of social beings feel no hostility toward magicarp. Magiiarp, too, deserve to live their lives without the ridicule of you people.

As for coordinators, they aren't all abusive saps with try to exploit us for milotic. Likewise, not all of them are lovey-dovey. They treat us like pokemon. Some even choose to give us everstones, and use a mere feebas to outdo all of those silly ninetails at a beauty contest. Yes, they treat us as a contest pokemon is treated.

As amazing as it seems, feebas are treated like normal pokemon. Yes, writers, that means you. We do not appreciate the several hundred fics which showcase how we evolve from ugly to beautiful when someone goes out of their way to care for us. Personally, we feebas do not feel that anyone should have to 'go out of their way' to care for a feebas any more so than they would for another pokemon.

We do have self-esteem, you know.

All this said: Please have some respect for the pokemon we are as you have respect for nosepass, glalie, pikachu and everyone else.

Thank you.


The Feebas