New York City, New York

October 1929

Anyanka groaned as she entered the small hidden demon bar in New York City. Had she asked for some other vengeance demon to do the spell of the year? No. This stock market thing was supposed to be all hers, but instead this new demon comes in and ruined it and as a result, has become D'Hoffryn's new favorite. It was time like these that the over thousand year old vengeance demon was extremely grateful for the use of alcohol in beverages.

She dragged herself into the bar and started searching for a place to sit and get drunk. As far as she could tell, the seats were occupied. There was not a free one in sight. She stopping, looking over to her right. She stood corrected. There was an empty seat next to a bleach blonde thing. He was too pale to be human, Anyanka noted.

She walked up towards this bleach blonde creature, grabbing the empty seat next to him, hoping it was not saved for anyone. Sensitivity and politeness have never been her strong points. "This isn't saved, is it?" she asked miserably a moment later.

The vampire sitting next to her shook his head. "She's not coming here. Haven't seen her in two bloody days, why would she show up now?"

Anyanka rolled her eyes before stopping and staring curiously at the thing. "What did you do to her?" she accused.

The thing shrugged. "That's just it, I don't know. She's out of her bloody mind so I never know what happens with her. One day she's head over heels for me and the next she's out in hotel rooms with Darla of all people!"

"Drink?" she asked.

The vampire nodded and ordered the two of them a whole bunch of bottles of whisky, vodka, whatever the bartender had lying around. After numerous drinks, one thing started leading to another and even though the bar was closed, not a single person would dare kick Anyanka or Spike out of it. The two of them jumped up onto the bar and began pulling at each other's clothes.


Present Time

"Wait," Xander interrupted as he turned to face Anya. "You had sex with that?"

"Personally, I blame the vodka," Anya answered miserably.

"Can we get back to the main point?" Buffy asked curiously with a glance at her best friend and Anya. "Please," she added with a cautious glance at the strange vampire in the room. "Sooner or later she's going to get bored and start eating someone."

Mary shook her head. "I don't eat trash," she commented dryly. "Might eat you though," she said as her baby blue eyes fell on Buffy. "There's something special in your blood, I can feel it."

"Alright, we can defiantly get back to the story," Buffy said as she turned to Anya and Spike.