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Summary- Pan wants nothing more than to become a Super Saiyan and nobody believes that she can do it. So at the tender age of ten she runs away leaving everyone to believe she's dead. What happens when she returns? Can her friends and family warm her hardened heart? Will she even tell her friends and family it's her?

Ages in Chapter 1:

Trunks-14; Goten-13; Pan-10; Bra-11

-On with the Story-

Gohan sighed as he walked outside and picked up the battered and beaten body of his ten year old daughter. He shook his head as he thought about how hard she was trying to become a Super Saiyan. 'She will never be able to achieve Super,' he thought to himself, 'she just doesn't have enough Saiyan blood in her.'

As he reached the door leading inside his house, his wife Videl was standing with a sad look on her face. She touched Gohan's shoulder, she was worried about their daughter. Pan had been trying to become a Super Saiyan since she was 6. Trunks and Goten had been Super Saiyans since they were 7 and Pan couldn't understand why it was so much more difficult for her to do.

The broken girl weakly opened her eyes and looked at her father, "did I do it?" Her father looked at her and gave a sad smile as he shook his head no, causing his daughter to growl, "Why can't I do it?" she demanded to know. "Trunks and Goten were younger than me when they became Super Saiyans! This just isn't fair!" she screamed as a tear fell from her eye, which was viciously wiped away.

Gohan looked at his daughter, "Pan, you know that it will be a bit more difficult for you to become Super than everyone else. Trunks and Goten did it so easily because of who their parents are and the amount of Saiyan blood they have. You are only one quarter Saiyan, it will be harder for you to obtain your goal."

With a dejected voice the young girl asked her father, "Will I ever be able to become a Super Saiyan?"

Gohan stayed quiet, unsure of what he should say. He looked at the distraught girl before him and then smiled before answering, "of course you will. It will just take a lot of training."

Pan smiled before closing her eyes and falling back into unconsciousness, her body and mind were completely drained.

Gohan walked to the kitchen where his wife was sitting with tear stains on her cheeks. "Videl?" he questioned with a worried look.

"She's going to kill herself Gohan! Why don't you just tell her she will never become one? She will have to accept it sooner or later. You've said so yourself."

"I can't just crush her like that. I know that she already has to go through Trunks and Vegeta saying that she will never go super and it breaks her heart every time they say something like that, I can't do that to my own daughter."

"But you're only giving her false hope. You know she can't become a Super Saiyan because she doesn't posses enough Saiyan blood."

Gohan sighed, "I know Videl, but I just can't. When she is older she will realize on her own. She doesn't need us discouraging her before she is able to see the truth on her own. And for all we know, maybe she can. It's not like either of us have ever known someone with one quarter Saiyan blood."

Videl sighed but nodded her head in agreement.

The next morning Pan woke up and ran downstairs for breakfast, she greeted her mother and father with a classic Son smile before sitting down at the table and waiting for food.

As Videl placed Pan's breakfast in front of her she smiled at the young girl, "Pan sweetie, we're going to Bulma's house today. You'll be able to play with Bra."

Pan face lit up, Bra Briefs was her best friend. Videl put down a huge stack of pancakes and Pan began to literally inhale her food, thoughts of Bra temporarily forgotten.

At about 2:00pm Gohan, Videl and Pan all flew to the Briefs residents. They landed and the first thing Pan did was run inside to find the eleven-year-old Bra. "Hi Bra!" Pan greeted as she found her best friend.

Bra grinned back, "hey Pan! Want to play dolls with me?"

Pan made a face at her friend. "Um…not really Bra. Do you want to Spar?" she asked, knowing that sparring wasn't Bra's thing, just like dolls wasn't her thing.

Bra stuck out her tongue as if Pan had just suggested they drink from the toilet, "no." she said.

Pan sighed, "Well I'm going to go outside and train then, ok?" She really had been excited to see Bra, but there was just something about being in this house that made her want to train 24/7.

Bra rolled her eyes, "I think my brother is outside training to so you'll have someone to spar with."

Pan made a face similar to the one Bra had made earlier. "I hate him." She said as she remembered all the times he had told her that she would never accomplish the thing that she wanted more than anything. She used to really admire Trunks, but then his taunts just became so condescending that her hatred grew and grew.

Pan walked outside and sure enough found Trunks training out there. "Hey squirt," he greeted, "Still wasting your time trying to become Super?" Trunks knew how to get a rise out of the small girl in front of him. He wasn't trying to be malicious, fighting with each other was just their thing.

Immediately Pan's face contorted in anger and she growled as she attacked him. She sent a kick to his head, but Trunks grabbed her foot and twisted it. Pans body twisted in mid air as she managed to use her momentum to gain back her balance. She ripped her foot out of Trunks' grasp and quickly lowered herself to the ground doing a sweep kick and knocking him right off his feet. Trunks did a back flip and kicked Pan in the face sending her crashing into a wall of Capsule Corporations.

Pan growled again and picked herself up from where she was lying surrounded by debris. She looked at Trunks' face, which held an arrogant smirk.

"Just give up already Panny. You're nothing but a little girl. You'll never become a Super Saiyan and you'll never be as strong as one. So just stop trying."

Tears immediately sprung to Pan's eyes and she blasted into the air. The last thing Trunks heard from her was "I hate you Trunks Vegeta Briefs!" Trunks shook his head deciding not to go after her, he would give her time to cool off, she would return to the party later.

He knew he shouldn't push her so hard, but she usually didn't start crying that easily. Normally his taunts would cause her to fight harder, and to push herself further than she normally did. He honestly wasn't sure whether she would be able to transform or not, but he knew that she would definitely work hard trying. 'Maybe I pushed her too far this time? She gave up almost instantly. And since when does she start crying after just a few insults? Maybe I really should go after her.'

Bulma walked outside and looked from Trunks, to the wall, and back to Trunks, "Trunks Vegeta Briefs! What in Kami's name happened to my wall?"

'Jeez, what's with people and my middle name today?' Trunks silently asked as he rolled his eyes. "It was Pan," he explained, placing all the blame on the younger girl, his concern for her forgotten.

Bulma looked around and raised a skeptical eyebrow when Pan was nowhere to be seen. She knew he didn't damage the wall on his own, but he was the one who was going to pay. "You're grounded young man. Two weeks, no TV, no phone, no training and no Goten."

"What? Why? I told you, it was Pan!"

"And Pan isn't even here."

"That's because she already flew away."

Bulma's stare hardened. "Okay, lets make it three weeks." Trunks shut his mouth and glowered as his mom walked back inside.

"What was going on outside Bulma?" asked Gohan with a smirk. His Saiyan hearing had let him hear everything. He knew Trunks wasn't actually trying to insult Pan, but he still took some pleasure in the boy being punished for it.

"Oh, nothing really, Trunks just destroyed my wall."

Gohan's head suddenly snapped up.

"Are you okay Gohan?" Bulma asked, slightly worried.

"No. Pan's Ki just disappeared."

"What do you mean it disappeared?"

"Her and Trunks were fighting and I felt her get angry and fly off. She was about 20 miles north from here and suddenly it just disappeared."

Bulma didn't know what to say. Vegeta and Piccolo both ran over to Gohan, "your brat's Ki just disappeared."

"You think I don't already know that?" snapped Gohan as the three of them took off into the sky being joined by Goku and then Trunks. They flew as fast as they could towards where Pan's Ki had last been felt.

Gohan stopped in mid-air and was looking all around, the four Saiyans and the Namek were hovering above an ocean that was just off the shore of Cape Town.

Gohan looked horrified. "You don't think…"

Piccolo caught onto what Gohan thought right away and shook his head. "Why would she?"

Trunks had gone completely pale, "no," he whispered, "She couldn't have. NO!"

"Trunks! Snap out of it!" ordered Gohan as he slapped Trunks. "We need to search for her."

Trunks weakly looked at Gohan as he got tears in his eyes. Everyone had come to the same conclusion, but no one was willing to believe it or accept it until they at least tried to find her.

They searched for hours, with no luck. Trunks was a complete wreck the entire time. Surprisingly Gohan managed to keep his composure, but everyone could see it was beginning to crack.

"I'm so sorry Gohan."

Gohan looked at Trunks, "what…do you mean?"

"We were fighting earlier."

"I know, I felt you guys."

A tear rolled down Trunks' cheek, "the last thing she said to me before blasting into the sky was that she hates me. But I didn't think that she was upset enough to…to…well…to do…this."

Gohan looked at him, something in Gohan snapped. He had heard everything between his daughter and Trunks, so it wasn't what the young man had just said, but he just lost it as the reality started to sink in. He started screaming his heart out as the waves around him rose up and crashed down all over the place. Goku and the others were all pushed backwards by his power as it continued to grow. Gohan was in SS2 mode as he kept screaming, everyone present felt his power rise higher than it had ever been. For at least a moment he was once again the strongest person on the planet. As his screaming subsided his hair faded black once again and he fell into an unconscious state.

Goku caught his son's limp body. He looked at him sadly as he started to fly back towards Capsule Corporations. He had been calm and quiet the entire search. He didn't know how he knew it, but he knew that his little Panny was alive and well. 'She just needs time.' He knew that when the time was right his granddaughter would return to them.

With Pan

Pan had tears streaming down her face as she blindly flew north away from Capsule Corporation. She had never felt so angry towards Trunks. It was true that he always bugged her like that, telling her that she should give up and completely stop trying to become a Super Saiyan, but this time just felt different for some reason. This time she couldn't handle it. She stopped above an ocean and stared down into her reflection.

'This isn't who I am supposed to be' she thought to herself. 'I'm not this weak little girl that I see staring back at me. I am strong, I am a fighter, I am a Saiyan. I am a Son. I have pride and don't need anybody to help me. Stupid Trunks, I'll show him. I will become stronger than my limits will allow me. I will become a Super Saiyan. No matter how long it takes. I refuse to return to them until I have achieved my goal.'

With that final thought she suppressed her power enough so that it felt as if it at just blinked out of existence. As fast as she could, she flew towards Kami's lookout. When she landed Dende was standing there waiting to greet her with a smile.

"Hello Pan, it's been a while…"

End Chapter

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