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Goku did not die killing Radditz, and Radditz isn't so very bad but he's still in HFIL…for now. It is only a few weeks after Radditz died.

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Chapter 1: A New Everything

Love and family is something we all need. It's something every man, woman, child, and yes, even animal needs. Plain and simple, some people just don't get it in this world.

Sometimes living in this world just sucks.

Okay, so my life isn't as bad as that may make it sound but its not exactly peachy keen. I'm your normal, average 14 year old, brown eyed, brown haired, pale skinned, outcast self. Well…maybe I'm not THAT normal. I'm anime obsessive, I'm an excellent artist, I'm the youngest in my family but I may as well be the only child, and I'm a witch. Yeah, I said witch. Which is probably why what happened next probably shouldn't have surprised me so much. It's why what happened next probably DID happen. I'm also strange, I've never fit in even in the out crowd and I have a rather strange penchant for anything sharp, and just plain fighting. I'm the champion sword-mistress in my area of California.

Oh yeah…I'm a bit random at times too.

Just thought you should know…

(((((((((((((((((Falling down hurts))))))))))))))))))))))))))

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oooof!" The brunette landed with a loud thud on the not so soft grass near the shore of a lake. She sat up slowly, wincing at the cracking of the bones and the popping of the muscles at the rather bodily disliked move. She stared at her surroundings both amazed and shocked at what had happened. After all, it's not every day you fall through the sidewalk outside your house and land…wherever she'd landed.

It looked familiar.

The lakes, the tree's, the not so soft grass under her butt and the sun in the sky. That house way in the distance with the woman hanging clothes out back and the guy in the bright orange outfit doing pushups on what could only be described as one finger per hand. Wait a minute! She knew that outfit…and that house, and all of this! She was in…no way…it didn't work did it? But she'd cast that spell months ago!

She was in DBZ.

She willed her sore legs to lift her up and walked over to the lake. When she saw her reflection staring back at her she was surprised, really surprised. She was still pale, still kind of short her body was still less muscle than she'd liked. She wasn't exactly bad looking, oh no, but she'd rather have the six-pack than the almost flat stomach. Still, she was wondering why she chose THAT outfit for today. She wore a red tank top with a lace trim, and a blue denim miniskirt with a pleated edge. She had violet knee high socks on under brown boots with a 3- inch heel that only went up to her calf. Her dark brown hair was tied in a long braid down her back and her bangs were in two shorter braids on each side of her face. The thing she wasn't expecting was the tail that suddenly made itself known to her by forcing it's way out of her skin with a sharp pain and around her waist, causing her to fall once again, on her butt.

"A warning would REALLY have been nice…" She grumbled as she fingered the newly grown appendage gently. It was soft and dark brown and twitchy and very sensitive. "So would an informational booklet for this kind of shit. OW!" Just as she looked up a black wrapped falling object struck her.

Her full tang Katana wrapped in a black cloak had just landed on her head.

She blinked once, glared down at the offending sword and fell the rest of the way to the ground in unconsciousness.

Goku, who had been doing some warm up pushups, was not drawn by the small shriek of pain before the girl passed out, he was drawn by the new, powerful Ki signature. The signature that was heading towards his rapidly if whoever had it got in some training. The fact that the sayajins could have been early also entered his mind but there was only one ki and it wasn't anywhere near someone stronger that Radditz would be. It wasn't Piccolo and it wasn't Gohan so he rushed towards the lake to go and find out just who it was.

It was a girl.

A poor unconscious girl lying by the lakeshore and about 2 inches from rolling right into the lake from where she was. He gently splashed some of the cold water on her face to wake her up, but that didn't work. Instead, he decided to pick her up and take her back to his house. Chichi was stunned when her husband walked in with the passed out young girl in his arms. She had been about to yell at him for just rushing off with not so much as a goodbye, again, but this apparently boasted more interest.

"Goku, where did she come from?" Chichi asked, very concerned about the unconscious teenager in Goku's arms.

"Found her by the lake. She's got a really powerful Ki." Goku explained and then shrugged, not really sure what to do with her now.

"Well don't just stand there, go and put her in the guest room!" Chichi ordered, examining the girl much closer now, so close in fact she noticed that the brown belt wasn't a belt. "Oh Kami…Goku, she's a sayajin!" She exclaimed.

"Huh." He shrugged "I guess she is." Goku replied nonchalantly and carried the girl off to the guest room. After laying her down gently in the bed, he hurried off to comfort his wife and have some lunch.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((About 5 hours later))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

The girl woke up and blinked rapidly. She sat up slowly, with a pounding headache and looked around the room registering two things. One, she was not by the lakeshore anymore and two; she was not in her room either. She stood up slowly and placed her hands on her hips, brushing her newly grown tail that caused her to give a small surprised yelp. But the tail brought a reminder of what had happened and the words "I'm in DBZ" filled her mind once again. It registered in her mind for good and she reached out to touch the walls for support before righting herself and picking up her backpack to rifle through it.

Something beeped.

"What in the…" She pulled out something that looked like a wacko version of an electronic guidebook. Ever seen Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy? It looked like that. And it was beeping softly ever few seconds. She opened it up; it opened like a folder, and was amazed.

Good evening Kalia, and welcome home.

The words flashed across the screen on the right and she almost dropped it. Kalia was a character she'd made up a while ago, what the hell was going on and why did it welcome her home? This was confusing.

Name: Kalia, species: Half-sayajin, half-human, mother and father deceased; names unknown. Included is a meter in case you ever want to measure your power level the sayajin way. Circuits are warming, informational archives still not functional.

"Oh that bloody well helps, not!" she hissed at the computer thing. All it did was beep and close, by itself. She hit the red button on the side and it capsulated, falling back into the backpack. She continued to rifle through the backpack finding nothing too penalizing. A bottle of water, a folder of printouts from various web-comics and…uh oh. There were pictures, printed out and pulled out or cut out of magazines, of her DBZ crush, the bad boy prince known as Vegeta. She'd have to do something with those. Various cd's from HIM to My Chemical Romance to the soundtrack to Phantom of the Opera 2004, a few novels, and her sketchbook with a baggy of pencils, pens and erasers. Then she saw the black folder thing that held her diploma. She'd graduated high school at age 14 and had the credentials to prove it. When she opened it up it didn't say Pioneer High anymore, it said Orange Star High School.

Again, she almost dropped what she held in her hands but decided not to question it. After all, it did credit her story, whatever that happened to be she didn't really know yet.

She looked at her HIM CD's again, she was supposed to go to London in September for her birthday and see them. She'd kept up this pen pal thing with the lead singer on his forum and he'd actually sent her the plans via snail mail. Damn…what a loss ne? But somehow, a small loss compared to falling into your favorite anime, no?

She sighed and stood again, setting the backpack back to the side. She picked up her katana, pulling the cloak off and hanging it on the bedpost so she could see the sword better. The hilt was beautiful, it was carved ivory with a jade inlay and it was the shape of two dragons, tails intertwining with ruby eyes. She didn't know where it had come front, only that she'd found it in her room when she turned 7. She placed it under her pillow like she would have in her old realm and sat down again rubbing her temples. Her head still hurt some and she was trying to figure out a background story to tell, something she was usually good at but just couldn't seem to do this time around.

She didn't really want to lie to them.

Suddenly a light knock came and the door opened. She stood quickly, startled slightly but her quick beating heart slowed quickly at the sight of a sheepish looking Goku.

"Hi! Glad to see you're finally awake." He greeted her warmly, while all she could do was stare. She managed to regain her composure after a moment though.

"Hi…umm…how exactly did I get here?" She asked, looking around the room once more before her stomach growled in a rather loud and embarrassing fashion causing her to blush about as red as a tomato.

"I guess you're hungry. Lets go get some dinner and then we'll talk." He began to exit the room then turned back to face her. "Oh yeah! I'm Son Goku."

"I'm Kalia…" She answered hesitantly, embarrassed at not having a last name.

Out in the kitchen, the table was filled with plates of food. Kalia had never seen so much food in once place, unless you count buffets. She sat down and slowly started to eat, but soon found that she was ravenous. She was so hungry but she was trying to eat politely, which she accomplished pretty well. As she ate, Goku explained to her that she was found by the lake something like several hours ago. Unfortunately, after that small explanation and dinner, it was her turn to answer the questions and explain why she was by the lake at all.

And why she had a tail.

"So Kalia," Chichi began. "How did you end up passed out by the lake?" She tried to keep her tone as motherly as possible. Kalia looked rather scared and timid at the moment, and confused.

Kalia bit her lip and looked anywhere but at Chichi or Goku. She could make something up, or tell the truth. But the truth was just as confusing because of that stupid computer thing telling her she was home and that she was a half-breed but her parents were dead and unknown. She took a deep breath and decided on how she'd explain her situation.

"Well…you probably won't believe this but all I was doing was taking a walk to go and show my diploma to a friend when I kind of…fell through the sidewalk. I landed by the lake, and soon after the tail sprouted and then my katana, which was wrapped in my cloak landed on my head, hard, and the bump made me pass out. I swear it's the truth!" She exclaimed the last sentence and then braced herself, looking down into her glass of water and waiting for the reactions.

A raised eyebrow and two shrugs. Apparently it wasn't as unbelievable as she thought it was?

"Uh…I have a theory as to why…" She added, hesitantly.

"Well speak up dear." Chichi urged with a not so false smile.

"I, well I never fit in back in my…realm. I was adopted and didn't have many friends but I was always stronger than others and I loved to fight. I was the best sword-mistress in my area! And I was a witch…I actually cast a spell months before asking the gods to take me home but I thought it would work immediately, not 5 months later. I guess it worked?" She sat back and shrugged. Omitting the information about this whole thing being a show and about the computer that capsulated in her backpack. The expressions were wide eyed and the silence slightly uncomfortable after that.

"Kalia, how old are you?" Chichi asked suddenly, breaking the silence with what Kalia figured was a very random question.

"I'm 14, I'll be 15 in September." Kalia answered quietly.

Chichi looked at Goku and then at Kalia with the biggest smile in the world. You could just see the wheels working away in her head as she said the words that would officially change Kalia's life forever.

"Goku, I think we should adopt her. She can study and maybe even get into college! And you could train her if she'd like, she may be a big help when the sayajins get here."

"That sounds like a great idea! Kalia, from now on, you're our daughter." Goku practically cheered as he said this and jumped up to hug Kalia who was now grinning from ear to ear with wide eyes. She couldn't believe it; she was going to be the daughter of Son Goku. She would finally have the family she wanted, it was as if she had gotten a second chance. She had gotten a new life, with a new family in a world where she could start over and fit in. She was quite frankly, the happiest girl alive at this moment.

((((((((((((((((((((Kalia's POV)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

It was 5 days later when I was officially the daughter of Goku and Chichi. I was now Son Kalia, wow…nice ring to it hm? To celebrate and so I could meet everyone and be introduced to them all, Goku decided to hold a Gathering at the Kame House. I hitched a ride on Dad's back while he carried mom off to the island. I vowed that from the moment those words were said I would call them mom and dad and so far, I was doing pretty damned well. I was thrilled to be meeting the rest of the Z gang, at least for now. Dad told me all about the Radditz fight and the sayajins coming in a about a year so at least I knew what timeline this was. We landed on the island and I jumped off his back, knowing first and foremost was Master Roshi to deal with. Maybe the shorts and tank top weren't the best choice of clothing but hey, they were comfortable and it was warm. He came walking out of the house and his eyes nearly bugged out at the site of me, something that I noticed and disliked.

"Hi Goku, Chichi. Who's this beautiful young thing?" He said, staring directly at my chest as she spoke. Goku noticed this too and immediately he was into protective father mode. Nice how naturally it comes, being protective.

"This is our daughter Kalia." Goku practically growled to the perverted old man and Roshi's eyes nearly doubled in size when he heard the world "daughter".

"D-D-daughter? How? When? Why? How could you have a daughter we didn't know about?" He exclaimed.

"They adopted me." I answered simply.

Well that was interesting…

20 minutes later, the following people arrived: Krillen, Tien, Choutsu, Bulma and Yamcha. I was told to go wait inside the moment the first guest stepped foot on the island so that I could make an entrance. Easier to just introduce and explain all at the same time right? Right.

"Hey Goku! What's the celebration for?" Krillen asked, though he was very happy to see his friends again in a non-training environment.

"Yeah, we haven't fought anyone yet!" Bulma added her two cents. After all, she had a good point.

"What's this big surprise you mentioned?" Yamcha asked, voicing what everyone else forgot to.

Everyone kept asking why they were celebrating and what they were celebrating, instead of training since the sayajins would be here in something like 9 months or so. As soon as everyone had arrived and gotten settled though, Goku got up in front of the small group as Chichi walked into the house, then out of grinning wildly and dragging a sheepish, slightly blushing me.

"Ahem! Everybody, I want you all to meet a very special girl." Everyone looked at Goku with puzzled expressions. That is until they saw chichi walk outside with me following slowly and hesitantly behind her. Look, public functions and I just don't go together well, BAD experiences. Of course because I'm going oh so slow and hiding behind the woman who is like 3 inches taller than me at least, she grabs me by the arms and practically drags me up to stand between her and dad. "Everyone, meet Kalia. Our daughter."

"Uh.Hi." Well that was the meekest greeting in the history of the world.

Everyone's eye's practically tripled in size and his or her jaws dropped. Bulma silently walked up to Chichi with a smile plastered on her face, a very forced smile. She then proceeded to ask her what in the HFIL was going on and how she could have a teenage daughter without anyone knowing. Chichi, being the really clever if controlling person she was, cleared her thr4oat so everyone was listening. She then told them what happened and that they had adopted me. Of course she tried to make it sound as normal as possible, thank the gods. After that and after everyone was introduced to me, we ate and talked and swam and tanned, I really needed a tan. Now I have a great voice and made the mistake of telling and letting my new parents hear me. I say mistake because I am not good in front of crowds, weather its 5 people or 50 or 500, I am so nervous. But I was suckered into singing a few songs anyways, which I did with great hesitancy at first until I got into it.

Singing over, I just sat down next to Dad and listened to everyone talk.

(((((((((((((((((((((Narrator POV)))))))))))))))))))))))

Kalia soon fell asleep on her dad's shoulder, as it was now around 10 pm. Honestly, everyone was saying goodbye and leaving now so
Goku gathered the girl in his arms and both he and chichi smiled as she snuggled closer to his chest. She looked much younger when she slept, so peaceful, so adorable. Their daughter, they'd always wanted a daughter.

"Goku, we better get home, she's had a long day."

"Yeah, hey Bulma?" He asked, as she was about to get into her flying car.

"Yes Goku?"

"Would you mind giving us a ride? Kalia fell asleep and I really don't want to waked her up."

"Of course Goku, hop in."

When they got back, Kalia was gently tucked into what was now her official room. She rolled over onto her side, facing her new parents with a smile on her face. They pulled the covers up to her chin, kissed her on the forehead and then went off to bed themselves. All three of them content and happy at how well this girl's sudden arrival had worked out for all of them.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Chapter Fin)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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