The dreaded authors note…I'm very, very, VERY sorry I haven't updated in months! I'm getting around to it but I've got several things that complicate my life even more than college classes, fucking up my ankle, and nearly 3 solid weeks of rainstorms and dealing with friends and family issues already have. I WILL get the next chapter out soon….I promise you that! I just want to make sure you guys know that I have NOT given up on my story, just been in a bit of a funk…a really long and icky funk….but I'm breaking out of it!

See, I'm not just rewriting this story, I'm rewriting like 4 others because I've grown so much as a writer and I've finally got a beta reader and I just think the stories need it. Considering the success of rewriting this one, it's probably a really good idea, I already rewrote a Labyrinth story…I'm working on a second one (Misadventures In Labyrinth Land, which is the second time I've posted this story…) and stuff like that so I'm busy but I promise you all that I will TRY to get the next chapter out soon! Within the next 2 weeks, tops!

Uh…please don't hate me?

Aviarianna O' Lorien