Jungle Rot

By: Wildfire Sky

Relena finds herself lost in the Amazon jungle, without food, fresh water, clean underwear (just kidding), and worst of all: Mr. I-Can-Do-It-All Heero Yuy. HxR, some strong language. Influenced by "In Your Wildest Dreams". Please R&R like a good reader should!

Jungle Rot

Chapter One

Relena shuffled the stack of papers in front of her aimlessly, concentrating on organizing her speech notes and preparing herself for the long opening ceremonies awaiting her. With her influences, the President of the ESUN had decidedly increased the funding to the Preventers organization, allowing for the opening of two bases for the formerly neglected South America, located in the cities of Buenos Aires and Georgetown. The move was more of a benefit to the President than motivation to reduce terrorism and rebellious groups for South America was, at the moment, a haven for terrorist cells and factions none too settled with the prospects of peace.

A slight bump in movement caused Relena to tear her eyes away from the papers and glance through the small window next to her. The darkness and rain obscured any view she might have of the jungle they were currently flying over on their way from Georgetown to Buenos Aires; however, the turbulence would have made it hard to enjoy anything at the moment. Snatching at the papers that threatened to spill with the next bump, she reached over, sliding the window blind closed. Her stomach could barely take the sensations and seeing the tiny light at the end of the wing go up and down was more than she could handle.

This is why I hate flying...especially in propeller planes...

"Is everything alright Vice Foreign Minister?"

Relena looked up at the stewardess, forcing a smile on her face. "Yes...everything is fine, thank you."

The stewardess smiled with a brief nod of her head. "The captain apologies for the bumpiness and he's currently rising above the storm. No need to panic at all. In the mean time, can I get you anything to drink?"

The plane is flying through a storm and you're offering me a drink? What kind of stewardess are you?

She then noticed the slight shaking of the woman's clasped hands and immediately regretted her precious thoughts. Obviously, the poor girl was just as shaken as she was, if not more so being practically new to the job. The other stewardess had a sudden onset of the common cold the morning of her flight and the young girl was brought in on emergency practically right out of training in Georgetown.

"No, I'm fine," Relena said gently, "Perhaps you should sit down until the plane stops bumping."

The stewardess instantly flushed at her forgetfulness, muttering apologies as she retreated to the back of the private plane and strapped herself in. Relena also tightened her seatbelt, leaning back against the headrest and closing her eyes.

"You're remarkably calm." Said a gruff voice next to her. Relena opened her eyes and watched as Heero planted himself in the chair next to her, also buckling himself in. If Relena hadn't known him any better, she would have said he looked anxious, but Heero didn't get anxious, or at least, didn't show that he was. He was dressed in jeans and a green t-shirt, a much needed improvement from his infatuation with tank tops, his Preventers jacket snuggling fitting on his shoulders, crisp and clean as was always expected from him. In comparison to her business suit, he was obviously the more comfortable of the two. Luckily, she'd packed a bag of jeans and a blouse herself, just in case she happened to have some free time after this.

"Something wrong?" Relena asked, searching his face for a reaction, "The stewardess looked worried."

Heero grunted, not answering her question directly, but giving her enough information, namely that she should sit back, shut up, and let him handle things. Her eyes narrowed and she flopped back in her chair in a huff, crossing her arms. When even that didn't get a reaction from Heero, she lamely kicked the chair in front of her.

"What are you doing?" Heero growled, his voice annoyed.

"You're not answering my question!" Relena snapped back, giving the chair another kick. She froze as his hand clamped down on her leg, halting her abuse of the expensive backing and sending sparks shooting up through her body. "Heero..."

He removed his hand, frowning at her. "You're acting childish. If there was something wrong, I would tell you."

Relena's tempered flared. "I'm a child, am I? You're the one who goes around grunting and glaring at everything that moves. And you haven't said anything referring to my well-being since we left for Georgetown."

"You're always next to me. There's no point in asking."

Eyes narrowed, Relena snatched at her belt buckle, preparing to leave her seat.

"Where do you think you're going?" Heero growled, glaring at her as if he was daring her to move from the safety of his attention.

Relena let out an exasperated sigh, flinging the belt from across her waist and managing to whack Heero's knuckles. Ignoring the increased glare, she stood up, hands on her hips as she faced him. "I, Mr. Heero Yuy, am going to the restroom, if that's alright with you."

"It's not. Sit down."

The tone of his voice was almost hurtful, not to mention insulting, by the way he said it so impassively, not bothering to give her a second glance as if he knew she would obey his every command. And, as embarrassing as it was, she usually did...because she knew, deep down in that black heart of his, he genuinely cared about her.

But not this time you self-centered jerk...

Relena began to move, trying to step over Heero's legs in an attempt to get to the aisle. Heero refused to move, instead grabbing her arm and trying to for her down. Relena, in her own attempt to get away from him, jerked her arm back to break his solid grip.

"Heero! Let me go!"

"I told you to sit down!"

"No, I have to go to the restroom!"

"Relena..." Heero snarled, his temper flaring. "Sit down!"

Shocked as his raised voice, Relena froze and stared at him, a hurt look crossing her face. Heero instantly regretted his harshness, but for her safety she had to remain seated. He said her name again, almost apologetically, but Relena was infuriated. Snatching her arm back from his lack grip, she stood there in front of him, angrily glaring down.

"Heero. I'm going to the restroom. Move."

"Relena," Heero said quietly, "I can't let you..."

"Damn it Heero! Move right now or I'll---"

Her words were cut off as the plane suddenly jerked up, tossing Relena from the ground and connecting her head with the underside of the cabin bins. With a pained cry she slumped back down to the floor, clutching her bleeding head. Heero was instantly out of his seat, crouching down next to Relena, asking if she was all right. The tears streaming down her face were the answer to such an obviously stupid question, and Heero cupped her face, lifting it up to his own.

"Relena?" He asked, "Relena, can you understand me? Where does it hurt on your head?"

Relena mumbled something incoherent, and she slumped against him. Heero lifted her from his chest and deposited her limp form on the seat, buckling her in. When he turned to call for the stewardess, he found she was already there, a horrified look on her face.

"She's fine," Heero assured her, not wanting to deal with a panicked woman, "Go find some ice and a first aid kit."

The stewardess looked at him in confusion. "But, sir, where are you going?"

Heero glared at her. "To talk to the captain. I'll be back."

Striding quickly to the front, Heero jerked open the door that separated the cockpit from the cabin. A bright, sudden flash nearly blinded him, causing Heero to pause in his angry approach. When the dots cleared from his vision, he saw the co-pilot and the captain staring back at him as if he had no business there.

"Senor, you must return to your seat and strap yourself in." The co-pilot said in heavily accented English. "We are traveling through a very powerful storm and it is impeccable that you sit down."

Heero glared at him. "How bad is the storm?"

The pilots glanced at each other. Finally, the co-pilot nodded towards the rain slicked windshield. "It is the rainy season, senor, the weather over the Amazon is most bad at this time of year. The storm was not supposed to hit for another day but these things are unpredictable."

"Why didn't you fly around it? Or go over the storm?"

"Like I said, senor, these storms are unpredictable. We didn't know the direction and at this point, flying over it would be impossible."

"Why?" Heero demanded, his patience running thin with each word from the co-pilots mouth.

The co-pilot shook his head solemnly. "The storm is unpredictable. Now please sit down, we will inform you of any new developments. Please, senor...you are not making our jobs any easier."

"Answer my question." Heero growled, taking another step into the cockpit. At his movement, the co-pilot stood up, holding out a hand to stop him.

"Senor, you can not come in here! Return to your seat at once!"

Resisting the urge to deck the man, Heero reluctantly backed away and into the cabin, slamming the door shut behind him. Startled by the sound, the stewardess looked up, lifting a bloody cloth from Relena's head as he approached.


Heero ignored her, brushing past and taking the cloth from the stewardess. "How is she?"

"I...I don't know, sir," she answered honestly, "There's a lot of blood on her head, but I can't tell where it's coming from. Might I recommend a hospital when we land?"

"Yes you may recommend a hospital." Heero snapped bitterly, mocking the young girl. His attention shifted back to Relena as a tiny moan escaped her lips.

"Heero...?" she said, turning towards him. "What happened?"

He pushed her back, dabbing at the blood again. "The pilots are inadequate, that's what happened."

Relena blinked at the angrily tone in his voice, knowing better than to pursue whatever had gotten under his skin. Instead, she closed her eyes at his ministrations, wincing every so often at a prick of pain. Suddenly the cloth was removed, replaced by a cold thing. Relena yelped loudly, jerking away from the coldness.

"Calm down, it's an ice pack."

"Agent Yuy, you might want to sit down, the seatbelt lights are on."

Heero glanced at the girl in annoyance. "They've been on. Go sit down." She's the last person I want near Relena...

"Of course, sir. Please put on your seatbelt as well."

Heero sat down, just to satisfy the mother hen hovering over his shoulder. She nodded in satisfaction, retreating to the back seat, but before she could move away, the plane was suddenly rocked to one side, throwing her against the opposite wall. Her hand slapped against the window blinds, retracting it and revealing the outer wing. They watched, captivated, as a bolt of lightning screamed down from the sky, strike the wing directly. Debris was flung from the charred wing, tossed out into space.

Heero unstrapped himself, ignoring Relena's screams. As he headed for the cockpit, the door flew open, revealing a disheveled co-pilot who immediately rushed over to Heero, yammering in quick, choppy Spanish. Not understanding, Heero tried to make his way by.

"No!" the co-pilot cried, pushing at Heero, "You must sit down, we've traveled into the thunderstorm, please sit!"

Heero smacked his hands away. "Where are we?"

"What?" the co-pilot asked, glancing back and forth between Heero and the cockpit. "Where? We are somewhere over the Amazon, that's all I can tell you. Now please sit!" he pushed Heero into his seat, standing over the couple in front of him. "Vice Foreign Minister, we are going to have to return to Columbia for repairs to the engine."

"What's wrong with the engine?" Relena asked, regaining her composure.

"The lightning strike nearly hit the fuel line, but we want to be sure." The co-pilot gave her a nervous smile, "But don't worry, there's little chance that we'll be hit again. After all, lightning never strikes the same place twi---"

Suddenly the entire cabin was filled with a bright white light and then washed in yellow, the heat suddenly spiking. Relena stared in horror before burying her face in Heero's shoulder as the co-pilot was thrown against a chair with a sickening crunch. The captain's voice was calling back from the cockpit.

"Miguel! Miguel! The engine has been hit! Miguel?"

There was a sound like a can begin crushed, the cabin shaking violently as the opposite wall seemed to buckle in on itself. The stewardess groaned, looking up as the wall ripped itself apart. Her eyes locked with Heero's before the entire side of the airplane was torn away, wing and all. The stewardess let out a frightened scream as she was sucked away and into the air. The co-pilot's limp body quickly followed hers.

The plane seemed to be screaming in its own fear as it was plunged into a steep dive, straight into the darkness of the Amazon. Heero instinctively pushed Relena's head between her knees, doing the same himself as he held it down.

The captain hopelessly tried to bring the plane under control and lift the nose to slow the rapid decent. Lifting the nose only slightly, he managed to call in the mayday. He glanced up at the sound of rattling, watching in horror as the front propeller ripped through both the cockpit and his body, and into the cabin behind towards the two unsuspecting passengers.

There was one last jerk before everything came to an instant stop and the plane literally fell apart around the occupants.

Yes, it was short, but it's only the first chapter. I usually write longer, but I wanted to get a reaction from the readers before I continued further. Tell me if this might be remotely interesting or if I should give up now and kick myself for daring to intrude in the realm of Gundam Wing. To my readers of "The Guardian" and "Ante-Mortem" they're being finished, but sometimes I get these urges. Peace Out!