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EPILOGUE: Shall We Dance?

"Fuuko, hurry!" Yanagi shouted, eyeing the time.

"I'm coming!" a muffled voice from above shrieked after her. Fuuko emerged from her room, looking as marvelous as ever.

Kagerou was eyeing the girl with amazement. "It could have been better if it was a traditional wedding, though. Anyway, best wishes!" she said, embracing the girl.

Mr. Mitsuhashi was waiting outside. "Under orders, I supposed?" Fuuko asked for confirmation.

Mr. Mitsuhashi merely smiled and opened the door for the bride. "Thank you," she said in gratitude, riding on after Yanagi, and then followed by Ganko.

The groom was behind his back, his long hair shining with the hundred candles around them.

His best man, who has long, blue hair, was looking at the place with interest. "Nice plan," he praised.

"I want to tell you something," Tokiya whispered to his ear.

His eyes widened. "You mean…?" he gasped.

"You're right. I'm just… Tokiya," he said simply, nodding.

Tanaki smiled as he patted his shoulder. "What a nice antic. Then you didn't tell me anything about it!" At that instant, however, the doors opened, revealing the entourage, bright light seeping in.

"Mifuyu-san," Tokiya thought, as he saw the light. The figure smiled as he approached Tokiya, embraced him and said, "I thought you'll just stick to the past."

"I will never forget you, but I know now that I shouldn't live with you in the past," he replied on his mind, looking at his sister.

The figure slowly disappeared, and he saw Fuuko walking towards him. He smiled and took her hand, proceeding to the altar.

After the wedding, Tokiya called Fuuko. "Meet Dr. Katanari Tanaki," he said in monotonously.

Fuuko's eyes glowed. "You mean you're the doctor who took care of me? And you are the doctor who urged Tokiya to talk to me?"

At every point of question, he nodded, his eyes closed, his lips set on a smile of amusement. Fuuko darted forward and gave him a mock hit on the head.

"That hurts!" he said jokingly, rubbing his head.

The music started to play. Tokiya interrupted them, offering his hand to Fuuko. "Can I have this dance?" he asked formally.

"Anything you want, Tokiya," she replied, accepting the offer. They proceeded to the dance floor, and danced intimately.

When they're very close to each other, Tokiya whispered to Fuuko, "I forgot to tell you: you look nice today."

"Thank you," Fuuko replied. (a/n: actually, because Tokiya happened to be very rich, as in rich, I have made an idea that Fuuko changed her wedding gown to another gown.)

Yanagi chuckled as they joined them on the dance floor. Recca was finding hard time to follow her steps.

Later, the couple chuckled along as they heard the tinkling of spoons on the glasses. An act which means one thing… a kiss.

"Do it here?" Fuuko said in bewilderment. It was unusual that Tokiya was the one encouraging that they must kiss each other in front of everyone.

Tokiya held her tightly. "So, can we satisfy our guests?"

"Are you nuts? But if that's what you like," Fuuko sighed, finally giving in.

They descended once again in a kiss, but broke it shortly. They wouldn't want to let go uncontrollably on the dance floor!

"We've done this before," Fuuko said as Tokiya carried her to the bed.

"Won't you like to do it again – legally?" he asked, starting to nibble on her earlobe. "Besides, we must continue the dance."

She smirked and said, "I would love to."

And they started again the most pleasurable dance that will entwine their souls forever.


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