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Summary- Based on the Creed (I think) song 'With Arms Wide Open.' Piper tells Leo she's pregnant and Leo…well he's really happy! Enjoy!

Disclaimer- No Creed and no Charmed- there…

Piper and Leo sat down at the kitchen table. Piper took his hands. She had a huge smile plastered on her face.

"What did you want to tell me?" Leo asked.

"Leo- I'm pregnant!" Piper beamed.

"Wha- really!"

"Yea!" Piper put a hand on her stomach.

Leo hugged Piper tightly then kissed her.

"I can't believe I'm gonna be a dad…"

'Well I just heard the news today

It seems my life is gonna change.

I closed my eyes, begin to pray

As tears of joy, stream down my face'

'With arms wide open.

Under the sunlight

Welcome to this place

I'll show you everything.

With arms wide open.'

From the moment he met Piper he dreamed of having a family with her. It was finally happening! After months and months of trying the dream was coming true…

Nine months later….

"C'mon Piper, I need you to push." Phoebe urged her. The baby was coming.

"I'm trying!" Piper cried she squeezed Leo's hand tightly.

"You're almost there honey." Leo coaxed.

Just then the sound of the baby's cry filled the room.

"Omigod, he's here," Paige said quietly.

"Wait, he? You mean I got a boy?" Leo smirked.

"Yea," Phoebe smiled as she handed him to Piper.

'Well I don't know if I'm ready

to be the man I have to be.

I'll take a breath, take her

by my side. We stand in awe

we created life.'

'With arms wide open

Under the sunlight

Welcome to this place

I'll show you love

I'll show you everything.

With arms wide open.'

"Look what we did." Piper muttered as she looked up at Leo. He was looking down at the baby. Then he looked at Piper warmly.

"I'm a daddy," He whispered then kissed Piper on the forehead. He touched the baby's cheek with the pad of his finger lightly. Then the baby reached up and squeezed Leo's finger with his tiny hand.

'If I had just one wish

only one demand.

I hope he's just like me

I hope he understands.'

'That he can take his life

hold it by the hand

and greet the world

with arms wide open.'


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