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PS: For the purposes of the story, little Raven is named Metrion. What? Why are you looking at me like that?

PPS: Now, I thought of writing my own version of The End III, but I don't really think that's smart since in one week I'll probably hate myself. Instead, let's just say the events occurred, Trigon is dead, and now they're looking for Raven.

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The Titans stood in a shimmering palace. Standing in front of them was Arella, guardian of Azarath and last remaining survivor.

This place is huge, Beast Boy mused.

She greatly resembles our friend Raven, Starfire realized.

I'm hungry, whined Cyborg internally. There has to be some food in this dump!

What with her not getting any of her father's ugliness, you'd think Raven would have a mom who looked like her.

Arella looked serene, and happier than she ever had before. Her hair was much longer than Raven's, which over the past few months had been growing frequently and cut just as often. Her full red lips were not like Raven's, nor were her almond-shaped eyes. She didn't have Raven's slim flawless face, and her nose was longer than Raven's. Her coloring was the same. Her slender figure was the same, albeit a bit fuller. She looked to be in her mid-thirties. She was calm and beautiful, but she wasn't Raven.

"Congratulations, young heroes of Earth. You have done what none before you have been able to do."

"That's because this was the only end of the world." Beast Boy pointed out. Cyborg smacked a hand over his mouth.

"Sorry about that," he said apologetically. "He isn't really housebroken yet."

Beast Boy ranted something which—thankfully—was muffled.

"Please, wondrous lady, where is our dearest friend whom you so greatly resemble?"

Arella gazed at her with dark violet eyes. Though they were not Raven's eyes, they had the same eerie quality of making you feel as if someone was seeing right through you. Starfire shuddered. Clearly this is Raven's cnorfka, for how else could she possess the Stare of Yujethid?

"Did you know that Raven was born without a soul?"

"But she can astrally project herself," Robin protested. "How—"

Arella lifted a hand and he was silent. Robin had the feeling that if she came up to a crocodile scaring children, it would close it's jaws, apologize, and swim an ocean or two away.

"You, Robin. All of you. The friendship you offered her. But—" she sighed deeply, and stroked one of the doves fluttering about— "it was not enough."

The Titans glanced at one another, wondering what this could mean.

"Her heart has always been starved for love, whether she knew it or not. She never had a childhood…"

Another sigh, and she walked over to a large cradle shaped like a bird. Reaching in, she lifted out a small child. Walking over to Robin, she held the child out.

The other Titans crowded around.

"Hey, it's a little Raven!" Cyborg cried.

"Were you not with a young Raven before she kicked the Trigon's butt?"

Robin didn't reply. He looked at the little girl with her fragile beauty and perfect little body. Her slim chest rose and fell evenly. Those huge eyes which had stared at him so fearfully were shut, and she seemed more peaceful than the grown Raven had ever been.

She looks soso

Sweet? Innocent? Those worked, but they weren't what he was looking for.

Like an angel. She looks like an angel.

"Aww…she's so cute," Cyborg cooed.

"Cute? Raven is not cute! It's an imposter!" bellowed Beast Boy.

"Her name is Metrion," Arella explained.

"But she is our friend Raven."

"Yes, she is. Her clan name is Zinthos."

O.O "You're joking, right?"

"Thos is the Azarathian word for dark. Zen is the word for child, and Zin is the word for 'child of' but it also means 'bird of.' Child of darkness became bird of darkness."

"I'm sure Zinthos…Metrion…I'm sure she's a wonderful kid, but we kind of liked the dark moody teenager who has graced us with our presence almost every day for the past three years."

"Were you to return her to her true age, she would not be the dark moody Raven you once knew, for her heart and soul would be at peace."

"………That's good, right?" Beast Boy wanted to know.

Robin, who had been staring motionless at Metrion (except when he had to push away Starfire's hands, for she seemed to want to tickle her awake) spoke: "How can we return Raven to the way she was?"

"Give her what she never had."

"What do you me—" but he had barely begun when the word was snatched from his mouth by the wind roaring around them, transporting them back to earth.

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