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A/N: This is just a little Draco/Ginny one shot about the only way I could picture them together.

Does he really love her?

Ginny Weasley was sitting by the lake, doing her homework. It was a really nice and sunny Wednesday afternoon. There were only a few small clouds in the sky. She was enjoying the feeling of the early spring sun on her face.

She still had to do an essay on the use of moonstone in potions, but in stead of writing on the parchment in front of her, she was staring at a point in the middle of the lake.

That morning, she'd had a fight with Malfoy again. She had yelled at him, as usual, but for some strange reason, she felt bad about that. She was wondering what she could have done different, but she couldn't think of anything. Malfoy was the biggest git ever, so why couldn't she get mad at him?

She sighed and started throwing little stones into the lake. Her feelings didn't make sense to her anymore lately. If she didn't know any better, she'd think she was in love, but how could she fall in love with him? He was in Slytherin, he always teased her and her family.

Ginny startled when she heard a noise behind her. She looked around, only to find out that the boy she had just been thinking about, was walking towards her. Please let him go away, she prayed, but he didn't.

"May I sit her," he asked, in his usual arrogant tone. He didn't wait for an answer and sat down in the grass right next to her. Ginny looked down at her homework and pretended to be working on her essay.

She could feel his body heat when he came even closer. Part of her wanted to get up and run away, but somehow she was also curious why he was there. She felt him move again, but kept staring at her homework.

"Ginny," he whispered. She still didn't look at him. She didn't want to look at him.

"Please look at me," he tried again. The tone in his voice made Ginny even more curious. Finally, she sighed and turned her head, only to find out that he was a lot closer to her than she had expected. She wanted to look away, but she couldn't resist the look in his grey eyes.

Her breathing fastened as he came even closer, their gazes still locked, until their lips met and they both closed their eyes. Soon, Draco became more demanding, Ginny moaned softly as he pushed her back until they laid down in the grass. But when his hands disappeared under her shirt, Ginny pushed him back.

"Don't," she whispered, as she opened her eyes. That was when she saw him looking down on her with a triumphant look in his eyes, which made her feel a little ashamed. Then she heard other voices, and they were laughing.

A little scared of what she'd see, Ginny turned her head, only to find out that Crabbe, Goyle, Blaise Zabini and Theodore Nutt came from behind a tree.

"I told you I could get the little weasel to kiss me," Malfoy sneered. "You owe me 5 galleons each!"

He got op and walked over to his friends, not even giving Ginny a single look.

She slowly got up and grabbed her things. Then she went after him. Malfoy looked at when he heard her behind him.

"Now what do you want," he asked impatiently. Ginny looked him straight in the eyes before she slapped him in the face.

"Don't ever try that again," she said furiously. After that, she walked away with as much dignity as she could manage. When she was out of sight of the five Slytherins, she felt the tears running down her face. How could she ever think he really liked her…