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Chapter Two
First thing you have to know about Uchiha Sasuke is that he is not a morning person. Actually far from it. He was always able to wake up but never really happy about it, so you can imagine his temper when he woke up to someone who was being entirely too loud, shouting his name. Second thing you have to know is he tends to be a little violent, which is something this annoying person had to learn as well when instead of waking as they wanted he reached out grabbing whoever's face had been above his and covering both their mouth and nose. At first whomever had decided to march uninvited into his home was still but soon they began to fight for air. After a moment with his eyes still shut he released them and went to go back to sleep hoping they had gotten the point, but as whoever they were fell quiet they also decided to use another method to wake him.

"WAKE UP TEME!" Whump!

Sasuke sighed heavily looking up into the smiling face of his blonde lover who had pounced on him and was now smiling down in his face. The final thing you will need to know about Sasuke is unfortunately the one person in the world who could talk to him like that and touch him like this was the one now perched on him, his lover and teammate, Naruto. He stared twitching and had to admit . . . he still had the dull urge to hurt him for the wake up call.

"What are you doing Dead Last? We don't have any missions today."

Naruto shrugged, "I know, but today is Neji's birthday, we were invited to the party!"

Sasuke scoffed turning on his side and tossing Naruto onto the bed next to him as he pulled up his blankets.

"Why would I want to celebrate Hyuuga's birth?"

Naruto pulled his face out of the bed when he had been tossed and sighed turning to Sasuke, "Because he is our friend!"

"Your friend."

"Our friend. And besides that means we get to spend more time together today!"

Sasuke was torn on that argument. He had no issues with spending time with his incredibly cute lover . . . but he also knew why Naruto was so up for the quality time. He had been bugging Sasuke nonstop about when he was going to let Naruto do him ever since the other night when they had finally had sex. It wasn't that Sasuke minded taking it from a cute boy like Naruto aside from the issue of the Dobe screwing it up like he was bound to do Sasuke actually thought he may like it. It was just . . . well he wasn't sure he wanted to give up the dominated role yet. If he let Naruto be the seme than he would never hear the end of it. Sighing away the thoughts he pushed the blanket down and threw his arm over Naruto who meeped not expecting it.

"Whatever Dobe."

"Don't call me that!"

Sasuke smirked, "You'd prefer Dead Last?"


He smiled evilly and moved over wrapping Naruto in his arms as the captured blonde cursed at him under his breath even as an impressive blush began to spread over the whiskered cheeks.




As Naruto went to retaliate, Sasuke cut it off with a kiss, as most of his kisses were, this one was deep and made the squirming ninja he currently held blush worse though he was kissing back. He held it easily but knew that Naruto had no such lung capacity and released him watching with a smug look as he panted and glared at him.


Sasuke shrugged and reluctantly accepted the fact he was now awake for the day, he stood pulling away from the blankets and shuffling over to the bathroom in his boxers while Naruto behind him giggled muttering about Sasuke being almost normal in the morning. Sasuke who was tempted to take offence to that, went and washed brushed his teeth and after almost an hour of trying to get the usual Sasuke hairdo he emerged again. Naruto has evidently gotten bored and was reading a scroll he'd had by the bed, but as Sasuke entered the room he dropped the scroll and scooted off the bed coming over grabbing Sasukes hand.

"Finally! Lets go get him a present!"

Sasuke reluctantly allowed himself to be pulled from his home and out into the busy street where Naruto paused and looked around biting his lip.

"Ummm . . . what should we get him?"

Sasuke shrugged, he didn't know the eerie eyed boy very well and felt no need to change that, he was far from a fan of his and he was sure Hyuuga felt the same. Instead of helping he resolved to torture Naruto for the rude wake up and moved closer to him until he was standing directly behind him while he looked from store to store until even someone as dense as Naruto had to notice the closeness. And judging by the blush covering his cheeks, he apparently had. Sasuke let his hand inch forward and around Narutos side slipping under the loud orange jacket. Naruto shivered as Sasuke's hand touched skin and angled down in search of other interesting areas to touch but suddenly Naruto shot into the nearest store, letting his hand drop Sasuke followed smirking smugly. Naruto had b-lined into a book store which Sasuke was sure he had never seen the inside of, he looked around and spotted the blonde spikes bobbing down an isle, he moved over and meet up with the smaller ninja at the end of the isle.

"I can't believe you ran, Dobe."

"You were being perverted in public! What if someone saw!"

Sasuke shrugged, "I don't mind."

Naruto pretended the books on agriculture in font of him were the most interesting things in the world and crossed his arms.

"You wouldn't. Exhibitionist."

Sasuke scoffed and gave Naruto his space, he wouldn't be able to mess with him again until he was calmed and lowered his guard.

Naruto was quite sure Sasuke spent the better part of the night thinking of ways to embarrass him, in fact he would be willing to bet on it. The idea that Sasuke spent the night thinking about him made him happy but he wished Sasuke got the urge to get perverted when they could take advantage of it. And that he was really looking forward to, because this time he would get to be the seme! He suppressed evil laughter at the thought and happily went about picking a book he was relatively sure the Byakugan user would like before leaving the store.



He turned and offered the raven haired boy his best vulpine smile while Sasuke narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

"Could we go get some ramen!"

Sasuke sighed looking away, it was no secret to Naruto that Sasuke wasn't overly fond of ramen but Naruto lived by it, and if it helped get Sasuke back for all the pervert stuff he does then that just heightened its appeal.


Sasuke looked back at him and rolled his eyes, "Aa."

Naruto smiled and bounded happily toward Ichiraku's with Sasuke scowling in toe. He had pointed out before that he had eaten more ramen since being with Naruto than he had in his whole life beforehand. Naruto wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing so he'd let it go without comment, besides who doesn't like ramen! They arrived at the stand and Naruto ordered a large bowl of miso ramen, Sasuke informed him that if he ate too much he was going to make him pay for it himself which didn't really phase Naruto, he was well aware a well-placed compliment and the proper look at the Uchiha heir would break him. That fact used to piss him off but now he was beginning to really see the advantages of his hold over the larger boy, not that he had any intention of relying on his 'cute' side (in Sasukes words anyway, he didn't believe he had a cute side.) and not his strength to handle Sasuke or anything. But still the fact remained it was probably the funniest thing he'd ever seen when a nosebleed sent Sasuke face vaulting after he used the 'cute' look. The thought almost made him choke on his noodles as he hurriedly shoved his recently presented order in his mouth.

-4 bowls of ramen later-

Naruto slapped down the bowl smiling happily as he ignored Sasukes stare and ordered more, Sasuke himself had stopped at two bowls, Naruto was really sure Sasuke was an alien. A perverted homo ramen hating alien. The discription suited him so well Naruto giggled at it before he tensed cutting off all semblances of normalcy at the feel of the hand creeping over his leg. He turned and glared at Sasuke who was smirking but other than that looked as innocent as someone like him could. Naruto grabbed his hand halting the groping reach and leaned over hissing into the Uchiha boy's ear.

"Stop it!"

Sasuke in turn whispered back in his ear, "Why?"

Naruto was a little surprised such a stupid question could come from the self-proclaimed genius.

"Because teme, your making people suspicious!"

At that he chuckled, "Actually I think they are a little more shocked about you and I being close and whispering like this."


Naruto looked back and saw the other customers giving them strange looks while the man behind the counter was staring at his familiar customer like he had never seen him before. Giving an embarrassed meep he went to pull back but knew just letting him do so would be way to kind of his sadist lover. Instead Sasuke grabbed his jacket front forcing him to stay in the leaning position as he spoke again.

"Just by the looks on their faces you can tell what they think were saying."

The sentence was followed by Sasuke's tongue tracing the shell of Naruto's ear pausing only to nibble at the tender skin of his neck just below it. Naruto's heart probably stopped, yeah he was going to die of embarrassment. Maybe Sasuke was trying to kill him, he was probably a necromaniac. He paused in sucking on an immobile Naruto's neck to speak again, his rough voice sending shivers down Naruto's spine and back.

"They are probably expecting me to touch here now."

As he spoke his hand slipped from Naruto's now weak grip and moved it to sit directly on Naruto's lap. That jerked Naruto forcibly from the haze of pleasure he had been in and he jumped up blushing enough for his face to rival a tomato and bowed quickly.

"Thanks for the ramen!"

Within a second he was gone speeding away from Sasuke who was watching and fighting back laughter with that damn smirk still firmly in place.

Sasuke knew Naruto had headed for his house, probably to scold him once he got there. Naruto just didn't understand how fun it was to embarrass him, the bright red that colored his cheeks and the look in his eyes all but begging Sasuke to tease him more . . . Sasuke cut off the image as he threatened another nose bleed. After the one Naruto had caused the other day he was still recovering, and with how the morning had gone Sasuke was now determined to fuck Naruto senseless once he found him. Sasuke paused mid-step ignoring the curious looks from the people passing by as he thought again, but if he did that then he would have to let Naruto be seme first then there went his power over the blonde. Beginning his walking again Sasuke's mind went in circles until he reached his house, he hesitated outside the gate to make a deal with himself. If he went in and Naruto was being cute he would relent and let him play seme, if he went in and Naruto was being annoying then he would kick him out and ignore him the rest of the day. Nodding his agreement to himself he marched up to the doors not needing his key because Naruto had obviously unlocked it with the spare to let himself in after running off like that before. Marching in the house and removing his sandals Sasuke had just turned the corner to enter the living room when he stopped met with the accusing stare of a still blushing Naruto.

"You suck, Teme!"

Sasuke smirked, not really cute yet but not annoying either. Jury still out.

"You seemed to be enjoying it."

"Was not!"

"Seems like your still enjoying it."

Sasuke smirked looking pointedly at Naruto's lap where the boy was sporting an erection, and Naruto blushed worse throwing a couch pillow at him.

"And whose fault is that! Pervert!"

Moving toward annoying, what kind of freak throws couch pillows?

"It's not my fault you get off on being touched in public."

Naruto covered his lap with his hand and held onto his arm with the other while looking at the floor glaring like he saw Sasuke's face there as he continued to shout.

"Is so! It's your fault for touching me and making it feel good! Professional Pervert!"

Jury in. Verdict: Cute as hell. Ravish away!

Sasuke walked up to the blushing and glaring Naruto not even pausing as he lifted him carrying him through the halls as Naruto hit him repeatedly with the obnoxious pillow he still held, yelling about rapist sadist necromanaic boyfriends. Sasuke ignored it though the necro comment threw him, since when did Naruto decide Sasuke liked the dead? Overcoming that shock along with the surprise of Naruto's extended vocabulary, which he shrugged off as Neji's fault, he entered his room dropping Naruto on the bed. Naruto glared fully prepared for a continuation of the argument from before but stopped as Sasuke leaned down catching his lips. Tangling his hand in the spiked yellow hair he fought the urge to push him down and instead turned so he was sitting next to Naruto on the bed. Naruto seemed confused but wasn't fighting it as Sasuke scooted back some breaking the kiss only for a second before renewing it and using his grip on Narutos hair pulled him over until he was crawling over Sasuke as he laid down. When they finally broke, Naruto was panting and taking in the position they were currently in, Sasuke had pulled Naruto up and over him while placing the blonde boy between his legs. When it finally sunk in he paused and leaned down into Sasuke's face staring seriously.

"It's my turn now?"

Sasuke smirked, "Aa."

Naruto smiled so wide Sasuke could see the cracks forming on his cheeks he lunged down kissing Sasuke again, he smirked at the eagerness as Naruto began all but tearing at their clothes. Naruto lifted Sasuke's shirt pushing it up and off him before leaning down and tracing kisses along his jaw line and neck, Sasuke admittedly found getting the lavish attention was just as good as giving it and relaxed into Naruto's zealous embraces. Naruto then focused on Sasukes's chest, kissing and touching Sasuke's nipples while his hands slipped below and began fighting with his shorts. Sasuke was melting at the feeling of Naruto enthusiastically touching him and was quickly becoming goo in the smaller shinobi's hands, Naruto sensing his relaxation quickly pulled off his shorts and black boxers.

Naruto was trying really hard to not squeal like a little girl but wow it was difficult! He removed his shirt having rid Sasuke of all his clothes. He wanted to feel Sasuke's body against his. He let his hands roam over Sasuke's compliant body and slowly down to his very apparent erection, the raven haired ninja arched his back as Naruto began ghosting touches along the length while trying to wrestle off his own pants. Damn it since when had his clothes become evil! He was hopelessly tangled now and only getting worse as he flailed eventually turning his whole attention to the devil pants, then giving an impatient whimper when they refused to give way.

"Hn. Dobe."

He felt Sasuke move and looked over getting a face full of Sasuke chest as he sat up and untangled Naruto who was pouting, damn it, now Sasuke was going to be a jerk. And sure enough when he laid back down he was smirking smugly at him, narrowing his eyes at the coal ones locked on him he bent down and smiled before biting Sasuke's nipple. He winced but plainly wasn't as unpleased as Naruto had hoped, jeez, what a sicko. Now with all the Satan clothes off he felt Sasuke's heat and it spurred him on as he again moved his attention to the hardened length Sasuke boasted and wrapped his fingers around it slowly rubbing it as Sasuke panted. Feeling his power over the other boy restored Naruto moved closer spreading Sasuke's legs more, before taking his hand down to lightly push into Sasuke. However Sasuke quickly sat up and smacked Naruto's hand away, Naruto gave him a pissed off curious look, that jackass had better not be changing his mind now!

"You idiot! You have to use lubrication!"

Belatedly remembering it Naruto smiled sheepishly, "Oh yeah . . . Sorry!...uuhhhh . . . what do I use?"

Sasuke pointed to the side table at a tube Naruto hadn't noticed before, he released Sasuke who frowned at the lack of contact and looked it over. Sasuke had actually bought lube? ...That kind of embarrassed Naruto but he shook it off opening the tube and squeezing out a small amount on his fingers. Looking back at Sasuke, who had laid back down on the bed Naruto smiled trying to hide his own enthusiasm.

"Okay ready!"

Sasuke smirked, "Just do it, Dead Last."

Naruto glared at the usual nickname but ignored it, he wasn't going to let Sasuke mess him up, he was seme after all. Naruto again began pushing a finger into him but this time Sasuke didn't stop him. Gaining confidence as Sasukes muffled moans increased, he soon added yet another finger and another, until he had three fingers inside him looking for that spot he had found on Naruto the other night. Sasuke's eyes were closed and his hands tangled in the blanket but as Naruto's fingers brushed there he gasped eyes going wide and hands spreading out, Naruto smiled and touched it again abusing the area until Sasuke was panting and looked ready to cum. Reluctantly he pulled his fingers out again grabbing the lube but this time coating his own neglected erection in it, wincing as he touched the cooled gel to the sensitive skin, he leaned up and slowly so as not to hurt him pushed into Sasuke. Both boys breathing hitched and Sasuke again was clutching at the blanket with white knuckles while Naruto was trying not to orgasm from just being inside Sasuke which was as amazing as he imagined it would be!

"..W-wow . . . Sasuke . . . "

Sasuke managed a weak scoff, "Dobe."

Naruto ignored the comment and began thrusting into Sasuke who wasn't very vocal, as usual, but wasn't being quiet either. Naruto leaned up and kissed Sasuke who immediately put his arms around Naruto's neck deepening the already intense kiss as he let Naruto explore his mouth. Breaking after a moment they both drank in the much needed air while Naruto noted Sasuke looked just as sexy laying naked and panting under him as he thought he would. Naruto picked up the pace unable to even talk now that the pleasure had built up so much and watched Sasuke as he gasped and panted while Naruto hit that spot while rubbing Sasuke's slick length in time with his thrusts. The blonde was trying to commit the every detail of that moment to memory through the pleasure but his mind was too far gone. Between Sasukes gasps and muted moans and the incredible pleasure of being inside Sasuke, who again felt amazingly good, he felt his climax coming closer with every thrust.


After a few more hard thrusts Naruto tensed above Sasuke biting back a curse as he poured into him, Sasuke in turn arched his back losing it at the feeling of being filled by Naruto. Rigid body locked against rigid body the two ninja rode out the aftermath of their orgasms, panting and sweaty Naruto collapsed on Sasuke panting heavily before pulling out of him went made them both shiver. They were quiet, catching their breath for a while until Naruto who had his chin resting on his arms as he lay on his stomach next to Sasuke smiled at him. Sasuke slowly raised an eyebrow and Naruto laughed.

"I was really good huh?"

Sasuke smirked but left it unanswered though Naruto didn't get riled and smiled to himself closing his eyes.

"I told you. You play the Uke really well."

The taller ninja scoffed, "Hardly. But you weren't bad."

Naruto laughed knowing that was the closest to a compliment he was going to get, "I know! I was better than you! You looked so innocent, Sasuke-chan! I thought you were going to cry!"

Sasuke's eye twitched.

"I didn't want to hurt you, you know, seeing how you looked so delicate."


"You should have been a girl, your moans even sound girly."

--twitch-- --twitch--

"Maybe you should become the permanent Uke, since you fit the part so well."

Sasuke growled a little, "Please. You want to see skill?"

Sasuke turned ignoring the pain in his ass as he grabbed the tube and pounced on Naruto who peeped as Sasuke pinned him smiling smugly.

"My turn."

Naruto broke into a cold sweat. Oops . . .

Sasuke grabbed Narutos legs hoisting them up and onto his shoulders as Naruto blushed and wriggled around trying to get in a less revealing position. However Sasuke was already coating his hands in the thick slippery goo and smirked ferally at Naruto who swallowed hard suddenly wishing he would have kept his mouth shut.

"We'll see who plays the better Uke."

Sasuke smirked as he slid two fingers into Naruto who hissed between clenched teeth but was plainly not displeased. Working his fingers in the smaller boy Sasuke leaned up kissing Naruto who accepted it wrapping his arms around the raven haired boys neck. Holding the kiss until even Sasukes lungs burned, they pulled back panting while Sasuke nibbled at the delicate skin of Narutos neck while he removed his fingers. He sat back and reached over grabbing Naruto's waist lifting the confused blonde from the bed and sitting him on his lap facing away while easing Naruto down onto his erection.

"Ahhh! Sasukeeee!"

Naruto whimpered as Sasuke lowered him all the way down then Naruto laid his head back on Sasukes shoulder flushed and panting. Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto and had his legs between Naruto's spreading them as he spoke, his breath tickling Naruto's ear and making him shiver.

"See? You make such a cute Uke."

Sasuke smiled as Naruto opened his eyes looking curious until he saw Sasuke had them sitting in facing a mirror on his closet door. Naruto's face changed from pale to a deep bright red making Sasuke chuckle as he kissed Naruto's shoulder. Naruto was staring shocked and Sasuke smiled lifting him a little and making Naruto gasp and slammed his eyes shut.

"Stu-stupid Sasuke!"

"Embarrassed Naru-Chan?"

"Shut up!"

Sasuke smiled taking in the incredible site as he began lifting the bright red and amazingly cute Naruto rhythmically while leaving the small marks on his neck and shoulders. Naruto made the sexiest noises and Sasuke groaned in reply to the, of course, loud sounds of pleasure his vulpine lover was making. Shifting his position he began rubbing against that spot and Naruto was soon almost screaming his name as he wriggled in pleasure on Sasukes lap. Sasuke reached up twisting his fingers in the golden-yellow hair before turning Narutos head and locking them in another kiss muffling the sounds as he moved him faster. After a brief war of their tongue Sasuke Broke the kiss he felt his orgasm coming and picked up the pace making Naruto moan loudly. He watched hypnotized by the intoxicating facial expressions reflected on the mirror from his partner and the site of him lifting his hips to meet Narutos movements.

"Nnnaahh . . . Sasuke . . . I'm gonna . . . !"

Sasuke panted against Narutos slightly sweaty skin and with a few more powerful thrusts they both tensed in unison. He gave a muffled groan of what could have been Narutos name and Naruto called out his name so he was sure the nearest neighbor could hear. Coming down off the incredible high they slid sideways and laid panting and recovering with Sasuke still inside Naruto.

Once they were more or less able to breathe properly and cooled down Naruto turned his head looking back at Sasuke and glared.


Sasuke smirked and kissed Narutos shoulder tightening his grip.

"Yeah but at least we proved who makes the better Uke."

"Did not! And next time I get to be on top again!"

Sasuke smiled, "Deal."

Naruto barely had time to wonder why Sasuke gave in so easily when he was hoisted into the air again, feeling Sasuke still inside him as he swivelled underneath him until Naruto was straddling his hips and Sasuke was smirking at him.

"Your turn."

Naruto glared blushing again, "That's not what I meant!"

Sasuke chuckled again and moved his hips cutting off Narutos protests.

Three hours later at Neji's birthday party:

Neji looked up as Sakura came in and she handed him the presents, "Sorry, I got a phone call from Naruto, he and Sasuke can't make it."

He raised an eyebrow, "Are they okay?"

She shrugged, "Naruto sounded a little off but he is Naruto."

Neji nodded, point taken, Naruto was more than a little off.

Meanwhile a crossed town Sasuke and Naruto were both panting and wincing on Sasuke's bed, neither boy able to move much thanks to identical pains in their asses.



"You really suck."



A/N: Well here is the promised NaruSasu chapter. I just want to take this moment to apologize to everyone, Sasunaru is my love, Narusasu definitely is not, I tried to stay true to characters and all that but I could not for the life of me imagine Naruto being Seme. Unfortunately I sort of Made Naruto overly shy in this one to compensate for his seme-ness in the lemon. Sorry if it sounds rushed and all that but I was forcing myself through this whole chapter.