Son of the Devil, Meet the Daughter of Your Enemies

Summary: When Dracula has been revived and starts his reign of terror all over again, people turn to the infamous Van Helsing. But Van Helsing resigns from his old life yet passes it to someone else who may be the one to vanquish Dracula once in for all or…lose her heart to him completely and change the son of the devil forever.

All's Well That Ends Well

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"Good grief, Van Helsing! What happened to you?"

The said man groaned in annoyance as the friar rushed alarmingly to his side. Quickly seizing the moment to save his friend from certain death, Carl already opened up the medicine bag he kept his supplies in and began examining Van Helsing's wounds.

Bruises of all possible sizes littered his body, ranging to a hideous deep magenta to an unpleasant-looking scarlet. Cuts and slashes soon followed, some shallow, others treacherously deep. Carl silently thanked the Lord that none were life-threatening. Many parts of Van Helsing's outfit were torn or shredded and it appeared that he had some epic struggle with a savage, wild animal. At the sight of all this gore and blood trickling from their respectable injuries that were staining Van Helsing's ebony clothes and the grass underneath him, Carl tsked disapprovingly.

"May I ask again in what the hell happened to you?!" questioned the friar, frustration evident in his voice. Van Helsing sighed, grimacing not only at the pain his wounds were giving him but also the remembrance of how he got them.

"Lucifer," he grunted, saying no more. Carl's eyebrows shot up in the speed of light.

"L-Lucifer? As in Mephistopheles and Satan? As in the Devil himself?" he stuttered, alarmed that his friend had a head-on encounter with the ruler of Hell.

"How many of him is there?" Van Helsing replied with dark sarcasm. In response, Carl flashed him a scowl before he began to clean his wounds. Suddenly, Van Helsing remembered what Lucifer had said to him prior assaulting him. "Carl! You have to go to Dracula and quickly, too! Satan mentioned something about Gabriele attacking and killing Dracula!"

As soon as he finished his sentence he could already tell something was amiss. The frantic expression on Carl's face was replaced with sorrow; his lips tighten grimly in a straight line. When he spoke, his voice was low and grave, near apologetic.

"Van Helsing, I am sorry to report that—"

"—Count Dracula is alive and well." Carl and Van Helsing snapped their heads around at the sound of that all-too-familiar voice. Their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at the dazzling appearance of the speaker.

"You!" gasped Carl, pointed an accusing finger at the smirking figure, "Aren't you suppose to be dead?! I checked your bloody damn corpse for Pete's sake!"

Her eyelids fluttered a bit, her eyes adjusting to the darkness that surrounded her. She tried shifting her body around…only to end up finding there was someone else lying beside her who was nude as she. She tilted her head slightly to face her sleeping companion and smiled at the sight of his slumbering form. Memories flashed in her head, instigating a faint blush in her cheeks. She remembered last night, the night when they made love and he made her his queen. She could count upon each and every vivid, thrilling detail of how they tasted and sampled each other blood and experienced passion like no other.

Her lover, Ruthvard, had made her happy. He gave her immortality, a gift so rare and precious it was so easy to love him for that. She couldn't recall any images or memories of her past, it was just a big, blank slate with nothing written on it. It puzzled her why she couldn't reminisce the past yet at the same time, it really didn't matter. Ruthvard was her life now and she was satisfied in spending the rest of her days with him.

This isn't what you really want. This isn't real, last night wasn't real. That man sleeping next to you is not your lover!

Frowning, Gabriele shook her head mentally, angered by this surprising, obscure thought that just 'popped' up so rudely in her mind.

That's not true. All of it was real! Yesterday night was genuine as genuine can be and it was night of love!

She thought she had silenced the rebellious figment that was trying to threaten her relationship with Ruthvard. She found out how wrong she was when it came back with an equally lashing retort.

Don't be a fool! Everything you know is false, a fallacious hoax. It is bunch of hideous, sugar-coated lies! Last night wasn't a night of love! It didn't come even close to that!

What the other side of her mind said next was the frightening notion Gabriele had been dreading.

Yesterday night was a night of rape! A night where he indirectly caused the death of your true lover and forced himself upon you! Can't you remember any of it?

That small, enigmatic portion of her mind ended with a plea, begging her to listen and finally recall everything it was trying to tell her. Gabriele did not know what to say or do, this was certainly unexpected. Here, she thought her new life was going swell and all dandy and then a wavering shard of her brain said otherwise?

What in the world was going on?

Just escape this wretched place; leave before he wakes up!

"Ah, you're awake, Gabriele."

Too late. She replied to the black sheep of her mind, shutting off the protesting figment as Ruthvard encircled his arms around her bare waist and buried his face in the crook of her neck. He nibbled the tender skin and her back arched in delight. He sure knew how to get rise out of her body.

"How did you sleep, love?" he asked silkily in her ear.

"Quite peaceful, thanks to you," she replied playfully. Ruthvard chuckled at this.

"Glad to be of assistance. Now, by judging my instincts I say the sun has already set." Gabriele nodded, also feeling the natural instincts given to vampires to sense whether the sun was rising or setting.

"And I say it's time we get dressed!" she exclaimed matter-of-factly. Ruthvard gave her seductive grin before drawing her back to him again, thudding her head against his smooth, defined chest.

"Why now? I like you with no clothes on," he purred velvety in her ear and she suppressed a giggle. She bopped him on the head and scooted out of his embrace.

"As much fun as it is, we can't exactly walk around naked, can we? It's far too indecent."

Ruthvard sighed, disappointed, and she knew why. He was hoping to get to spend more "play time" with her and it involved them being naked, touching and…connecting. Much as her body craved for some more pleasure there was something deep in Gabriele's gut that signaled her that this situation wasn't right and she had to get out of the coffin as fast as possible.

Pushing the coffin lid aside and ignoring the vociferous sound it produced as it clattered to the marble floor, she eased herself effortlessly out of the coffin. Her feet tingled for moment when her warm toes contacted the cold yet smooth floor. She walked on over to the tossed pile of Ruthvard's clothes and wrapped his beautiful jacket over her bare body in hopes of some concealment. She looked down and sighed, it wasn't much but it will have to do until Ruthvard shows her to her wardrobe.

"Heh, the jacket looks better on you then it does on me." Smiling, she turned to face Ruthvard already climbing out the coffin and was approaching her direction. Probably to obtain his crumpled clothing.

"Oh really? Am I supposed to be flattered by that?" The vampire king slipped his pants on after getting his undergarments back on before answering.

"Of course you should be. After all, you're my queen."

Don't listen to him, you're not his!

Scowling inside she rapidly plastered a cheerful demanour over her features, hoping to fool Ruthvard with her amused façade. For some peculiar reason, she did not what him to know about this odd piece of her brain and all the ambiguous ideas it was spouting.

"So," she began, changing the subject hastily, "where is my wardrobe exactly?"

Beaming with an emotion very close to pride, he motioned her with his beckoning pointer finger and started to guide her to the splendid wardrobe that would contain countless of fabulous outfits created just for her; the private stash he had been saving and collecting for his rightful queen.

When he pulled open the doors and allowed her to behold the finery of clothing, the nagging, rebellious portion was back and it didn't have anything pleasant to say.

Don't fall for this, it is all just an act of deception, to dress you in all these outfits to please his desires. All the signs are there, why don't you see it?!

Gabriele felt like she was missing something extremely huge and only Ruthvard would know about it. However, she also had the impression he won't tell her a thing and it could lead to some unwanted actions. All these deductions, Ruthvard's behavior, and the tiny badgering composition that possibly could have belonged to her 'past' were enough to get Gabriele suspicious of her new life already…and have her beginning to question the geniality of it.

"So tell me again, exactly how you came back to life?" demanded Carl, who still could not comprehend the notion of the very man who he had just saw his corpse is now walking and talking like any other human being. Van Helsing sighed at his friend's reluctance to understand while Dracula shook his head in amusement.

"It's so very simple, monk—"

"Friar," corrected Carl, "and my name is Carl." Dracula's lips curled into a half-smile.

"Alright then, Carl. Let me repeat myself once more. After when you left me, a certain somebody came down from the heavens to give me another chance in life. That's the short version of the story, to be blunt. I'll save the longer version for when we are around the campfire."

"Who was the person who revived you?" Carl questioned curiously, ignoring Dracula's snide joke.

Grinning at Carl's skepticism, Dracula revealed his gleaming set of fangs before responding to the friar's demanding question.

"Anna Valerious."

Both Van Helsing and Carl had their mouths open in shock and silence seemed to have swept over the men. Dracula felt like making a wise ass comment at the moment but decided against; he didn't want to have either of them aggravated at him, too much was already at stake for them to be having some mindless squabbles.

"I know both of you have plenty of questions on why Anna was the one who chose to revive me yet those questions can wait later. We have a more serious problem at hand." He focused his attention unto Van Helsing, wondering how the former monster hunter will react to what he has to say next.

"Ruthvard has Gabriele. Knowing that man there is no telling in what he'll do to her."

Van Helsing nodded in understanding, his face blank and devoid of any emotion. "Then we must find her, with all haste. Do you know where he's keeping her?"

A grim smile appeared on Dracula's naturally pale features, signaling that he was well aware of Gabriele's current location. "As a matter of fact, I do. Before Anna returned to the heavens, she told me Ruthvard is holding her in my main castle, Castle Dracula-as many call it." The smile went upside down, forming into a frown. "A bit of mockery him and Satan are using on me, having Ruthvard live in my home as 'the vampire king'. Besides that, there is a problem…"

"What is?" demanded Carl, panic laced obviously in his words.

"The coffin I use to transfer me from Castle Dracula to Castle Frankenstein has been detected and under surveillance. We cannot get to Castle Dracula that way so we're in the middle of a jam, per say—"

"There's another way, Dracula," Van Helsing interrupted quickly; "it's in the Valerious Manor."

His immediate answer brought forth a deep, amused chuckle from the vampire count, his mouth once more set into a smirk.

"Of course," he murmured, "of course there is another door to my castle in there, of all places. Of course. I should have expected nothing less from them…."

He looked back at his 'companions' who were questioning his mood at the moment. Waving their troubled decorum away, Dracula began heading out of the forest and towards the direction of his summer palace. "Well, come one, we haven't got all day. The sun has already set and I have a quick method of getting to the Valerious Manor."

"By Transylvanian horses?" The question came from Carl. Dracula turned to face him and shook his head, a mischievous glint in his onyx eyes.

"Better. You see, gentlemen, the Valerious weren't the only ones who established a secret portal inside their house…."

She didn't understand why she was taking shower.

In the beginning, when Ruthvard had showed her wardrobe and kissed her delicately on the cheek before exiting to finish off some 'business' he had said, everything had been fine. However, after when the door closed and Gabriele was alone, it all went to pieces. Her nagging conscience-separated from her normal state of mind-had reared its ugly head and was hurling all these unfamiliar and unsettling "memories" at her. After countless of tries of either ignoring or arguing with that fragment portion of her mind, Gabriele suddenly felt the urge to take a shower and soak her body in its refreshing, cleansing stupor.

Boy, did it feel good!

"Ah…. This is exactly what I needed."

Indeed; wash away all the filthy reminisces of Ruthvard's touch and stench that soiled your flesh. Free yourself from his tainted hold on you and obliterate any remaining reminders of his dominance over you!

Gabriele groaned inwardly, thoroughly annoyed that the pest of her mind had returned and continued hurling its hatred of Ruthvard in every which way. She was reaching the zero-tolerance point if it kept this up.

What do I have to do to convince you all these so-called "memories" you have of Ruthvard are nothing but lies? I suppose I could refresh your memory on the real events….

"What are…" but her voice trailed off as soon as images began flashing wildly inside her head.

"Mine," he whispered possessively in her ear, "You're all mine."

"I'm not…." Gabriele started to say but faltered when Ruthvard nuzzled her neck again, causing waves of arousal and lust to sweep over her body. She could feel his presence washing over her, playing with her mind and body, twinning every part of her around his slender finger.

"No…." she whispered, ignoring the soothing, warm water cascading down on her smooth, fair back, trailing down to her muscular legs.

Wait, there's more.

"I know how much you loathe me, Gabriele, but that won't last long. Once you become like me you forget your former hatred and instead you'll love me endlessly." Ruthvard mused.

"Like hell I will! There was only one man I loved and it was Dracula!"


Her voice sounded like it was either struggling to recall the importance of that name or was starting to recognize the significance of the name that parted her lips. Whether the revolting piece of her mind noticed or not it continued showing more and more of her lost memories of Ruthvard and last night.

"I can make you forget him. Once you are my queen you will only memories of me and your undying love for me. Everyone else you know will be just lingering, phantom, illusionary figments of nothing. You will start anew, reborn anew, and have your past die along your older mortal self. I will give you new, more promising life unlike any other. One with immortality. One beyond your wildest dreams."

"Loquacious, eloquent words you speak but all I hear is poison." His grip on her tighten yet it wasn't out of anger. By the look in Ruthvard's face it was more out of regalement.

"Still playing hard to get? Fine by me, it's more enjoyable and rewarding when I win." He tickled the earlobe of her ear with the tip of his tongue, earning a shiver from the female monster hunter. "However, it is pointless in resisting me. I know how much you yearn for my touch just as much as I crave to have you completely, body and soul."

Gabriele fought back again with her lashing tongue. "You will never have me, Ruthvard! You may have power over me now but let's get this straight: I will never love you, never pine for you, and never feel anything towards you save for contempt and disgust. For you are nothing compared to Dracula. He is everything you'll never be."

Squeezing her eyes shut, Gabriele tried her best to conjure up a vision of this man named Dracula who was mentioned twice in this trip down Memory Lane. All she received was a blurry, nebulous outline of a pale face and jet-black hair. She couldn't even make out the man's visage or his eyes and such.

"Who is he?"

Patience, patience, you will soon know. However, you must bear witness to this confirm the fact that Ruthvard did rape you.

"Here we go," Ruthvard whispered huskily, his enchanting, rich voice overpowering Gabriele at her weakened state. When he was pleased with the position of their bodies, Ruthvard only then entered her.

Dumbstruck by this new, earth-shattering recollection Gabriele had to place one hand on the side of wall of the shower to steady her body and prevent herself from falling in sheer astonishment.

"No! That's not how it went!" she exclaimed softly, noticing how feeble and weak her defending statement sounded. As the dream-like event in her head continued on and unearthed the dark remainders of yesterday night, Gabriele felt pressure lurking inside the chambers of her mind that she had never felt nor noticed its existence before was being lifted. All of sudden, new and familiar impressions were popping left and right. It was like the key to her past had been found and was opening the chest that stored all those memories safely away, unleashing all that was hidden from her.

As rapidly as the memories came she remembered them in an instant. She could recall who she was, who her parents were, her friends' identity, and her life regarding the past and present, and most importantly, Count Dracula, her recently deceased lover.

All of this was suppressed and effaced from her mind and knowledge by Ruthvard, who then formed fallacious recollections in their residing empty slots. With his power he was able to bind her to him by turning her into a vampire, his immortal queen. If he was killed then wouldn't that mean she would die along with him?

"This isn't good," she murmured to herself, running her fingers through her soaked air. Focusing back onto her shower she applied shampoo and conditioner into her hair and slather herself multiple times with soap and body washes in hopes of riding Ruthvard's touch from her skin. She stayed in the shower longer than needed but she needed some solitude, a private, temporary sanctuary sheltering her away from Ruthvard for awhile. She didn't know how long he would be gone but she didn't want to get out just yet and face him without having a stratagem at hand to execute upon.

First things first, I get out of the shower, dry and clean up, and get dressed. After that, I will feign curiosity and pretend to contain interest in exploring the castle when I'm really searching for an escape route. Depending on what castle this is, I may or may not get lucky. Come to think of it, this place does remind me of Castle Dracula….

Partially satisfied with the start of this shallow plan, Gabriele turned off the knob and water refrained from spouting down. Slipping out into the cool air with a towel wrapped securely around her body, Gabriele dried her dripping, messy hair with another towel she found nearby on the towel rack and made her way back to the room that held her wardrobe. Checking her surroundings and using her vampire senses for an extra measure (she had to admit that it had its purpose and was pretty handy), it was confirmed that she was alone and there wasn't a single being in range to her room. She was guarantied a few moments of peace.

"Alright, let the fun begin," she muttered dryly and pulled out the outfit she deemed "fit" of her upcoming exploits and any possible battles that could occur at any given time. The clothes she picked were most certainly not going to serve as a hindrance towards her actions or slow down her movements. It was nice to know that Ruthvard actually supplied some decent, casual articles of clothing rather than the extravagant, impractical outfits she thought he might only posses.

After slipping on black pants, matching combat boots she tested herself to see if she could actually run in them, and a baggy, masculine crimson shirt. She checked herself out in the mirror, wistfully wishing that she had her father's hat with her. It was comforting trinket Van Helsing had given her, just like the ring with the dragon emblem inscribed in it that he slipped on one of her fingers.

Glancing down at the hand containing the ring, she brought her hand up to inspect the item closer. Curious fingers traced the dragon and its design, a half-smile gracing the monster hunter's lips. The artwork…it was simply beautiful….

I wonder where Dad got this...


Whirling around, she turned to face Ruthvard who surprisingly looked a little on edge and perhaps, anxious over something. "Is something amiss?" she questioned, praying that he didn't find out that she managed to discover her memories.

Ruthvard shook his head. "It's nothing I can't handle. I just have been informed that there are intruders in the castle and was worried if you encounter any one of them."

Could it possibly be…?

Frowning, she asked him how many were there. Three, he replied to her utter surprise, and one was certainly unexpected. Trying to avoid suspicion, she casually questioned him on what the three looked like. After all, she said, if they're running around in the castle as we speak, I must know their identity if I do come across their paths for whatever reason. Ruthvard nodded, understanding the logic behind it. "I certainly will, but I hope you will be spared from their sight."

"Two are humans; one is a friar who is quite easy to scare. The other is an ex-monster hunter and dangerous in almost every aspect. Do your best to avoid them but kill the friar if you get the chance, he shall not be such a menace to us."

Carl and Father…what are they doing here? Who is the third person, it certainly cannot be— No, it couldn't, it is impossible.

"And the final member?" She nearly choked on her words, desperate and dying of curiosity to hear name of the person accompanying her father and Carl. No one she knew of-alive that is-struck her as the type to assist Van Helsing and Carl in engaging Ruthvard, the new reining vampire king.

Ruthvard stared impassively at her most recent questions, his dark, burning eyes clearly shone with unlimited hatred. "He is the man in which you must, Gabriele, at all costs, stay away from. He is like us, a vampire, but a traitor. You will recognize him immediately, for it is not so difficult to distinguish one of our own from a human."

"His name?" Gabriele almost cried out pleadingly, daring to hope the impossible. Without a thought, Ruthvard gave her what she asked for.

"Dracula!" he snarled, blinded by his own rage and envy towards the count to notice an astonished Gabriele fighting to subdue the twitching in the corners of her mouth to curl upwards in a joyful smile. He did not sense the brief yet intense jubilance that radiated from her heart of the knowledge that her lover, the notorious Count Dracula, was indeed alive. In spite of situation Gabriele knew this was no time to celebrate, there was Ruthvard still to deal with. He had committed an utmost inconceivable and revolting crime against her and she was determined to make him pay the consequences. She silently prayed to Uriel, the Angle of Vengeance(1), to guide in her upcoming vendetta against Ruthvardde Jouvijá.

This time it will be she who prevails victoriously and it will be Ruthvard's blood spattered on the stone walls and floor, not Dracula's. It shall be his blood that she will stain herself in before permanently cleaning herself as she effaces his very existence from her life. Forever.

"Van Helsing," whined Carl, "why do all your break-ins have to attract so much attention?" The friar glanced anxiously the Dwergi rushing back and forth hurriedly in attempts to surround the three companions. Ever since Ruthvard was titled the King of Vampires, the Dwergi had switched their alliances with Dracula and began working for Ruthvard instead.

"You didn't have any productive ideas on how to do it quietly so mine was the only option," Van Helsing answered back after smashing an advancing Dwergi's skull against the wall.

Carl turn quickly to Dracula. "Why couldn't you have come up with some plan that didn't have involve this?!" he complained exasperatedly, motioning to the scattered Dwergi when saying 'this'.

Dracula shrugged indifferently. "I didn't matter to me how we enter in. What matters is that we vanquish Ruthvard and rescue Gabriele." Arm outstretch, he lunged forward to a fleeing Dwegi and throttled the life out of it before it sagged lifelessly. He tossed the deceased Dwegi aside like it was useless ragdoll.

"That's it to our total plan?!"

Carl's shrill exclamation bounced vociferously from each wall and around the rafters connected to the ceiling. Several bats flew from a barred window nearby, filling the air with a noisy, squeaky sound and a caliginous, obsidian cloud of fluttering wings. Much to all the participants on the battlefield's relief the bats left rapidly as they came. Soon it was just Van Helsing, Dracula, Carl, and the seven remaining Dwergi in the living room.

Carl, who was paying no attention to the departed bats, was in the middle of boring holes into Dracula's and Van Helsing's backs. "That's our grand, master plan?! A possible suicide mission with no elaborate details or any back-up, secondary strategies on the side just in case this method backfires?!"

Breaking off from his ranting, Carl whirled around and found himself facing the Dwergi he heard creeping up on him a second ago. Instead of running away-like the usual urge he acted upon-the aggravated friar forego his typical instincts and performed on a set of different ones. With a savage, frustrated holler he swung his monstrous bag of his trinkets and gadgets and clubbed the stunned Dwergi in its face, knocking it off its feet. Taking another swing, Carl whipped the pack at the fallen Dwergi again and again, his beatings picking up steady rhythm with each stroke. Both Van Helsing and Dracula had to stop what they were doing to speculate Carl's confrontation to his very first real fight.

"Good Lord," muttered Van Helsing, shaking his head in disbelief, "I never thought this day would come."

It didn't take long before Carl's vicious floggings had ceased and the battered Dwergi lied motionless on the floor, its limbs twisted and sprawled in every angle possible. Carl gazed blandly at his handiwork, his body language and thoughts incomprehensible to Van Helsing. Then the friar raised his right arm upward and then crossed himself the exact same way Van Helsing did whenever he had killed. Van Helsing saw his lips moving but at first couldn't catch the words. Finally, after dispatching two other Dwergi blocking his path, he managed to close the distance between him and Carl and hear the final words leaving his friend's mouth.

"…forgive me, Lord, for this sinful deed I have committed for the act of self-preservation…." Feeling Carl might need some assurance and comfort, Van Helsing placed his hand on the friar's shoulders and gave a little squeeze to alert Carl of his presence and tell him not to brood over his first kill. The former monster hunter felt Carl's hand covering his and squeezed back, sending the message that he understood and was doing alright.

This unspoken act of reassurance was indeed a sign of the strong, everlasting friendship among the two men who knew each other for quite an excessively elongate time. It showed no matter how much time has past some bonds will never fade or break.

"Ready to go, Carl?" Carl nodded and averted his gaze from the broken carcass of the Dwergi. As they headed back to Dracula-who had erstwhile finished up the last of the wobbling, hideous creatures-Van Helsing realized through all these years Carl had, yet again, became a changed man. The first time was at Transylvania, during all their battles with the undead, and Carl had gathered firsthand experience on the battlefield. Today he was back at Transylvania once more and received his first kill, delivering him the experience and realization of taking a life from another and the aftermath. Yet given his past fighting status, Van Helsing must say Carl handled the death pretty well. He was a man of the Church after all and holy men don't kill, they do the complete opposite (he was an exception, of course).

Dracula watched the returning comrades coming his way and nodded briefly at them before issuing the next order.

"Let's move out. Ruthvard probably heard the ruckus we caused." This snapped Carl out of his sober stupor and pointed an accusing finger at the count and Van Helsing.

"The commotion you two made!" he declared fiercely. Dracula snorted and ignored him while Van Helsing let out a snicker as he and Dracula started out the room with Carl trailing behind them.

"We know, Carl, but we did that deliberately so that he would come to us," he explained in between bouts of laughter. Carl narrowed his eyes at him scathingly and grumbled incoherently prior crying out:

"What kind of idea is that?"

"Oh, stow it, you two!" barked Dracula, sighing in annoyance with his eyes rolling.

"Such companionship. All three of you make such a wonderful team." mocked a sarcastic voice.

Automatically, Van Helsing pulled out his silver stake and gun, Carl concocted a chemical devise he could use as a weapon, and Dracula unsheathed the saber(2) he decided to bring along for any needs. But for this opponent facing him he would most definitely wanted use his demonic bat form to fight, he craved to shred that man to pieces with his bare hands! The desire to whet the unyielding bloodlust consuming him was so very tempting.

The three men lined up side to side, facing their nemesis with eyes of despisal and wrathful hearts. Adrenaline churned and boiled through their veins and they waited for the lone man to make his move. Their enemy, tilting his gaze at Dracula, frowned but instantly switched it to an oily smirk.

"It appears you're still alive, Dracula. I suppose I'll have to fix that technicality if I want Gabriele to remain as mine."

A growl rumbled out of Dracula's throat and he leveled his deadly saber at the vampire before him. The vampire lord withdrew a saber of his own from the sheath and leveled it equally with Dracula's fencing sword.

"Don't get uppity because that won't happen. For I intend to kill you." replied Dracula.

The younger vampire sneered at him. "What a coincidence. I'm aiming to kill you, too."

Glaring at him darkly, Dracula shifted the balance and pressure to the balls of his feet, preparing to launch and strike. "Yet I'm going to be the one who destroys you, Ruthvard."

Ruthvard laughed maniacally, his entertained face slowly transforming into one of a more demoniac, diabolical nature. With a flick of his wrist, more Dwergi swarmed into the room out of nowhere, outnumbering the men ten to one.

"You really think you can defeat me, Dracula, with those pathetic numbers?" He flashed his sword at Dracula haughtily, tempting the count to charge at him blindly. "I'm not going to die today."

"We'll see about that."

In a blink of an eye, Dracula vanished and appeared right in front of Ruthvard, slashing at him diagonally from the left. Ruthvard blocked the assault and so the swordfight began. The Dwergi saw their master engaging combat and took as a signal to initiate the first wave of the attack. Dwergi left and right threw themselves onto Carl and Van Helsing who swatted them away like they were gruesome flies.

And so, the final battle has begun.

Lamplight bounced off the gleaming steel blade of the epée(3) and the colorful, bedazzling gemstones engraved on the metal guard(4) glittered sinisterly against the dim shadows of the hallway. A shadowy figure lurked between the solemn stone columns with eccentric carvings, cautious not to produce a single sound while walking down the darken hallway. As the ulterior person neared the slightly ajar door, distant sounds of combat floated through the crack of the door and entered the vacated, pitch-black region. The figure reached out to the door's side and gingerly pulled the door open, unbelievable radiant light splashing on the lurker's face and brightening the room. Blinking and slipping out of the room, the person dove behind another pillar, surveying her surroundings.

She saw her father and Carl fending off the Dwergi and so far, they were faring pretty well, despite the overwhelming odds heaping up against them. The noise of clashing metal and shouts of malevolent contempt attracted her attention and her viridian eyes came across the two dueling figures of Dracula and Ruthvard, their sword arms flashing viciously yet smoothly at the other. At first she was perplexed in why both men were covered in wounds but after witnessing how the metal would react when coming in contact to the flesh she realized the sabers were coated in silver. Both men hoped to pierce the other in the heart, though it was known that they couldn't die by a stab in the heart even by a silver point. Perhaps they just wanted to mortally injure the other while trying to resolve how to permanently obliterate their enemy.

Using her superior vampire sight, Gabriele could see each had their fair share of cuts and slashes. Dracula had one nasty slash on his left arm that trailed all the way from his bicep to his elbow (luckily it wasn't on his right-his sword arm), another large one along the side of his right leg, a small cut on both of the top of his hands, a semi-deep gash across his abdomen and chest.

Ruthvard supported a small cut on his left cheek, (blood had already started trickling down and past his jaw) two wounds on both thighs, an incision in the upper portion of his chest,-above his pectorals and right along his neckline-and there was a ghastly slice on the forearm of his sword arm-his left arm. She also took notice of a huge bloodstain on his right shoulder that was still slowly spreading through the thick fabric of his now ruined jacket.

How can I get close to either one of them without alerting them of my presence? I suppose I'll just have to bide my time and wait for Ruthvard to come within striking distance. This better work….

Crouched, Gabriele watched the two colliding vampires and their apace swinging of their blood-stained sabers, crimson droplets spraying all over the margin of the epic, bloody supernatural duel. If Gabriele wasn't a vampire herself she hardly would have seen any of the fluid movements, astounding counterattacks, elegant swordsmanship, or the deadly arches of aggression created by the sweeping motions of Ruthvard and Dracula. This was the tensest and most spellbinding fencing match she has ever seen, especially one with sabers! She was more drawn to epée competitions, given to the fact she was an epeeist herself yet this was purely amazing! Despite this wasn't a friendly duel among comrades and it was a battle to the death, Gabriele couldn't help it but to feel awe and bewildered by the eerie, unearthly speed of the two fencers, mostly in Dracula. She would never have thought that he was such a skilled swordsman however it made all sense. For the fact he lived for over centuries and was a prince once, he must have been introduced to countless of sword-fighting styles and techniques.

Though it would be interesting to fence him, I wonder how that bout would turn out. That will only be if, of course, I plot this right, it works successfully, and I survive all this.

She went back to watch the duel, wondering how in the hell she would pull this off.

"You know what I find so spectacularly amusing?" said Ruthvard in a playful tone. He thrust outward and Dracula parried(5) his attack, knocking the blade aside. The count made an attempt to lung and strike him near the heart but Ruthvard's saber returned and blocked it with sure swiftness and ease.

"I don't have time for your taunting, Ruthvard," snarled Dracula, "I have better things to do than to listen to whatever you find so entertaining. Killing you is one of them is one of those things."

He made another sweep to the opposite arm and Ruthvard engaged Dracula's blade with his own. An unnerving screech was produced by the two sabers as they came in contacted and continued to be hacked at the opposing blade.

"I bet you fancied yourself as being the one who would take her,"

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Dracula commented coolly, a slight puzzled expression gracing his handsomely enraged features. The remark, however, was only half-true, Dracula did have an inkling what Ruthvard was probing into but he refused to be dragged into it.

"Yes, you do. You wanted to make Gabriele yours."

Clenching his teeth, Dracula launched his saber at Ruthvard with more agility and fervor than usual, a signal silently yet blatantly warning Ruthvard to hold his tongue or he would regret it. Ruthvard being Ruthvard, he ignored the subtle warning and resumed talking after dodging Dracula's outstretched sword and retreated with small, calculated steps.

"However, you don't have the chance, Gabriele belongs to me now. All of her is mine."

"What the hell are you talking about, Ruthvard?!"

Ruthvard guffawed sinisterly at Dracula's angry outburst, regaled by the count's ignorance of last night. Oh, how he couldn't wait to see Count Dracula's face when he confessed his ravishing deed on Gabriele! His confounded countenance would be priceless.

"Well…let's just say last night I had some particular fun with her…." He trailed off, soaking up Dracula's taciturn, spiteful demeanor. If this how he was behaving now, then how chaotic will it be when the count actually hears what he did to his lover?

Only one way to find out….

"I had the most lovely, enthralling time deflowering her."

Unbeknownst to Ruthvard, he just signed his own death contract with those nine fatal words. His fate was sealed.

"You did what?" hissed a voice dangerously that strangely was coming from behind the vampire lord. Spinning around, Ruthvard faced a seething Dracula with a nearly suffocating murderous aura radiating off him. Brandishing his saber in front of him for protection, Ruthvard abruptly felt a tug of apprehension towards the count. The incident on All Hollow's Eve Ball was nothing compared to this; Dracula's terrifying, slaughtering mood that was overcastting the duel took intimidation to the next level.

"You heard me." Ruthvard wished he was as still as cocky as he was before. He really believed incurring Dracula's wrath would be entertaining but apparently fate thought otherwise.

"You will pay for that despicable crime," Dracula declared in a low, grim voice. He raised his saber, preparing to strike. Ruthvard copied his methods, taking a few retreats back to distance himself from Dracula. He needed the space if Dracula was going to execute a deadly move he had concocted up his sleeve.

"I don't find it despicable, Dracula. I find rather quaint that I have the mighty Van Helsing's daughter with Valerious blood running in her veins under my thumb."

He was answered with a hellish fleche(6) after a couple rapid-fire advances done by Dracula who was out for his blood. The side of the saber and a portion of tip brutally grazed his hip and along his stomach region, white-hot fire engulfing him in a series of excruciating torture and fiery pain. Ruthvard grimaced in tormented agony, scowling ugly at the sadistic grin on his foe's lips.

Curse the invention of silver!

Stumbling, Ruthvard retreated again and Dracula followed him, eager to finish his work. Then, Ruthvard switched the movements in his feet and they immediately went to advancing, catching Dracula off guard for a moment with this surprising tactic of playing offensive. Using Dracula's hesitation to his advantage, Ruthvard staged a marvelous lunge and delivered a flawless, even swipe across the lower section of Dracula's chest.

This time, it was Dracula's turn to feel the pain and the count let out a distressed hiss prior recovering and stepping away from the reach of Ruthvard's blade. Blood dribbled the lurid limbs of both vampires and more seeped out of the bigger gouges, scarlet flows of a blood river trickling to the floor, blemishing the beautifully polished stone floor.

"Ready to die?" asked Ruthvard solemnly, finally deciding to take this duel seriously and relinquish the notion of toying with Dracula. If he renewed that he'd be a dead man for sure.

"Not at all," Dracula remarked stoically, his sober attitude matching Ruthvard's equally.

And so they resumed their fight, sabers clanging wildly yet masterly at the other blade, their wielders hoping to mortally wound the other and possibly silence the other by shedding his blood and pierce his halcyon, motionless heart.

With every step they took, they were getting closer towards her hiding spot. With every stroke they delivered and every parry they produced, they unawarely were itching nigh to her huddled form. Gabriele peeked out and saw the painstaking stalemate interlocked between Dracula and Ruthvard. Ruthvard's back was facing her while Dracula had his front towards her. If they moved just a little bit more to her Ruthvard would be in range….

In the midst of their swordfight, the two duelists began altering their course and started to head back, shuffling farther from Gabriele. Yelling a string load of oaths inside her head, Gabriele shook her head woefully, wondering if the chance will ever come to her.

What if they never come back? What if I can't do it? What if I execute the attack correctly yet it fails and I lose it all? What if I hit Dracula instead?!

"Do not trouble yourself with these trifling worries, Gabi."

At the mention of her nickname and the familiarity in the voice, Gabriele jerked her head to the direction of the voice but found no one there. The voice then echoed inside her mind again.

"You're the only one who can hear me at the moment, Gabriele."

"But why?" she quietly answered back.

"Because you need my assistance now, more than ever. Just as I offered Dracula some heavenly strength I will do the same for you. I believe this will help you accomplish your revenge against Ruthvard."

"Thank you, Mother."

"Any time, Gabi. Any time, for you are my sole daughter. And remember, tell Dracula to cut off Ruthvard's head, it's the only way to kill him."

Then Gabriele felt her mother's presence no more. In replacement, she received a tingling sensation full warmth and assurance that dispersed her inner doubts of the vindictive scheme, replenished her fighting spirit, and fresh courage arose from the dejected lummox of ashes of her chipped soul. Grasping the pistol grip(7) of her epée, Gabriele steadily rose to full height and waited patiently for Ruthvard and Dracula to return to the pillar in which became her base at the time being.

Luckily, the two vampires were heading back to her and this time they faced her sideways. Well, at least, I'll be able to aim there with more precision and accuracy now, I suppose.

She took a quick glance at Van Helsing and Carl and sighed in relief that they were finishing up with the remaining Dwergi. The unsightly little monsters were erstwhile running away from them and such an action brought forth their demise. Van Helsing barracked their escape route and was forcing them to turn back while Carl had the other runaways colliding into the first group by his destructive explosives that he released when Van Helsing was at a safe distance from the bombs' powerful, pressuring wave of sheer force.

Thank God that they are alright!

Hearing silver slapping silver clearly and clamorously, Gabriele swerved her attention back to the battling figures of Dracula and Ruthvard. They were edged quite close to her now and it appeared Dracula was trying to back Ruthvard up to one of the many pillars in hopes of sealing his retreat and corner him. Ruthvard was doing his best to elude that situation yet it seemed inevitable.

Gabriele held her breath, then let it out, knowing this was her opportunity, her first and only chance to avenge herself from Ruthvard and his sexual actions of yesterday night. "It's now or never," she whispered and she jumped out of the shadow of the pillar and into visibility.

She hurled herself at Ruthvard, who was currently oblivious of her precipitate arrival until she shouted, "Hey, Ruthvard!" His and Dracula's head snapped up at the sound of her voice, absolute shock evident on their faces. Yet before either one could utter a word, Gabriele raced faster than one could blink, lunged, and rammed her sharpen epée straight into the vulnerable section of Ruthvard's groin, burying it deep into his crotch.

Thundering screams echoed through out the room, halting and immobilizing the movements of all, including Dracula. Dwergi stood and stared mindlessly at their agonized master, confused on what was causing him so much pain and torment. Carl and Van Helsing gazed with disbelief but full of hope at the blonde-haired female who was beside Ruthvard and Dracula. Dracula looked grimly at the writhing figure of the honey-haired vampire and back at Gabriele, who wore a satisfied, feral grin. There was a sardonic gleam in those beholding green eyes of hers and he knew she was extracting her revenge on Ruthvard for raping her.

"That was for last night!" he heard her hiss at Ruthvard hotly but the said vampire was still too busy howling from the unimaginable agony he so righteously deserved to respond. Breaking eye contact with Ruthvard, she turned to Dracula.

"Chop off his head! It's the only way to kill him!" she cried to him, praying he would hear her.

Dracula nodded, signaling to her he heard and will comply. Closing the space between them, Dracula raised his saber above the unsuspecting, hollering Ruthvard. Bringing his blade to side, he gracefully angled his sword across and beheaded the king of vampires.

Ruthvard's head tumbled from his neck and landed unceremoniously on the ground, his mouth parted in his unfinished cry. The headless body slumped downward, plopping alongside the head. Suddenly, right before Gabriele and Dracula's eyes, the head and the corpse shriveled up into flames, the flesh peeling away from the muscle and the muscle oozing from bone. Then the skeleton churned violently and quick as the elimination came, the rest of Ruthvard's bones disintegrated from view and eroded into dust.

There was not a trace left of Lord Ruthvard de Jouvijá.

"Finally, it's over," breathed Gabriele, regaining her composure. She once again faced Dracula but this time dulcitude washed over her features. Without a moment's thought, they both embraced each other tightly, Gabriele's face buried at the crook his neck while Dracula stroked her hair fondly. Both lovers silently thanked the divinity out there for this blessing and granted them their lives.

"Gabriele," Dracula murmured with happiness, "you're back."

"Of course I am," she replied softly, struggling to overcome the tears, "I had too. For you. For us. I love you." She looked up as Dracula gazed down at her, the same emotion running through their hearts as well as their minds and bodies.

"I love you too, Gabriele." She smiled, her eyes shining with gratitude.

"Thank you."

She then collapsed in his arms, the tell-tale signs of death already approaching rapidly in her body. Panicking, Dracula kneeled down and rested Gabriele on his lamp, his hands supporting her neck and hand.

"What's going on?!" he demanded, terror written everywhere.

"When Ruthvard raped me he also made me his queen. I have his blood and since he's gone, I go as well."

This bit of information scared the hell out of Dracula who didn't want to lose his love just when he found her again after all they went through. "There as to be a way out of this! You can't die! Not after all this!" Gabriele smiled weakly at him, her head tilting upward a bit.

"I think there is another way…. I have to be given the blood of another vampire and become 'his', so to speak, if I want to survive."

Saying nothing, Dracula rolled up one of his sleeves and sliced open the skin of his wrist with the nail of his pointer finger. Knowing how drained Gabriele might be, for death was taking its toll on her, Dracula tenderly squeezed blood from his cut over her mouth and controlled the tiny blood droplets to go into her opening mouth. She hungrily licked them all up, her strength slowly but surely returning and her color coming back as she was being donated more blood. When it appeared she had enough and would live, Dracula gallantly lift her up to feet and they once more interlocked each other into a loving hug. They didn't breakaway until Van Helsing's voice drifted across them, saying:

"Okay, when's the wedding because I'd like to walk my daughter down the aisle, thank you very much."


35 years later…. Transylvania, Romania; 1947

"Mommy! Mommy! Daddy and Kailn are back!"

A striking, golden-haired woman appearing in her mid-twenties, looked up from her writing and smiled motherly at the giddy youngster racing towards her.

"Really, Abbi?" asked the woman curiously, erstwhile knowing that her husband and her eldest son had returned from their journey. Dracula and Kailn (named after the loyal and valiant werewolf who they regarded deeply as a friend) had went out of the castle to search for the saber Dracula promised his son he would buy for him, seeing Kailn was of age and excelled far beyond the use of wooden swords. Their second oldest son, the middle child, Carl, merely ten years old, still was working with the wooden swords but not as vigorously as Kailn had practiced with them. Drake, the baby of family, was much to young to be handling with swords or any sort of weapon at all.

"Uh-huh. They just past the gate and already inside the castle. We got to greet them, Mommy! Come on!" Abbi tugged on her mother's hand, forcing her out of the chair, and literally dragging her through the rooms and down the stairs to where Kailn and Dracula would be at. The dark curls of Abbi's bounced every time she skipped and Gabriele chuckled quietly to herself, regaled at her daughter's antics. When they at last, were down the stairs and into the main living room, mother and daughter saw Dracula affectionately tousling the messy brown hair of Drake and Kailn-who looked like a stunning replica of his father-remarked on how much Carl has grown while they were gone.

" I swear, Carl, if you keep sprouting like this you'll be taller than me!" exclaimed Kailn, earning a laugh from both of the adults.

"He still has a long way to go, Kailn. Don't offer him too much hope," Gabriele warned teasingly and Abbi rushed to hug both her father and older brother. Carl copied her actions and both children were soon joined with a boisterous holler of "Dad! Kailn!" and teenager with wild blonde hair and sparkling, mischievous jade eyes came sprinting towards the group and enveloped her twin brother into a gigantic, bone-breaking hug.

"Hey— Ouch, Meg! Watch those hugs of yours!" rebuked Kailn between breathes. Cackling, Meg withdrew her embrace and punched him in the arm lightly.

"What's wrong? You don't complain when you're hurt but you whine when I hug you? Get your priorities straight, brother!"

Kailn rolled his eyes. "I don't have to, sister. It's you should take your own advice for once."

"What's that's suppose to mean, you toad!"

After a few more minutes of Meg and Kailn's bickering, Dracula mentioned that Kailn's sword was on the table and suggested to his eldest son to show his siblings it. "But don't let them touch it," he warned him sternly and the ebony-haired teenager said he wouldn't allow them to. Together, the five children ran off to the weaponry, the room where Dracula and Gabriele stored all their or their children's weapons in.

"They are so amazing," Gabriele said to Dracula, who nodded in agreement, "so full of life and energy."


Gabriele could not conceive how much time had flown past between her and her life as the vampire queen. After Ruthvard's death Gabriele and Dracula had made plans to marry in two months in Castle Dracula-the fewer disturbances from locals, the better. Carl and Van Helsing were the only witnesses to this sacred, holy bond but there was no one else important in either Dracula's or Gabriele's life that were able to come. Carl, of course, was the pastor, and Van Helsing proudly walked Gabriele down the aisle-just like he said he would-and handed her over to Dracula for an eternity, fathoming inside how happy Dracula will make his daughter.

They lived harmoniously in Castle Dracula, through the howling, chilling blizzards of winter to the pleasant, amiable moonlight of summer. It was just a year after their marriage when Gabriele found herself pregnant with twins, two living infants. Since she and Dracula were called, in an odd way, the "vampires of God", and no longer part of Lucifer's creation, they were blessed with children born alive. Gabriele reminisced how jubilant the news of their firstborns had made Dracula. When the twins were born, they decided to the name the dark-haired male after Kailn (who was older by two minutes and eleven seconds) and the light-headed girl after Meg, two people who entered their lives and exited them yet still left a memorial mark. Gabriele and Dracula made a monthly visit the two tombstones they made for the lovers awhile back in Budapest and had their children go with them as soon they were older and could survive such journeys. The young Meg and Kailn were noted to be the complete copies of their parents. Kailn had Dracula's long, jet-black hair and eyes of coal while Meg contained Gabriele's golden-blonde hair and her emerald eyes. Kailn acted more and more like his father while Meg seemed to take after her mother, though Meg inherited Dracula's stratagem of cat and mouse with her opponents and Kailn obtained Gabriele's despisal of dancing. Yet the fraternal twins were unique in their own way as well. Kailn was precise, thorough, and most of the time, serious. Meg was outspoken, impish, and sarcastic to the core.

Years later, when Meg and Kailn were five, Gabriele bore another son who was named after Carl, who had passed away three years prior from a fatal, infectious illness. Gabriele felt sadden at his passing, remembering how much Carl meant to her and what a invaluable companion he was to her right from childhood to adulthood. Aside from having Dracula's obsidian eyes, Gabriele's fair hair, and couple of other traits from his parents, their second son proved to be extremely studious and an apt reader, expressing his namesake's same desire for inventions and books.

However, maybe more astounding than Carl's sudden death was the disappearance of her own father, the great, legendary Van Helsing. After Gabriele and Dracula's marriage, Carl and Van Helsing traveled back to the Order and reported that Gabriele had perished in a fight with a vampire but managed to kill him with her last breath. It was decided in order to keep the two vampires together without trouble, Gabriele would have to be dead in the Order's eyes. All of them, Carl in particular, apprehended that the Order would condemn the marriage but also send vampire hunters-other than Van Helsing-to dispatch the newlyweds. All was well until she received an urgent message from Carl-which was a year from his looming death-describing in detail in what happened to her father.

One day her father woke up and realized all his lost memories were restored and he had rushed to inform Carl of this exciting news. When they meet, a strange yet comforting light engulfed them and Carl knew no more after that. He regained conscious a few hours later and found a note on his table. It was from Van Helsing. The note told him he discovered that he was really the Archangel Gabriel(8) and was cast from the heavens and stripped of his memories as punishment for a crime he had committed way back. After all these years, God was ready to forgive him and reunited him with his loving wife, Anna. He would be leaving his best friend, his daughter, and son-in-law behind but it wasn't like he had a choice. It was his duty and he had to accept what was expected of him. After wishing good-bye to Carl, Gabriele, and Dracula in written format, Van Helsing left this world to join Anna in the radiant, heavenly glory of the Lord himself. Gabriele cherished the thought that her mother and father were finally together and would never be parted, even if her father was the Archangel Gabriel, the left hand of God.

Abbi entered their world when Meg and Kailn were nine and Carl was four. Caliginous, outrageously curly hair and eyes like a stormy sea, her name was given mostly by Dracula, though it was partially a joke on his part. He suggested the name 'Abbi' because it was in her nickname, 'Gabi'. She didn't find particularly amusing but later gave him his retribution three years later when their final baby was born and she name the chocolate-haired, brown-eyed beauty Drake. Her defending reply to the name was that the name 'Drake' had similarities with his nickname 'Drac'. She received a frown and one grumpy count but it didn't last long because Drake was so superb in bringing smiles and happiness to everyone around him. As Drake got older Gabriele was beginning to see an echoing image of her father in him. It was touching to think that Van Helsing, as well as Carl, Meg, Kailn, and Anna (Gabriele suspected seeing the dominant portion of the genes from her mother's side in Abbi) were still with her in spirit, their faces etched in her and Dracula's children. However, Dracula commented Drake reminded him more of Velkan than Van Helsing yet it really didn't matter in the end. Gabriele just told him they will see who was correct when Drake grows older and then the genes would really start to show.

Here they were now, many years later, with one, huge, wonderful family. Kailn and Meg were fifteen, Carl ten, Abbi six, and Drake three and life couldn't be any better. Gabriele and Dracula taught all their five children how to use their powers, not get caught while feeding, how to avoid the sunlight, and drink their fill without killing the chosen victim to feed on. Gabriele never imagined raising a family of vampires could be so challenging yet so fulfilling. Dracula and her five terrific children were all she would ever need and the same could be said of them. Yes, they had their troubles and dark days yet it the end, they plowed through it, together. The war was a major change in their lives but she and Dracula contributed their efforts to the war a little. After all, it was a rewarding feeling to comprehend that your tiny efforts possibly could have made an impact on your homeland and the victory of the Allies in the Second World War. That was two years ago and thankfully the world was showing some signs of recovery and Dracula and Gabriele could return to isolation with their family.

"What fine children we have," Dracula said into her ear and she nodded blissfully.

"Yes, we do. They're our precious, treasured gifts," she replied, grinning at the sound of the shouts of "Let us see it, Kailn!", "Don't touch it, Abbi!", "Knock it off, Meg!", "You're such a killjoy!" and so forth.

"They really are something," she muttered and Dracula benignly wrapped his arms around her in a lover's embrace. Gabriele chuckled and allowed herself to be trapped in his arms.

"Yes, and they are growing up fast. Soon they will want to see the rest of the world, Gabriele."

"Oh, I know. With our luck they'll probably convince us to plan a family vacation to visit all the popular cities at night."

Dracula grunted and grumbled something along the lines of "A bunch of rowdy vampire children in the middle of the night in a strange city? That's begging for trouble, if you ask me." Gabriele tilted her head around so that she would be facing Dracula and gave him a swift peck on the cheek.

"We can't protect them forever. Soon they reach adulthood and want to explore the world to its fullest and settle down in home of their own. Don't despair, we still got plenty of time with them." Dracula rotated her body fully and offered her his trademark smirk, a devilish twinkle in his eye.

"Then let us make the most of what time we have left with them."

He then leaned in and sealed it with a kiss.


There you go, the final chapter of Son of the Devil, Meet the Daughter of Your Enemies. I hope you liked how I had Gabriele get her revenge on Ruthvard (castrating is the way to go when it's rape) and have Dracula chop his slimy head off. At first, I was planning on Gabriele being the lone causer of Ruthvard's death yet after some thinking I felt it would better if Dracula pitched in on the last minute.

Yes, Carl is dead (he's human remember?) and Van Helsing is gone but they will be recollected forever. Van Helsing's departure will be explained more in the glossary of terms under this final author's note.

I know five children are unrealistic in the 1900s during the European times but they're vampires, they're an expectation. I mean, Dracula never had a real, live child before so those five kids is HUGE blessing to him and to Gabriele.

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Glossary of Terms and Fencing Vocab/References

(1) Uriel was one of the Archangels of God and one of his titles was the Angel of Vengeance, which was perfect for situation Gabriele was locked in at that moment in time.

(2) A saber is one of the swords types used in fencing. It's lighter than an epée and a foil, and it's guard is "arched" because hand touches are valid.

(3)An epée is a fencing sword with a triangular shaped blade and the tip is used to score while in saber, the sides of the blade score the touches. An epée's guard is fairly large and bowl-shaped to protect the hand from any possible hits.

(4)A guard is a piece of metal which connects the fencing blade (whether it's epée, saber, or foil) to the handle and protects the fingers. (You might want to go on Google images and see pictures of it to know what I'm saying.)

(5)A parry is a defensive action executed with the blade or guard or both that can block, deviate, and deflect an opponent's offensive play from scoring

(6)Fleche is French for 'the arrow'. It's a running attack to score by running with the blade in the front rather than lunging (a forward movement that the leading foot advances and extends while the trailing foot remains planted).

(7)The pistol grip is a tip of handle. It's kind of shape as a pistol.

(8)Well, I read in a book of angels that the Archangel Gabriele was exiled from heaven for quite some time (if you would like to read more about, the book is called The Book of Angels by Ruth Thompson, L.A. Williams, and Renae Taylor. The pictures there are so breathtakingly amazing.) and decided to use that in my story in why Gabriel Van Helsing, the left hand of God, was wandering about in the mortal world.

P.S. Most of the fencing descriptions came from my fencing materials (booklet and article) so I may have injected a few of my own words in there but a good portion of belongs to Maxwell Garret, author of Fencing Instructor's Guide and Jill Barnes, writer of the article "Fencing".