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Chapter one

Everyone gathered around the table as Tohru came out with all their food. Yuki couldn't keep his eyes off of her he really liked her but did not know how to tell her. On the opposite side of the table Kyo was looking at Yuki a bit jealous cause he had feelings for Yuki. But every time he thought about Tohru his heart sank. Shigure was sitting in between the two teens eyeing everything they did he wanted to be sure his flower was save from the hormones of the teens for he also had feelings for her. As Tohru set the table with everyone's food she went back into the kitchen to get everyone's tea. When all of the sudden she felt a hand go around her mouth she tried to scream but the had kept all of the sound in her mouth.


The boys were all starting to get worried when she did not return. Yuki said "I'll go get Miss Honda she's taking a long time maybe she needs help" so Yuki got up and walked it to the kitchen to see glass shattered every where from the tea cups. There was no trace of blood any where so she didn't get cut. Yuki started to panic when he could not find her anywhere. He ran back to the dinning room and told everyone that Miss Honda was missing.

Shigure said "I will go call everyone and ask them if they seen her and to come over so we can try to figure this out." His heart started to jump what happened to his flower she wouldn't just up and leave would she.


Tohru got knocked out and when she awoke she felt very light headed she asked "Where am I" The strange figure came and grabbed her and said " You have destroyed my family now you will pay for I'm Akito ahead of the family and everything I say goes." Tohru felt herself be lifted up and pushed up against a wall. When ………………………..

What are the other male members feel for her? Will they find her in time? What will happen to Tohru? All this and more will be answered in the next chapter.

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