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Tohru got knocked out and when she awoke she felt very light headed she asked, "Where am I?" The strange figure came and grabbed her and said " You have destroyed my family now you will pay for it I'm Akito head of the family and everything I say goes." Tohru felt herself be lifted up and pushed up against a wall. When ………………………

Everyone meet at Shigure house when Shigure called them. He called Hatori, Aya, Haru, Kisa, Rin, Kagura, Momiji, and Hiro. When they arrived they all got a map from Hatori and on the map was highlighted areas each would look in the areas for Tohru. All the younger Sohmas would go in pairs and Haru would go with Yuki and Shigure would stay home in case she would happen to find a way home. They all also received a cell phone to call someone if they needed help or found something suspicious.

Kisa said, "I miss sissy."

Hatori told Kisa It would be all right that they would find her he promised. Kyo kept looking at Yuki with love when Yuki finally caught him looking at him. Yuki gave him a huge glare and did not say anything. In Shigure's mind he couldn't stop thinking about Tohru neither could Yuki, Hatori, Haru, or Aya. They all wanted her but didn't know if she loved them like family or more than that.

Finally they all got up and started to look for her hoping she wasn't injured or dead or they would kill the person who did this to their Tohru no matter whom it is they would still pay for taking her.

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