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I watch from afar once more. Everything about her is amazing.

The way her short brown locks of hair sway in the wind.

The way her eyes dance with happiness at the smallest of things,

and Ra, what eyes they were, blue eys that sparkled like the stars, but only with more beauty.

Her lips as red as roses on a spring day.

He in his jouney's had come across many beautifull women, but she was the most beautifull of all, and there she was. Engaged to the pharaoh.

Even after what the pharaoh had done, Ra still gave him a jewel most precious.


Why is it that the pharaoh recieved every thing he wanted? While he was stuck here watching from afar.

He growled. No more. He would take what he wanted by force just as he taught. Nothing would stop him, nothing.

He watched as she laughed and smiled and as the pharaoh smirked and planted a kiss on her hand. A small blush made it's way on her face. The pharaoh smiled and extended his arm. Bakura knew what was next, it was just like after every time they would finish dinner.

While the cooks would clean up. The pharaoh would walk her through the garden. Everyday showed her a new flower, everytime would give it to her and kiss her hand. It was his way of saying goodbye before they left to their own chambers.

There they were, just coming out of the palace. He growled as he realized that she was holding on to him more tightly. Mostly because of the cold air. The pharaoh laughed a little and walked her to a flower bed and pulled out a rose, and put it in her hand.

She smelled it and smiled. "Yami this smells just as beautiful as the last."

Bakura's eyes softened and at the same time hardened. They softened because of her voice, the way it danced with happiness. How can words dance? It's impossibe. But so is having the thief king watch you every night and she accomplished it.

They hardened for the fact that she had called the pharaoh Atemu, Yami. He only allowed those he trusted deeply to call him that.

"Anzu is there nothing that can not please you?" asked the pharaoh with a small smile.

The young girl laughed. "You know, mother asked that very same question."

"And how did you answer?" asked Atemu curiusly.

"Hmm." she thought and then stood up. "I suppose that's... none of your buisiness." and she pushed him into the pond. She laughed.

Bakura fought the urge to chuckle.

The pharaoh looked a mess when he came out. A frog was sitting on his hear and Anzu was laughing and crying at the same time.

Atemu smirked. "Ohhh Aaanzuuuuuu."

Anzu looked up. Immidiatly hit by about a bucket of water. She coughed as Atemu laughed and Bakura growled.

Anzu looked up and glared at him. "Atemu you are dead." she said and walked towards him.

"Come now Anzu, what are you going to do? Glare at me? No wait you already are." the pharaoh laughed.

Anzu walked up to him and put her hands on his chest.

He stiffened.

"Atemu?" she asked. moving her hands to his shoulders.


She moved her hands around his neck and buried her head in his chest. Making him go red.

"You smell so nice."

Up in the tree Bakura could not believe what he was seeing and hearing. What did she think she was doing?

Atemu blushed. "A-A-Anzu?"

"Atemu..." she whispered. "You know what I want right now?"

Both Atemu and Bakura's eyes went wide.

"I want..." She grabbed his head and buried it in the water. "To drown your big mug!"

A little noise could be heard from below the water which sounded like Atemu screaming. Anzu let go of him and laughed. Up in the tree Bakura smirked.

"Now, what have we learned?" she asked teasingly.

Atemu smirked. "That your beauty is not all that's amazing about you?"

Anzu blushed. "That'll do... for now."

Atemu grinned and took her hand planting a small kiss on it. "I suggest we get some sleep. I'll see you in the morning, princess." he gave her a small bow and left.

Anzu smiled a little before walking to her chambers having no Idea that her moves were being watched by a pair of blood red eyes that had no intention of leaving her.

Up in the tree Bakura smirked. Not only was she beautiful but had a sence of humor. That was difficult to find amoung women these days.

He followed her with his eyes untill she was ut of sight.

She's the pharaoh's, I'm a mere thief. But I will have her. No matter what. She is mine and nobody else's. Least of all the pharaoh's.

Very soon she will be in my arms. Screaming my name, and she will not leave me. Ever.

With that in mind the fiqure dissapeared in the darkness.


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