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Marik's POV:

Marik scowled making his way to Akefia's room. What was going on? Rumours had it that Akefia had come with a young woman asleep in his arms. Others said it was goddess of pure innocence Akefia was carrying.

Pure innocence?

The thought made him want to laugh. If Akefia so much as touched something of pure innocence it would've shattered in to pieces. And it was not like Akefia to bring in a woman, asleep in his arms like some knight in shining armour. More like dragging her by her hair.

His footsteps echoed through out the hallway. Not a thief was around, meaning he was deep in the Thief Kings quarters.

How he loathed the King, yet admired him as well. Not that he'd admit it to anyone, lest to himself. He admired his bravery. He admired the way he had grown from a young orphan who's village was destroyed, to a great man, a powerful leader with hundreds of followers. But that didn't change the fact that Marik wanted his head on a silver platter.

But in a way, Marik... trusted Akefia. And that angered him. Akefia trusted him as well. Not so much as a brotherly trust, filled with love as a buisiness mans trust. Which was just as strong.

"Come in Marik, and make sure your alone."

The voice came before Marik had even knocked. His eyes searched the hallway, he hadn't seen anyone so far. No, it was empty. He gave a small knock and opened the door. "I'm alone." he said entering. He gaped. There was a young woman, fully clothed on Akefia's bed.

Sweet Ra, there's a first time for everything.

His eyes wouldn't move from her though, her pale skin was unlike any he had seen, a creamy white, her face and neck was flushed, lightish pink. Her short brown hair had hints red.

"I saw her first."

Akefia's POV:

I placed my pet on my bed, careful as not to wake her.

As I move to pull away, her grip on me tightened.

She moaned my name, her face fushing.

I smirked, detaching her from myself, wondering what she was dreaming about.

Perhaps I could play a game?

My hearing caught something. Footsteps. Most likely Marik.

My game would have to wait.

"Come in Marik, and make sure your alone." I said, before he could even knock.

There was a pause, Marik most likely checking. I would've heard if anyone had come, but you can never be too careful. I was out for a while, what if someone was waiting outside? I'm not paranoid, but it would've been something I myself would've done.

Not that any of the others would have enough brains to think like me.

"I'm alone." Marik said, opening the door.

His jaw dropped as his eyes fell on my pet.

Magnificent isn't she?

And yet, he hadn't seen the best part; her eyes were closed.

Eyes filled with genuine emotion, the very eyes that made his knees go weak. And she barely knew of the power she had over him, his hands curled in to fists.

"I saw her first." I growled out, feeling somewhat over-protective.

"Akefia," Marik turned to me. "Isn't this... the girl betrothed to the Pharaoh?" he asked in disbelief.

I raised my eyebrow, Marik could tell that, just by looking at her?

As though answering, "I caught a glimpse of her, at the palace."

Ah yes, Mariks day job. By night he's a feared assasain and by day, he works at the palace. I thought of his job as a laugh at first, until I saw the princess myself. Then realized how it would help. I had Marik arrange her bathroom and her bedroom. After all my... watching, I learned of her love for gold.

Yes, watching. Not stalking, that seems desperate.

So maybe it was stalking, want to do something about it?

I slap my forehead. Did I just ask myself a question?

Marik raised an eyebrow in my direction, "Akeifa, I think you went over-"

His words were silenced by another moan from my pet.

He blinked. "Did she just... call out your name?" he asked incredulously.

Loudly as well.

Too loud.

My pet stirred, and sat up, one of her eyes opened and she rubbed it cutely. Her hair sticking out somewhat.

My eyes turned to Marik, he was watching in facsination, as though she were some exotic flower and moving foreward or backwards or at all, could harm her.

"I think the Princess would like something to eat Marik." I said carelessly.

It seemed to pull him out of his trance, taking a step backwards he gave a small nodd. "I'll be right back." he walked out, shuting the door behind himself.

I smirked and closed my eyes.

Anzu's POV:

After the lavander eyed man left and I waited for Akefia to say something.

Perhaps he'd tell me where I was?

How we got here?

Perhaps he would tell me that after our talk, I fainted from exhaustion, he decided to bring me here and hold me for ransom and me walking on Yami and Isis the way I did, was just part of my dream.

I sigh.

Perhaps not.

My thoughts wander back to my dream, my face flushed. I'd been dreaming about the Thief King. I shut my eyes, and knitted my eyebrows together in thought.

My legs around his waist...

Him on top of me, staring at me with desire...

I shook my head. These thoughts, they were... unacceptable.

King Akefia was the sworn enemy of Pharaoh Atemu.

The man I am betrothed to.

But he would so rather take Isis would he not?

I was so preoccupied with my own thoughts I hadn't noticed the young man, Marik walk in.

Only did I realize his presence when he put a tray of fruit on a small table besides my bed.


I stared at him in confusion. My eyes wandered to the Thief Kings seat, only to find he wasn't there.

"Akefia says he'll be back, he has some things to take care of. Until then you will remain in my company."

I gave a small nodd and was fully aware of his eyes wandering over my body.

Shutting my eyes I think back to what happened.

I'm a gift from my country to the Pharaoh of Egypt. I'm to marry him as a peace offering, no matter what. I can not betray my people.

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