Chapter 1: Author's note and short Prologue

Title: Harmony of Lost Souls
Author: Kayi Rowling

Series: Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
Genre: Action-Adventure/Supernatural
Rate: PG-13, T

Summary: Spoilers Kalas' guardian spirit returns to her home, only to find it threatened by an evil entity. Who will help her freeing the slaved souls and restoring the light in her world?

Disclaimer: "Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean" is owned by Namco.

Well… the Author's note:

The title to this fanfic came from an original story I was writing, but forgot the plot (the plot came to me during final exams, how do you wanted me to remember the info for the exams AND the story's plot? Note to self: write in notebook pages or random sheets of paper the plots of all your stories).
I'm proud of the title: it's the most complicated title I have ever made, and the second more catchy (the first one was for a fanfic in Spanish: "Se busca un beso", translations: "Looking for a kiss"/ "Wanted: a kiss"; got me a lot of fans in the 2002-3 in Spanish-language fanfic pages).
It is possible that I change the title to the full original version: "Harmony of Lost Souls: a Tale of Death and Resurrection". I'll see what I do with time.

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Being curious did not always kill. And actually, being curious this time brought her a positive feeling.

Seeing Palolo III and Cedr bring a shell from the beach held her back, kept her from going into her world before finding out what was going to happen with the shell. She was filled with happiness as she saw Xelha coming from the water that erupted from the shell… and Kalas seemed even happier than her when he understood what was happening.

She felt warm in her soul when she saw them hugging and kissing at last; she had been witness of their growing love, and now she couldn't keep herself of feeling pure joy, shining like the sun inside her.

Then, everybody said their goodbyes to her, and she began drifting away into her own dimension.

"Thank you, everyone, for being my friends," she tried telling them, but she was already too far away… "I'm going home now… But, have I found what I was looking for?"

Oh, beautiful Maiden of the Sea,
Hear those who claim your name
Under the water and above;
Bless them with gentle wind
And a calm ocean.

Oh, powerful Phoenix of the Sky,
Hear those who claim your name
In fertile and barren lands;
Bless them with cool shadow
And an endless rainbow.

Oh, mysterious Unicorn of the Moon,
Hear those who claim your name
On cold and forgotten kingdoms;
Bless them with warm souls
And your merciful light.

Oh, Holy Goddess Zyabel,
Open the path to the other world,
Give infinite blessings
To the ones who claim your name,
And bless the World with infinite life.

"Maiden of the Sea, Phoenix of the Sky, Unicorn of the Moon… Oh, Holy Goddess Zyabel! Close the path to the other world… Bring death to all the souls that live, and make the World be reborn!... Mhmm… Ha, ha… Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!... HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!"

"Aaaggghhh… NOOOOO!"

Notes about the Prologue:
In the "prayer", the three ways people call the Goddess Zyabel are related to the other: "Maiden of the Sea" would be a mermaid, a mythological creature; the Phoenix is a mythological creature, and the "Phoenix of the Sky" is the sun, an astral body; the moon is another astral body, and the "Unicorn of the Moon" is related to the pure, just like the Maiden is. If you don't understand, don't worry; it doesn't matter, it's only an extra I added to the story, unnecessary, not important at all.
And before people begin asking, Zyabel is pronounced Cee-ah-bell (boo, BOO! Obey the Spanish pronunciation!).

Author's note… again:
Mwahahahahaha –cough cough– HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Anyways, this is a prologue, which means: just little stuff to get people excited about the fanfic, and catch some readers and reviewers… I really hope you liked it, even though the laughter part was…? I dunno, it was weird… worst than Melodia's maniac laughter (or Kalas', which is worst than hers).
Also, there's the possibility of Prologue Editing, but who knows; maybe I'm satisfied enough with this one, and another one won't be necessary.