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Chapter 1 – A time for living

"Jou…" Yugi murmured, eyes shut tightly against the blazing sun, one arm resting behind his head.

"What is it Yug? You've been too quiet today." Jou turned over on the rough grass, letting his head rest on Yugi's stomach, sighing happily when his friend ran his fingers through his shoulder length hair.

Yugi lifted his head and looked down at the blonde. "I think I need some advice…"

"Ya want advice from me, Yug?" Jou wondered aloud. "If I can help you, I will…"

Yugi smiled slightly before continuing. "How're we supposed to save the world from the evil pharaohs AND pass our final exams?"

Jou lay still for a moment, then began to giggle, shoulders shaking, face pressed to Yugi's flat belly. After a moment of surprise, Yugi began to laugh, causing Jou to be shaken further, until both boys were curled around each other, tears of mirth streaming down their cheeks.

"Thanks Jou, I needed that." Smiled Yugi as he sat up, Jou turning onto his back to get comfortable again. Looking up at Yugi, he smiled widely.

"It's no problem Yug. If ever you need someone to laugh and make things better, let me know." Jou sat up and wrapped his arms around his tiny friend. "We're all here for you, Yug…even Kaiba, if he'd just admit it…"

Footsteps from behind the pair knocked them out of their reverie, and someone spoke into the silence.

"What are you thinking I should admit to, puppy?" Kaiba stood tall and proud in his white trench-coat, deck strapped to his arm as usual.

Jou flushed lightly as he looked up at Kaiba. Sighing, he replied "I was trying to make Yug feel better; he was a bit down 'cos it's exam time. I was just saying to him that we're here if he needs us, and that even you've helped in the past, so maybe you'd help him again if he needed it." He stopped and looked away, blushing brightly. "Maybe I was wrong. Would you help him?" Jou looked back, the blush fading, challenge in his eyes.

Kaiba blinked. Is the mutt challenging me? He always did think his friends were important.

"I'd help him only if it suited my purposes and didn't interfere with my goals."

Jou looked up at him. "You really mean that, don't you." He reached out a hand for Kaiba to pull him up. "Gimme a hand up, Kaiba, it's hard to talk to you properly when I'm straining my neck looking at ya. You're tall, ya know?" Jou waited patiently with his hand in the air.

Sighing, Kaiba reached out and wrapped his long fingers around Jou's wrist, pulling him roughly to his feet, crying out in surprise as the blonde fell against him, his head coming to a rest against Kaiba's neck, shocking himself when he held on to Jou, preventing him from falling over completely.

Jou didn't move for a moment, finally murmuring "Sorry, head rush…"

Kaiba seemed to realise that he hadn't let go of Jou yet and yelped, pushing him upright and taking a big step back.

Jou stood, swaying gently, a slight smile on his face. He looked up at Kaiba's confusion and said "Yeah, maybe you would help him, after all… Come on Yug, it's time for class…"

Yugi blinked and scrambled up to follow the gently smirking Jou into the school.

Yeah yeah, really short and not really very good… It's just one of those plot bunnies which demand to be written – I will be posting the next chapter shortly. That is if the plot bunny doesn't run away...

Seto: You are making me out to be kind-hearted, Katsu. I do not like this. You will re-write it at once…

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-sidetracks Seto by getting Jou to trip over his own shoelaces (untied, obviously) and fall right into his arms-

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