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Save Me

Jou kept hold of Kaiba as his tears dried, one hand around the taller boy's back, the other stroking idly through his hair. Jou breathed deeply and nuzzled gently into Kaiba's neck, smelling the soap he'd used in the morning and a little of fresh sweat from being surrounded by warm bodies. 'I could get used to this' thought Jou as Kaiba leaned his head to rest against the blonde's. 'Umm...what do I mean, I could get used to this...get used to Kaiba wrapped around me?' His eyes widened in shock as he realised... 'I fancy Kaiba? Ah Shit.' Sighing gently, Jou took shameless advantage of his position and kissed the soft neck which lay just below his lips, and slowly disentangled himself from the head of the Kaiba Corperation, knowing he'd never get to do that twice. Jou had known for a while that he swung both ways - he thought he'd end up with Mai, but realised he likedher as nothing more than a friend. 'This is gonna make it awkward...hope he doesn't try to kill me for doing that...'

Kaiba didn't want to let go. Jou was warm and snuggly and fit so perfectly under his chin, breath tickling at his neck, soft lips brushing his skin... 'What? Oh!' Kaiba's breath caught as the blonde kissed his neck before wriggling out of his arms, blushing slightly.

Straightening, Kaiba tried his best to look haughty - which, he found, was very hard to do when you've been crying your eyes out for several minutes, and found the whole bunch of them were smiling at him.

"I should go..." said Kaiba, looking at the ground, suddenly ashamed to be in such a state in front of people. Showing weakness was Not Allowed for a Kaiba.

"Oh no you don't,'re coming for coffee, with us. Even if I...we...have to drag you there." Jou grinned up at Seto and grabbed his arm, and Otogi took the spare arm, dragging him at a swift walk to the corner of the main street where the coffee shop was situated.

Yugi stood for a moment as the boisterous mob hijacked Kaiba until Yami's voice whispered in his mind 'I take it was not the only one to notice Jou was happy to be there...' Yugi shook his head slightly and whispered back 'No...he looked rather comfortable, don't you think?'

"Hey, Yugi...hurry up, you're paying this week!" yelled Bakura, grinning wildly as he helped to push Kaiba through the coffee shop doors.

It took a while, but eventually all the coffee orders were placed, and since Kaiba insisted on paying, he'd splashed out and bought a box of Pocky as well. But only because Jou begged, fluttering long eyelashes at him… Getting seated took even longer as they had six people to get round a table about the size of a dinner plate.

Everyone ended up being very close, with Yugi sitting on Otogi's knee and Otogi being glared at by Honda - the situation was diffused by Otogi bouncing Yugi on his knee and singing 'The wheels on the bus go round and round...' Honda sat as close to his boyfriend as physically possible, Bakura on the other side of Otogi and Yugi, leaving a rather small sofa-style object for Kaiba and Jou to sit on.

Jou and Kaiba looked at it, eyebrows raised. Kaiba coughed nervously and spoke. "I think there may be enough room for both of us on this seat, Katsuya...if we're careful of how we sit."

Jou nodded, wondering why he couldn't stop himself from blushing at the thought of sitting pressed up against the cold-hearted Kaiba. 'Not so cold-hearted, he's shown he's not all ice today...' Out loud he said "Why don't you sit first Kaiba, that way you can get comfortable and I'll squeeze into whatever space is left."

So Kaiba did as he was told ((hah)) and sat, trying not to blush at the thought of the puppy sitting so close. With a sigh, he removed his trench-coat, revealing a skin tight dark blue shirt, ((yeah I know, but this is a fanfic, right?)) and laid it over the back of the seat - not noticing the looks of shock from the other boys. Settling himself with his arm along the back of the seat, he flipped his hand to indicate that Jou should also be seated.

"I don't think we've ever seen you without your coat on, Kaiba." said Yugi, looking shell-shocked.

Jou smirked at the now very uncomfortable Kaiba and couldn't resist commenting: "That's a really great shirt, Seto…you should take your coat off more often!" At the overly blank look from Kaiba he added "It looks great on you?" More blankness, and Jou rolled his eyes, muttering something about uptight people who were blatently trying to get a reaction...

Yugi, Otogi, Honda and Bakura blinked in unison and looked at each other, wondering why it was that the other two boys in the group had identically rosy cheeks...

Sitting down was pure torture for Jou now that he'd realised that he fancied Kaiba, but since he was there, he might as well enjoy it, so he slid himself into the seat, making sure that their thighs touched from knee to hip under the table, giving Kaiba absolutely no wiggle-room. 'This is gonna be fun' grinned Jou to himself as he picked up his coffee from the overflowing table.

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