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Italics: means thoughts



"Earth so weak, so defenseless" A tall man stands at the window of his space ship. Looking out at the glowing orb that is Earth. "The perfect place for me to build my dark empire" the mans face is covered with shadows so you cannot see his face, but you can tell that he's smiling. "But first I must set up a base" he turned away from the window, and walks up to a table where there's a map spread across its surface. "Now where would be the perfect place to set up base" his finger traces all the countries of the world. His finger stops at a certain country "here now this looks like a great place to start" he straightens up from his position and snaps his fingers. A slave quickly runs in "you called my lord" his head bowed. "Yes I want you to go find the shadow warriors and the darkness sisters and, tell them that I want to speak to them in my throne room". "Yes my lord" the slave bows and quickly leaves the room.

"There's nothing to do anymore" a certain young warrior complained. "You must be patient Duo, lord Kage will calls to do battle soon". The young blond warrior stated calmly to his friend. "I just don't get it though, we traveled all the way here to earth, and yet we do nothing" Dup said grumpily while playing with his braid. "Shut-up Maxwell we will soon have are chance" Wufei growled. Duo ignored him and turned to look at his other comrades "so what do you two think about this whole situation?" Of course he got no answer, Heero and Trowa were always silent. Before Duo could continue to complain, a knock was heard at the door, "Come in" Quatre said. A slave came in and bowed at the five of them " my lords, his royal highness request your presences in the throne room."


Serena shivered, as a cold feeling went down her spine. She was lying in her bed trying to get to sleep, when a cold feeling rushed over her. She tried to shake the feeling off but it wouldn't go away. It felt like something big was going to happen. "on well" she thought "I'll just tell the scouts tomorrow." As she snuggled under her covers and tried to get some sleep. But she couldn't shake of the feeling that something big was going to happen. So big that it would change the course of her destiny.


"Thank-you for coming shadow warriors" Kage said approving to his servants. "We came as fast as we could your highness" Heero stated, while him and the other gundam pilots bowed to their king. "Yes you did but, we must wait the darkness sisters are not here yet." At that exact moment the doors that lead into the throne, opened wide as five young women walk in. Like the warriors they wore all black.

The first one Chikara had long flowing white hair and had sharp silver eyes. She was the most serious one of the group.

The one next to her was Kadoku she had short, curly, dark navy blue hair and with deep raging blue eyes. She was the brain of the group rarely talked.

The one beside her was Faita her hair was fiery red done up in pigtails and, her eyes were a intense red eyes. She was the fighter of the group.

Next was Naito had curly, long, blond hair that flowed done to her ankles. With golden eyes that could stare right through you. she was the one who planned the battle strategies for the group.

The last one was Yuku she had long green hair done up in a bun and, she had power green eyes. She was the big sister of the group and made sure that they did their missions.

Now everyone knew that the darkness sisters were in love with the shadow warriors. Even the shadow warriors knew, but they could care less.

Kage stood up from his throne so he could address them all "Finally everyone is here, now I have mission for you all"

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