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Setting: This is 02 season.

Here are the ages:

Sora/Tai/Matt- 15

Mimi/Izzy- 14

Joe- 16

Kari/T.K./Davis/Yolei- 13

Scene: Mimi is talking to Tai on the phone, asking him if he likes Sora.

And now, without further ado,

Sleepover Fun: Digi-Destined Style

"Chapter One: An Innocent Picnic Party"

"Tai, will you please stop playing Super Ham Mothers for a second, and answer my question?" Mimi asked crankily.

"It's Super Smash Brothers! Honestly, Mimi, you need to take Vid Games 101!" Tai said in disbelief.

"Just shut up and answer my question! Do you like Sora?"

"Whoa! Big-time invading of my personal bubble!"

"Get real, Tai! I'm on the phone with you! I'm not invading your space!"

"No, not physically, but you're totally invading my 'emotional bubble'!"

"Oh, so you have emotions? All this time I thought you were like a machine: Eat, Sleep, Play Soccer, Eat, Sleep, Play Soccer, Eat, Sleep—"

"Yeah, yeah, I get your point already! Jeez! No offense, but I think you've totally lost it!" Tai joked.

"Don't take the subject! My sanity is not in question here—"

"Yes, it is!"

"Whatever, that's for later discussion!" she replied in annoyance. "Anyways, the topic is what your feelings for Sora are!"

The line went silent for the first time.

What are my feelings for her? Tai thought introspectively. I've never really faced this issue ever since we all came back from the DigiWorld. I mean, something between us changed when we went there. I think we got a lot closer...We certainly got more mature, well sort of. And ever since we returned, things have been different between Sora and me. Something new is there, but I can't quite figure it out...

"Hello...Earth to Tai!" Mimi's loud voice pierced through Tai's thought bubbles.

"Wha- oh, huh?" was his response, which was obviously not good enough for Mimi.

"FOR GOD'S SAKE TAI, DO YOU LIKE SORA OR NOT!" Mimi bellowed so loud that Tai had to yank the phone a foot away from his ear. He paused for a moment.

"I don't know..." he answered truthfully.

"You mean, I've been talking to you for the past ten minutes and all you can tell me is that you don't know! What a waste of time!" Mimi exclaimed.

"Hey, you just had a conversation with the hottest guy in school, ya know. Show a little respect!" Tai shot back confidently.

"Puh-lease!" Mimi retorted impersonally. "Matt's the hottest guy! But if you want to talk to someone that actually believes you're the hottest guy in school, call Sor—OOPS!" Mimi just realized her terrible mistake.

"What did say!" Tai exclaimed in total shock. "Oh, nothing! Nothing at all!" she replied, nervously. "Oh, my God! I am soooo dead! I gotta go!"

"Wait Mimi!"

Click The line went dead, leaving Tai to ponder what had just happened.


Sora sighed as she hung up the phone. Mimi had just called her and informed her that she accidentally told Tai that Sora liked him, but Mimi wasn't sure if he heard her right because it all went by so fast after that. Sora stared outside her bedroom window. A slew of thoughts invaded her mind.

I wonder what Tai thinks of me now? she reflected thoughtfully. Then she raised her spirits. The thing about Sora was, ever since her whole depression break-down back in the DigiWorld, she made a promise to herself. No matter how bad things got, she would never let anything keep her down, let alone break her spirit. So from that day forward, Sora was as cheerful as the morning sun.

Oh, well, it's okay. No matter what happens, I'll be fine. I don't need a guy in my life. Sure it's nice, but not necessary. But, still. Tai's not just any guy. He's special. Realizing that she was becoming too down again, Sora raised her spirits. Tai probably thinks I'm cute! I've totally noticed the way he's been checking me out lately...

"Oh my God! What time is it!" Sora suddenly yelled at her mom, who was watching T.V. in another room.

"10:30!" came the reply. "If you don't hurry, you'll be late for your picnic with your friends."

Mrs. Tackenouchi called to her daughter, but she discovered that Sora was already down the street, sprinting toward Odaiba High at top speed.

She's been so out of it lately..., her mother thought to herself. She must be having boy troubles...


"Where is she?" Tai wondered out loud to himself, well at least he thought it was to himself. In reality, he spoke so loud that all the Digidestined (Matt, T.K., Kari, Yolei, Joe, Izzy, Mimi, and Davis) gathered around him on the bleachers looked at him curiously.

"Who are you talking about?" Davis asked, totally confused.

"Isn't it obvious, Davis?" Kari answered him. "Don't you see that all the girls are here? See— Mimi's sitting by Matt (Mimi blushes, but Matt just nods confidently), Yolei's other there by Izzy (both are IMing on their laptops), and I'm sitting right here by T.K. (T.K. nods)"

"So, clearly," Izzy continued, looking up from his laptop, "Sora is the only one missing. There are many theories about where she could be. Maybe she was sucked into the DigiWorld by a vortex or dimensional rift, or she was attacked by an insane stalker, or perhaps she—"

"—Is running toward us as you ramble on about you 'theories'?" Matt joked lightly.

Tai jumped up when he saw Sora sprinting towards the group. "

Hey, Sora!" he called out happily.

"Hiya, Taiya!" came the reply.

"Taiya?" asked Joe. "That's a new one."

"Whatever..." Sora answered. She turned to her friends. "Anyways, thanks you guys, for coming planning this picnic out as a belated birthday present. I'm sure you've all got better things to do—"

"Yeah, I wanted to go to this, like, totally major sale at the mall..." Mimi pouted.

Tai saved Mimi from Sora's clenching fist.

"What she meant to say was that we'd all rather be here, celebrating your fifteenth birthday. Don't kill Mimi, you know that her blowdryer zaps, like, 50 of her brain cells, and you know that her brain cells are in short supply anyways." Tai knew this comment would make Sora laugh, and if there was one thing he loved, it was making his best girl friend laugh.

Sora giggled as Tai had anticipated. "Okay, I guess. Mimi," Sora turned to the pink-haired girl. "you get to live, at least for today."

"Cool, I'm too good-looking to die."

"That's true!" Matt exclaimed, looking at his girlfriend. Mimi's face flushed with happiness.

"Anyways, I was just kidding about the mall thing," Mimi continued. "In fact," she added importantly, "my parents are letting me have a sleepover right after our picnic, you know, as like, another birthday present to you."

"Well, that's great for all you girls," Joe said broodingly. "But what are us guys supposed to do?"

"Duh, Joe," Mimi retorted. "It's a guy-girl sleepover! My parents said it was okay."

All of them dropped the sandwiches they were eating and stared at her in amazement. Never, ever, had any of them ever been to a guy-girl sleepover.

"So you mean...," Sora asked warily, "that the guys are gonna see us in our PJ's and we're gonna see them in their boxers?"

"Yup!" Mimi exclaimed happily. She saw the look of horror on everyone's face, including Matt's. "Oh, come on, you guys! It'll be fun. Cross my heart and hope to fly!"

Mimi debated for a moment whether she should say what she was thinking, and decided to blurt it out anyways. "Besides," she added slyly, "I'm sure that Tai would love to see you in your PJ's!"

"Mimi!" Tai and Sora both exclaimed in unison, as they jumped up in total shock.

The rest of the DigiDestined positively howled with laughter. Tai and Sora began to grin sheepishly.

"So, Sora, I knew you had a thing for this hot body of mine," Tai said with sheer confidence.

"And, Tai, I was right when I thought you wanted to see me in short shorts and a tank top," Sora joked back, hesitating for a moment, but continuing anyways, "without a bra underneath my tank top, that is!"

Once again the DigiDestined laughed their heads off. Tai blushed a deep crimson, and realized something. Well, she finally got me. he thought. Sora finally said something that I had no comeback to! I wonder why I couldn't joke my way out of this? Oh, my God, I know why! The truth is, I do want to see Sora in her PJ's. She's not just any girl, she's sweet and so cool, not to mention, hot!

And... he finally realized. I'm starting to like her.

I knew it! Mimi thought happily as she watched the flustered Tai. Tai does like Sora! He just wouldn't admit it to me, or maybe he was confused. Either way, he likes her a lot now. And it will be up to me and Matt to hook them up at my sleepover! This is gonna be so much fun!

They're so right for each other! Matt reflected, as he caught Mimi's eye. The couple shared the same thought. We are going to get Tai and Sora together, by any means necessary!

So after the picnic was over, all the DigiDestined chatted while they walked to Mimi's studio apartment. But none of them knew what Mimi and Matt were scheming to do to get Tai and Sora together that coming night, and their whole plan revolved around a simple game of Truth or Dare and a drink called Niagra...


Author's Note: Niagra, in case you were wondering, is a blue-colored drink made especially for women. Oh, yeah, and it's an aphrodisiac too!

I made some minor adjustments to the story, ya know, corrected tense problems, and that sort of thing…

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