Title: Those Days
Theme: #4 Our Distance and That Person
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.


When we were genins I never thought I would miss you. Or at least not this much. But the more I travel, the more I think about you—and…and him, too…of course. And I realize how much I miss those days. When we were together—I mean…when the ­three of us were...still together.

I miss those days so much…do you remember the kind of days I'm talking about?

There was that day that we were playing Truth or Dare and I dared Orochimaru to kiss you…neither one of you talked to me for weeks.

And then there was that day I talked you and Orochimaru into playing strip poker… you both agreed because you knew that I would lose.

And…there was that day we were working as undercover security for some Lord's daughter's wedding…and you couldn't stop telling me how beautiful I was.

Remember those days?

…I do…