Title: Tsunade's Garden
Theme: #11, Gardenia
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

A/N: I don't like this one, but I've been trying to fix it for nearly a year and still haven't come up with something good so this is what ya get for this theme.


I'm glad Tsunade decided to plant this garden. It's an excellent place to sit and write; completely secluded from the distractions of missions and training and gathering data. This particular, hidden little alcove I've found is especially nice this time of year. It's early June, and the gardenia plants that surround this quiet place are in full bloom.

The flowers remind me of Tsunade, although I'm not sure why. The petals, I've noticed, bruise easily; even if you were to give them the gentlest kiss they would probably turn brown. She isn't like that; Tsunade's strong and tough, if anything. And if I remember correctly, I think I read once that the plants have somewhat sensitive roots and do well in pots. After having to chase her around for so long I would never claim Tsunade to the type to enjoy being fixed in one place for an extensive period.

But back to writing, it's getting late and I always like to be able to pack up and enjoy the sunset feeling accomplished.


Gardenia…secret love.